I feel like my Bera’at passed too quickly and I couldn’t give the proper respect, is there anyway I can make up for the loss?


Question: I feel like my Bera’at passed too quickly and I couldn’t give the proper respect because of my children. I’m regretting and feel like making up for the loss, is there anyway I can?


You want to make it up for the loss, make it up. Insya’Allah. You want to make more worship, try to make. According to your intention, maybe Allah is going to accept it. But don’t do this again next year. There will always going to be something that is going to pull us back, but Allah swt did not put the night of the Bera’at as a surprise, as a hidden thing. It is there. It is open. So you have plenty of time to prepare.

If people they want to go for a vacation, they make plans months, sometimes even one year in advance and they plan everything properly for the sake of the dunya to please yourself. Now, Holy days and nights are coming, and we know they are coming, especially for the night of Bera’at , it’s pretty set. If we say we cannot, because of this, because of this, because of this, the excuses is never ending. And you are not going to win anything then that time. But make the intention that on the next Bera’at, you are going to be more prepared and to try to do more things. That’s what we all say, we all make the intention to do. And check your sincerity, insya’Allah ar-Rahman, because the Bera’at, it is up to them how they want to grade us. But like I said, they grade us, the pen of destiny is writing according to our intention and action.

So, like I said, what is your intention and action from this Bera’at until next Bera’at? Don’t think that that night of Bera’at, like we said so many times, now we are concentrating today, yesterday too, it is not the worship that you are doing, it is the value of the worship. What is that worship for? Allah is asking, ‘who is asking Me for forgiveness? I will forgive. Who is asking Me for dua? I will grant to him.’ You think Allah swt needs our forgiveness, our worship, our duas? No. but what is the kind of forgiveness, what is the kind of dua that we are making? If we are making a dua, ‘Oh, Ya Rabbi, for next year, let me get a better work, better job, let me get a wife, a husband…’ meaning whatever that you are aiming for, your dua, it is still dunya. It’s not Mawla. It’s not Allah swt. There is no real value there.

There is no real value. You understand? So it is a loss. Although you stay up whole night worshipping and asking, it is still a loss. Because you are looking for straw. Allah swt is saying: if you cut the grain, it comes with the straw. The straw is dunya, the grain is ahiret. So work for the ahiret. Don’t work for the dunya. This holy days and nights, it is for us to work for the ahiret, to make us to become better, for the dunya to be easy for us to worship. But how are you going to say ‘astarghfirullah’ properly that time for Allah to forgive you, if you are saying it in ghaflet? If you don’t even know why you are saying astarghfirullah? You never admit you make wrong things. You never admit. If somebody, anyone who tells you, ‘you do something,’ everyone’s first reaction is, ‘no. that’s not right. You are wrong. I’m right.’ Everyone is going to deny, you are not going to learn nothing, How sincere can your astarghfirullah be? We are not even talking about the duas now. Duas, majority of the duas is just for our own worldly pleasures and our worldly games.

So now, although you may have stayed up whole night, or whole day, or whole year, praying, but what you are looking for is just straw. Maybe that one is very busy doing his responsibilities,  but the most important thing in his mind is not this world but his relationship to his Lord, relationship to his Prophet (asws), relationship to his Sheykh and how there are certain things that you are doing in your life that is putting a barricade to that relationship, to that bridge. How you are saying, ‘because of these words, these actions, my behaviour, it’s not making me to become closer to them, it’s making them to be far away,’ and you are looking, you are admitting, you are understanding that that is wrong. You are trying to find a way that that is right. Way has been shown to you but maybe because you are stubborn and you say, ‘ya Rabbi, I am stubborn. Let it take away,’ you are stepping your ego, that time there is some value there.

It is just like the Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘seek knowledge even if you have to go to China.’ What is the knowledge you think he is speaking about? The knowledge of paper, that you are going to get in China? Or firecrackers? What knowledge? He’s not talking about this dunya knowledge. He’s talking about ahiret knowledge. Because nobody can deny, between ahiret and dunya knowledge, what is low and what is high, what is ilm? What is the best ilm? No one is speaking. Even if you study the ilm of Syariat, what is a better ilm than that the laws of Allah? There is something, yes. You are going to think and you are going to study the laws of the heart. Because you can have the laws of the syariat, physically, the zahir knowledge, everything is intact but if your heart is not working properly, your spirit is not proper, everything is going to be sick. Just as this body, you can give it so much nice clothes, so much health. You can look so good and so healthy but if your heart is sick, your whole body is sick. So it is looking to what is the most important, what is the most vital, and attacking that. Same thing with holy days and nights.

So now you say you passed, you didn’t do too much. Did you at least think and promise your Lord, understanding what are the barricades you placed between you and Him? Yes. Do you know how to get out of it? Yes, you do. Is it difficult? Yes, it is maybe. Ask for His help. Then that time, after  you have done that, take one step, don’t just sit there. Take one step to step on your ego. That time, it will be easier. The help is going to come. Yes, that time then the pen maybe writing according to your intentions and actions and the way will be open. May it be so insya’Allah. For us and for everyone. May we have more sincerity. May Allah forigive us. Al-Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum warahmatullah.

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
18 Shaban 1436H
June 5, 2015

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