How do we open our heart? What closes our heart?


Question: How do we open our heart? What closes our heart?


The heart, it is the Throne of Allah. In reality, the heart does not belong to us. It is given to us but it does not belong to us. Like everything else, it is an amanat, it is a trust. Now the heart, it is a Throne of Allah swt, if we are putting another Ilah into our heart, where it should be Allah swt, that time we have committed the hidden shirk. Where the shirk it is not to associate partners outside but with an idol, but it is to associate a partner inside of your heart. That is a hidden shirk. That hidden shirk, that hidden idol that is inside of you, now it becomes even more subtle. You are not making a wood outside, you are putting something that is going to compete in there.

There’s no competition. The heart belongs to Allah anyway. But that one is putting his work, his car, his children, his wife, husband, fame, money, creation that is removed from Allah  and he’s putting that in the heart, then that time, it becomes too busy with that, it is not functioning as a throne of Allah. That time until you get rid of all these idols, you cannot put Allah there. It is very difficult. We are going through the process, everyone of us, to understand that and to kick it out. It’s not so easy as to think, ‘ok, maybe I just concentrate on Allah, alif, lam, lam, ha, and to put it in my heart, and Allah is going to be there.’ No. It’s not like that. It is to put our Creator. Are we understanding our Creator? Are we getting to know our Creator?

There are seventy thousand veils between you and Allah. Your heart is close, you are not opening your heart, meaning you are not letting the light to enter, you are not letting understanding to enter, you are not letting Allah, those that are coming from Allah to enter, then your heart becomes close. You can be worshipping, you can be making a zikr, but when the heart becomes dead like that, it is empty. We are just talking earlier, how some they have faith but they don’t have a religion. And others, they have a religion but they don’t have faith. Now how to keep the faith and the religion? How are you going to keep the faith and the religion together inside? So now, what closes our heart? Dunya closes our heart. The nafs closes the heart. Sheytan closes it. Our desire closes it. What opens the heart? The Owner of the heart, Allah. You are not putting Allah there, it will never open. The Master of the heart that Allah has given this secret, to the Holy Prophet (asws), that’s the key. You are not putting Him into your heart to prepare for Allah, it’s not going to be open. You are not putting in your heart the love of those whom Allah loves,  who does He love? His Prophet. Who does He love? His friends, the inheritors of the Prophet, you are closing your heart.

You close your heart, but what is inside? What is it inside? It’s not the love of Allah, has to be about the love of yourself and that is the biggest shirk that you are making. That you only love yourself. You only want for yourself. You are only concern about yourself. You think you are the centre of all things. Isn’t that the majority of the world, they are teaching from young to old: ‘You. You are the most important thing in your life.’ We are not the Creator. We did not create ourselves.

May Allah keep our hearts open insya’Allah. You open your heart. Sometimes, the opening of the heart, it is through thinking. You are thinking and you say, ‘why am I being such an idiot. Let me try to understand a little bit.’ Sometimes the heart can be opened through love. Your heart is so hard, then with the love it starts melting. It works for some, not for everyone. In these days, it doesn’t work that way too much. Don’t you see the whole world is talking and speaking and singing and dancing about love, but everyone’s heart is so hard and dead! And worse things are happening everyday.

Some,  you can only have space in your heart when it is broken. Majority of the time, this is what happens. This is what is needed. When your heart is broken, when you decide to break the idols that’s in your heart, and you feel the pain, then that time, you’re letting more light inside, that time, it can be open to Allah and His beloved ones. Little bit hard, but it works. And it works good. May Allah forgive me.

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 Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
17 Shaban 1436H
June 4, 2015

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