Ramazan: Fasting, Faith and Patience



Alhamdulillah. Astarghfirullah, Astarghfirullah. Syukkur Ya Rabbi. We are asking forgiveness and thanking our Lord that He has permit us, grant us and give us the health to reach this Holy month. Insya’Allah ar-Rahman, we will treat this month properly, the way that it is supposed to be treated.

Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘every good deed that you do, Allah swt is giving you at least ten rewards for every good deed. Through fasting, Allah swt didn’t let me to see what kind of reward He is giving to those who are fasting, who are keeping the orders of Allah swt.’ Believers, those who are fasting, Holy Prophet is saying: they have two things that they should be very happy. One,when they are breaking the fast and the second, in the Judgement day. People who are fasting and who are not fasting, they are going to be separated in the Judgement Place. People who are fasting, the question and order will be given to them: “Enter to Paradise from any doors that you want.”

So many Hadiths that Holy Prophet (asws) is saying about fasting. But the fasting, it is two ways. One, it is the animal self that is fasting, that ordinary people they are keeping, they are not eating, they are not drinking and they are not having sex. The real fasting, we must fast from our eyes, from our ears, from our tongues, from our hands, from our legs. We must not look, watch, see what is forbidden. You see it, you must turn away. You must not use the tongue to speak wrong things. You must not use the ear to listen to wrong things. You must not touch, you must not walk to the wrong places. The most important when you are fasting and you are going to break the fast, you must look if this is coming from halal or it’s coming from haram. Millions of people today are not caring for that. And that is just the animal self fasting. Little bit reward for that maybe. But it’s not making the man to reach to his station.

Fasting is giving the man to reach to the station of Angels. Angels they don’t eat, they don’t drink, they are not in need of any sexual things. So Allah swt is making it easy for believers saying: during this month, the doors of Paradises will open, the doors of Hell they close. The sheytan will be put in chains. So it will be more easy for believers that time to do things. But the ego is there. And today, majority of people are living according to their ego.

The month of Ramazan, the Holy Prophet is saying, the faith, the half of the faith, it is patience. If the faith has hundred stations, half of it, fifty stations, it is to be patient, learn how to be patient. If the person has patience fifty, sixty percent, his faith is very strong. If he doesn’t have patience, he has only fifty percent of faith. That’s what Holy Prophet is saying, ‘half of the faith it is to be patient.’ And the patience, as Holy Prophet is saying, alaihi salatu wasalam, fasting it is half of the patience. So fasting, it is half of the patience meaning it is one quarter of the faith. So the fasting it separates between believers and unbelievers. Real believers they fast. Those who does not believing real, they may do so many other things but when it comes to fasting, they are cheating and lying to themselves, to nobody else. They say, ‘I’m fasting,’ but they are not fasting. So in the Judgment Day, that is going to be separated saying: those who believe real and those whom they are fake believers.

We must look at what we are doing and how we are doing. Are we progressing during the month of Ramazan? Is the month of  Ramazan making us to get clean, to purify our own self, to reach purification? If you are stopping from eating and drinking to reach to high station, to reach to the stations of angels? So this month, Allah swt is making it easy for the believers. Another rahmat is coming for this is the month of patience, rahmat, mercy, everything coming during this month. If we are catching our ego during this time, it is very good. We can have the ego under the control. The whole month of Ramazan if we keep it that way then after Ramazan finishing the ego doesn’t become easily rebellious. If the ego being rebellious to you, to the spirit, it’s being rebellious to Allah swt.

So sheytan has so many tricks on man but the sheytan is on chain during the month of Ramazan. So the man is not going to be able to point  finger to sheytan that time. It’s your ego. So you must concentrate not only that we are not going to eat and drink and stop ourselves from the sexual activities, you must stop from all kinds of wrong thinking. If any wrong thinking is coming to us, which is the hawas, to the people that they have reached to the high station that if they think wrong during the fasting time, their fasting is breaking, it’s not accepted. So every level they can bring different responsibility. Fasting has been given as an order to whole mankind from the children of Adam, from Adam (as) until Muhammad (asws). All Prophets they were fasting and all those that they were following Prophets they were fasting. It is the order for Christianity to fast, it is the order to the Judaism to fast, it is order to every religion to fast. They are not doing it. That they are jumping from here from there. Muslims are trying to do the same thing today. Don’t. We cannot remove that. Allah swt has put that to us, it’s an order, it’s obligation that we do it physically, spiritually in so many ways. Alhamdulillah.

And also the month of Ramazan is also teaching us to be generous. For the month of Ramazan you must give. Not only to think that I’m going to receive but you must give sadaqah. Sadaqah e-Fitr, zakat, this is the month that the needy they have their rights from others. Insya’Allah ar-rahman if we are keeping this way, we will be rewarded very highly. If not we are just staying hungry and thirsty.


Waminallahu Taufiq. Al- Fatiha.

SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi (qs) Khalifah of Sultanul Awliya Sheykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim (qs), Osmanli Dergahi NY

September 15, 2008

Ramazan 5, 1429


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