Ramazan: Think. Do not be Heedless. Have control over your animal senses



Hasbinallah wa ni’mal wakeel. La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil aliyyil azim. We are asking support from our Sheykh , SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani, to send us something that is going to benefit us dunya and ahiret, insya’Allah. We don’t know anything. We know nothing.  We are weak servants of Allah in this age of confusion, in this age of weakness, in this age of tyranny, we are trying to hold on to our faith. Our faith is like burning coal. Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘the faith in the ahir zaman, it is like a coal that is burning,’ a live coal, fire, ‘don’t drop it. Change it from hand to hand.’ This is as much as we can do. We are not declaring ourselves to be anything.  May Allah accept our broken service.

Allah swt, He is Rahman and Rahim. And Allah swt is looking for every way to show His mercy and His forgiveness. We have just passed the night of Bera’at. InsyaAllah ar-Raman that we got a good Bera’at.

Maybe when we look at how we spent last Bera’at to this Bera’at, we will know if our Bera’at  is accepted or not. Are we running more in this way? Are we becoming more sincere? Are we being less ghaflet? Are we having less anger? All the problems that we had that is stopping us from becoming more sincere and more honest, are we having less problems with it or more? That one, you don’t need a Sheykh, you don’t need the Saint, you don’t need anyone to tell you. You sit down and you calculate. Think. The believer must think. Allah is giving an order to us to think. Which is why tafakkur, to make a fiqr, it is more valuable than to make Nafila ibadat. Tafakkur, one hour is better than seventy years of worship. So are we thinking? We are making ibadat, but if we are making ibadat in ghaflet, what is it worth? What is it worth? But the one who is making hizmet, it is impossible that his hizmet is in ghaflet, that he doesn’t know that his hizmet is in ghaflet. Can anyone of us think that our hizmet is so nice, it is so beautiful, that it is not perfect, can anyone of  us think that it is perfect? That there is no room for us to improve or to become better? No. When the man is concentrating on his hizmet, never  he is going to be satisfied.  That is just the nature of making a hizmet.  Especially in the way of Allah swt. You are doing something, you say, ‘I can do better.’  You do better, you say, ‘I can do better than that.’  The believer’s today must be better than yesterday. And tomorrow has to be better than today.

So now, the Holy Prophet (asws) said, ‘there will be those in the month of Ramazan that their fasting it is nothing more than hunger and thirst. And their ibadat, the Nafila ibadat, the standing  up to worship Allah swt night time, it is nothing but tiredness.’ This is a very serious hadiths. This is a very important hadiths. This hadiths, of course every hadiths every saying of the Prophet (asws), its meaning is never ending and its secret is never ending, for a man who thinks and who connects himself to his Lord, to the ones that his Lord loves, the meanings keep opening up. This hadiths is a warning to everyone, especially this 21st century to ignorant and arrogant Muslims that they are saying, ‘we are fasting,’ that they are saying, ‘we are worshipping.’ Prophet (asws) is saying there are those who are going to fast, they get nothing from fasting. Nothing, except for hunger and thirst. And their ibadat it is nothing but tiredness. What can make a  man who fast and who worships at night to come to this position when everything that he is doing, it is empty? Ghaflet. When the man does it in ghaflet. When the man does it in heedlessness, and when he does it in heedlessness, our ego is never heedless by the way, sheytan is never heedless, they are always awake and running to bring us down.  But the Muslims, we are heedless. Believers are.

So when a believer is in ghaflet, sheytan enters. You are saying, ‘but sheytan cannot enter in the month of Ramazan.’ Sheytan doesn’t need to enter. He trained your ego so good that he can go take a vacation. And the ego now is going to replace him and become even worse. That’s why you see so many people in the month or Ramazan, instead of getting better, they get worse. Their true self are showing now. No longer you can say, ‘was wasa.’ No longer you can say the sheytan is the one who is pushing you to do something. It is only from your ego. But what happens in Tarikat now? We are doing, everyday, as much as we can, what  everyone is doing at least one month a year in the month of Ramazan: to fast. Not just to stay away from food and water and other activities, but to stay away from forbidden things. Because the food and the water and the other activities, it may be halal to you, it is halal to you. But in that month, in certain hours, it becomes forbidden to you.

So now, when the Awliya Allah, when our Sheykh is speaking about the month of fasting and how we have to step on our ego, we have to catch our ego more, because now in this month, more rahmat is falling, more support is falling, more of the Holy ones circling around us. And if we take advantage of that, we are able to now catch our ego properly and what we are going to gain in the month of Ramazan, we can spend in the rest of the year. In this month of Ramazan now, if we are not catching our ego properly, that we know so many people, this  is not the month of fasting, it is the month of feasting. It is an excuse for them to eat more. They don’t eat that kind of food so much in daily lives, suddenly in the month of Ramazan, they are going crazy, going nuts. What is this? That we have lost the spirit. We have become like what the Holy Prophet (asws) has said, ‘my nation in the ahir zaman, they are going to follow the Jews and the Christian, step by step.’ We have the form, but we don’t have the spirit.

Now in the month of Ramazan, easy to say: fast with your eyes, fast with your tongue, fast with your…what does that mean now? If you are not preparing  yourself in the month of Rajab and Shaban, to watch where you are looking, to watch where you are listening, to watch your tongue, your hand, your feet, to watch your heart, then what’s going to happen during the month of Ramazan? You are going to scramble. Then that time you’ll only be hungry and thirsty. You are not understanding the meaning of that Ramazan: to have control over your animal senses and to have an energy that is beyond what this dunya can offer us. To get the energy that the angels they are feeding from.

So now, when we look what happened last Bera’at and we calculate until this Bera’at, and we are thinking, which we are supposed to be doing before the Bera’at, to think. Everyone is keeping accounting of their finances, their year, their this, their that, their weight, but you are not looking at your faith. We are not looking at how our faith is going up or it’s going down. Can faith do that? You know what I’m trying to say. If you are not looking at that and you are not calculating, knowing and understanding, then how is  your future, the next year going to be? You are just going to enter into it more ghaflet, not knowing. And in our way, we don’t take accounting just once a year during the time of Bera’at. In the Naksibendi order, we are supposed to do it everyday. Everyday you are supposed to sit down and think, ‘how my day went?’ when I woke up until I went to sleep, how much did I remember my Lord? How much did I give salawats and remember my Holy Prophet (asws), how much am I remembering my Sheykh? How much am I remembering the sohbet that I’m putting it into my daily activities and daily life? As much as we can.

So when a man thinks like that often, he is, just by thinking, just by thinking, it’s impossible that he ‘s not going to  make any improvement. That it is impossible that when the night of Bera’at comes, that he’s not going to know what he wants, how he’s going to become better. And it is going to be impossible if his year is not going to become better if he pass or not.

Now look, some time has passed. Like this or like that, maybe almost two weeks have passed since the Bera’at time. Don’t rush so much to know whether your Bera’at is going to be accepted or not. Be busy knowing what it is that you want to do to become a better servant to Allah. Now we are not going to be so busy whether we are going to pass or we are going to fail, because if we are thinking in this way, it is impossible that you are going to fail anyway. If a man is always thinking of failure and he’s always trying to become better, it is going to be very difficult for him to just fall flat like that because he is always watching, not to fail. But if a man is always thinking that he is successful, he is always thinking that he is going to pass, he is not worried, if he is not worried,  that is when trouble is going to enter. That’s when he is going to be in a very dangerous position.

So now, may Allah accept our Bera’at and give us a good one. But in the coming months, in the coming year that is until the next Bera’at, we must be sincere and open what it is that we want. Not to say, ‘I want from my Lord a better life. But to say what I want to become a better servant. How the service that we are  giving, it’s going to become better. Of course there are so many signs that are given, through dreams to through other ones to see whether you Bera’at is going to be accepted or not. Especially in this coming week. Especially in the month of Ramazan. Because whatever you plant in the month of Shaban, the fruit is going to be given in the month of Ramazan. You will know in the Ramazan time, you’ll be given a taste of what it, whether your Bera’at has been accepted or not. Very easy. But at the same time, there is also a mercy that Allah swt is hiding it, to give us more chance and more mercy and more opportunity to run. insya’Allah in this way.

May Allah  forgive me and bless you. May Allah make us to become better servants to run in this way  to become more sincere, to remove all the bad eyes from us. To make us to step on our ego, insya’Allah and to make sheytan to be away from us. To make our jamaat to become stronger and for us to become more sincere. Forgive us Ya Rabbi. WaminaAllahu taufiq. Alfatiha.

hoja shahadat

After Zikr Sohbet by Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
24 Shaban 1436H
June 11, 2015

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