Ramazan: Make your ego from Nafs-i Ammara to Nafs-i Mutmain


Sheykh Abd Kerim

Auuzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim BismillahirRahmanirRahim Medet Ya Seyyidi, Sultanul Awliya, Medet. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah wa shukr Allah. Astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah al-azim wa atubu ilaihi.

Allah subhana wa ta’ala sent 124,000 prophets to this world. The last prophet came over fourteen hundred years ago, the Seal of Prophets. Only job of these prophets were to tell people to turn from Dunya to Akhirat, leave their ego, leave worshipping their ego and turn to Allah subhana wa ta’ala, clean themselves from Nafs-i Ammara. This is the job that 124,000 prophets came to tell people from the beginning of Adam (as) until the last prophet and until the end. Now we are in the Ahir of Ahir Zaman. We reached completely to the end. There’s nothing between us and the Judgment Day. The nation of Muhammad (sws) is still sleeping. The whole mankind is sleeping and the biggest Ghaflat is falling on the Muslims. Muslims are in big Ghaflat day and night, twenty-four hours a day. It doesn’t matter holy days, holy nights, it doesn’t matter. Everyone is running to satisfy their ego. Be careful. The end of that road is Jahannam. If you don’t clean yourself, if you don’t clean your ego from Nafs-i Ammara to Nafs-i Mutmain, fire is going to burn.

All these days, especially Ramazan, Ramazan is the month that people must pull themselves together. They must put themselves together, they must sit and think what they are doing and why they are doing. ‘What is the purpose of the actions that I am doing? With this are Allah and His Prophet (sws) going to be happy with me? Or Allah and His Prophet (sws) are not going to be happy with me?’ That’s the biggest Ghaflat today that mankind is not asking. It’s not looking, it’s not running and it’s only running to do what their ego says. Firaun, from seven years old to seventy years old, from males to females, Firauns, became Firauns. Firauns are tyrants, yes, and Allah subhana wa ta’ala with all these prophets, 124,000 prophets that He is sending to mankind, He is saying, `I have forbidden tyranny to myself and I am forbidding tyranny to you also. I am forbidding tyranny to you to do it to each other.’ And this is what the 21st Century people are good for, non-stop. They are sitting next to each other but they are tyrants to each other. If you are not getting off from that then the end of that road is Jahannam. Not fasting one month, fast all your life, if the fasting is not making you to become a better servant then it’s just like an animal that you are tying it on the corner and you are not giving it food.

You have to learn to analyze before you do things to understand why you are doing and what is the intention behind. The most important thing, the intention. Before you open your mouth you must think, you must know, you must understand, ‘Where is this word going to reach in the end? What kind of damage is it going to do?’ Before you do any action you must think, you must analyze, you must understand, ‘Where is the end of this action going to lead me?’ Later, ‘Oh, I have this problem and I have that problem.’ Your problem never ends. It is impossible. It is in your hand to try to do something. When you start correcting yourself, everything around you will be correct.

Today’s people are trying to correct the other ones. Don’t! Correct yourself because everyone became Firauns. Namruds and Firauns had some power in their hand, at least worldly power. Today’s people have no power, nothing. And non-stop twenty-four hours a day. So, what’s the job of the Prophets? To teach mankind how to control their ego. The Holy Prophet (sws) is coming from the war. He came to his masjid, he sat and the Sahaba-e Kiram came and they sat. He said to them, ‘Now we are turning from the small Jihad to a greater Jihad, to the bigger Jihad, from a small war to a bigger war.’ They said, ‘Ya Rasulullah, we are just coming from war, so many Sahaba died, so many are wounded, so much wealth disappeared. Can there be a bigger war than this?’ He said, `Yes. The war that you are going to make against  your ego, against your Nafs, that is the biggest Jihad that you are going to make.’ And that Jihad must continue until you enter to the grave. You cannot let it go. You cannot say, ‘Oh, today I fixed myself, my ego is complete, so I’m going to do as I like.’ You cannot do as you like. The more you are completing your ego the more you are going to see Allah’s order more detailed to you. You watch every word that you say, you watch every step you make. This is the reason of Tariqat.

Tariqat is not for you to eat each other, Tariqat is not for people to sit next to each other and hate each other. It’s not that. Tariqat is to teach you, to take you from the lower self and to bring you to the highest station. If you are not doing that then it doesn’t matter what kind of Sheykh you have. People didn’t listen to the Prophet (sws). They ended up in Jahannam. Abu Jahil didn’t listen to the Prophet (sws). So many like Abu Jahil didn’t listen to the Prophet (sws). They were sitting in front of him, they were watching him, they didn’t listen to the Prophet (sws). Who they listened to? To their ego, to their Sheytan. And the end? They are in Jahannam. Right now that we are talking the fire is burning. Azrail is going to come to you and to me. Maybe tomorrow, maybe earlier than that. Don’t forget, the way you live, that’s how you are going to die, the way you die, that’s how you are going to rise. Whatever you are busy with at that time, that’s how you are going to die. If you are busy cleaning yourself, your ego, you are okay. If you are busy praising your ego, you are in trouble.

So this is the month, the holiest month, the easiest month that you can take care of your ego, this is the month that the Sheytans are chained, but I am seeing that people’s ego are more wild still. Sheytans are not there. You cannot say that Sheytans are coming to bother you. No. It’s not Sheytan. It’s your ego. So you became so slave to your ego that you don’t need Sheytan anymore. The ego is directing left and right. So, we are not in the beginning of the world, we are not in the beginning of our lives. Every one of us passed half, going down, downhill. Most of you, who knows, you are not going to be here in ten years time. Did you think, did you turn back and look, do you understand the meaning? When you are going to die, do you understand the meaning of it? If we understand the meaning, it means that the book is closed. We cannot do anything anymore. Everything is finished. If this world, not only this world, if there were one billion worlds like this and those one billion worlds have grains inside all the worlds, they are packed with grains, and there’s only one bird and in every thousand years that bird is eating only one grain, it’s going to come to an end for that one billion worlds. The grains are going to come to the end one day. For the eternal life there is no end.

jihad against nafs and ego

Wake yourself up. If you cannot wake yourself up, pinch yourself. If you cannot pinch yourself then take the needle and put it in yourself. If you cannot understand still then take the fire and put it on your hand. The eternal life. Understand the meaning of the eternal life. As soon as you give the last breath from here you begin the eternal life. Whichever side you fall, that’s where you are staying. Either people are in Jannat or they are in Jahannam. Nothing else. In this way you cannot enter into Jannat. If you are praising your ego, if you are non-stop supporting your ego, Nafs-i Ammara, you cannot enter to Paradise. Fire is going to burn to clean. It doesn’t matter how young you are and it doesn’t matter how old you are. Allah subhana wa ta’ala is not looking to that. He is looking to the actions and the intentions of the  actions.

This month should be easy for those people who are trying to control themselves, to control their ego. Allah is watching your actions, His Prophet (sws) is watching your actions, Awliya Allah are watching your actions, angels are watching your actions, except you yourself. Do a favor to yourself. Watch your actions, watch your intentions. If you are believing in these words then you must be very scared in your heart. Your heart must be shaking. If you are not believing then put it from one ear and bring it our from the other side. The grave is waiting to you, to me and to everyone. When you are entering into the grave, don’t think that there will be safety then. Safety is now. What you send that’s what you are going to find.

Let me give some example to you and to me, to myself, that you may understand who helps and where. When the Holy Prophet’s (sws) most beloved daughter Hazrat Fatima passed from this world, the Sahaba-e Kiram, some of them, they buried her in the nighttime. Some Sahaba became very emotional and a Sahabi was speaking into the grave, saying to the grave, ‘Oh grave, know and understand who we are putting in you today. Today we are putting the most beloved daughter of the Holy Prophet (sws). If you are not understanding then let me open it a little bit more. She is the most beloved wife of Ali (radiyallahu anh). If you are not understanding then let me open a little bit more. She is the mother of Hasan and Husayn. Hasan and Husayn, they are the guides in Paradise. So be careful. Treat her properly.’ Sound came back from the earth saying to him, ‘Oh you, you and all like you, watch your business. Don’t tell me what to do. As you are taking order, I am also taking order from my Lord. Today is not the day when someone is going to be treated because of their identity that they are the mother of this and father of that and daughter of this. Today is the day that I’m going to treat that one, whatever he sent to the grave that’s what he’s going to find. You, you worry for yourself. When you are coming in, that’s what’s going to happen to you too.’ This speech was coming from earth to a Sahabi-e Ikram. If you think that you are better than the Sahaba-e Kiram, I have no words to you. If not then think good. Every action that you do, sit and analyze, make good intentions, fix yourselves. Now is the time to fix yourselves. Now is not the time to become more Firauns.

Everyone must look, must turn back, must turn back to their lives and look to understand, `Yes, once upon a time I was in the jungle. My Lord’s mercy has reached and I am here now. Let me make it better, not make it worse.’ If you are not making it better then you are making it worse. When you were in the jungle, yes, you may have some reason to say then, ‘I have this excuse and I have that excuse.’ You have no excuse. You have a Sheykh that is reminding you. It doesn’t matter who you are. He is reminding you and himself twenty-four hours. If you are not fixing your ego, if you are not turning around to make your ego from Nafs-i Ammara to Nafs-i Mutmain then nobody is going to reach to you in the grave. This much should be enough for you and for me. Wa min Allahu tawfiq Bihurmatil Habib
Bihurmatil Fatiha.


Juma Khutba delivered by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi Friday 14 Ramazan, 1430. September 4, 2009 Osmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Dergahi, Siddiki Center, New York


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