Welcoming Ramazan: Are you running to please Allah swt?


Allahuma salli ala saiyidinna Muhammadini Nabiyi ummiyi, wa ala alihi wa sohbihi wa salam.

La illaha Illallah, La illaha Illallah, La illaha Illallah, Muhammad Rasul-ullah Alaihi salatullah. La illaha Illallah, La illaha Illallah, La illaha Illallah, Muhammad Nabi-ullah Alaihi salatullah. La illaha Illallah, La illaha Illallah, La illaha Illallah, Muhammad Habib-ullah Alaihi salatullah

Sheykh Abd Kerim al-Kibrisi

 Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim

We are asking shelter from our Lord, Allah subhana wa ta’ala to protect us from the tricks and the traps of sheytan. And if we are asking sincerely, protection will come. And Allah swt is saying, ‘say BimillahirRahmanirRahim that is the sword of the Angels. Pull the sword of the Angels, protection will reach to you.’ When that protection is reaching to you, you will be protected in dunya, in the grave and akhirat.

Alhamdulillah, syukur Allah, Astarghfirullah, that Allah Jala wa’ala swt has gathered us here on top of this mountain. It’s necessary in this time. As Holy Prophet (asws) is saying: In Ahir zaman, in the end of times, the city and the village sites are going to be very corrupted. People are going to say that they are believing in Allah and His Prophet, but the only thing that they are going to do is to run all the time, day and night for dunya and the confusion is going to be everywhere. And the biggest confusion is going to start with the alims and the scholars of this nation. When you reach to that time and you see that the corruption is everywhere in the cities, move out from the cities. Move out from the populated area to the top of a mountain. Move away and continue your life, even get one sheep and take the milk from that sheep and continue your life in the way that Allah and His Prophet has ordered to you and keep yourself out from the trouble.

Keep yourself away from the confusion. Don’t run here and there too much to say I have to learn more hadiths, more Quran, more this, more that and running around because it is going to be corruption everywhere.’

Holy Prophet is saying, ‘with the little that you know, keep those in your life and continue. And wait for Sahibul Zaman,’ because no man, until Mahdi (as) is taking the takbir, no man is able to finish and stop this corruption, this wrongdoing, wrong lifestyle. So Holy Prophet is saying, ‘Move yourself away from that. If you want to keep your faith strong, if you want to keep your religion strong, keep yourself away.’

This is the time. We are in it. We are living in it. You know how it is. You know how much you are able to do when you are in the cities, when you are working all the time. Doesn’t matter if it is a non-muslim countries or countries whose populations are muslims but the government are not muslim. Doesn’t matter. That’s what is happening right now. Everywhere, people are not knowing why they are living. People, they are not even knowing why they are working. What is the purpose of life? ‘I don’t know.’

So many people, they are not working to live. They are living to work. They are living to work. That is priority in their life. If that is not happening, they have nothing else to do and they will commit suicide. Because that is the only thing that is keeping themselves tied up to this world. Some people, they are not eating to live. Some people, they are not eating food to give nutrition to the body to live, they are living to eat. This is why they are living. And so many of them, you know them also.

So many people, millions and billions, they are declaring that they are Hakkani, they are Defenders of the Truth, but anything that is touching to their ego, in just a split second, they are ready to burn the dunya and everything in it. If you say to them, ‘This is not what Allah and His Prophet like, here, this is the hadis, this is the ayat,’ that time, they are ready to hang you.

Yes! This is the time. As Holy Prophet is saying, ‘You are going to reach to those days. When you reach to those days, you are going to see that the words are not going to reach to anyone because everyone is going to be so happy and please with their own intelligence.’ They are not going to know anything else. From seven years old, to seventy years old. From males to females. Everyone is going to make fatwa. Everyone is going to give jurisdiction about Islam as they like. They don’t want to hear anything else that time. So that is the time to pull yourself away from them. This is what Holy Prophet have said.

Alhamdulillah, Allah’s blessing has reached to us. Our Sheykh’s rahmat, blessings, mercy, and his himmet has reached to us, and are able to escape from the confusion, from one of the biggest confusion city in the world, New York city, to the top of this mountain. It is almost ten years now that we are here. Ten years ago, here, one female and two males, Abdul Hamid and Bilal, we made ramazan here too on top of this mountain. It was snowing everywhere too. Alhamdulillah. And Alhamdulillah, years passing, we have nothing, but our Sheykh, Sheykh Maulana, he is putting something, and it is just pulling people like a magnet. He puts some kind of a honey somewhere and it is pulling and it pulls you here. Alhamdulillah. And the maqam that we build for Grandsheykh, ohh, so many of you have seen so many of his karamat there. So many of you are hearing those animals out there, making the zikir of Allah. I am watching so many people on the internet, they are getting so excited saying, ‘Ohh, the crow is making the zikir of Allah. Or the dog or, etc….’  But our animals, all the times they are making more open zikir. Through the man’s language you are able to hear it, you are able to understand correctly.  They are saying  ‘Allah, Allah, La illaha ilallah.’


Alhamdulillah. Yes, and it is happening. This is not from us. It is from the Lord of the Heaven. That means, He is looking to us on top of this mountain, which is nowhere.  Alhamdulillah. Yes, the only thing we have is sincerity that what we believe and we try to live according to that. We are not claiming that we know too much. But little that we believe, we try to live according to that.  That’s exactly what Holy Prophet is saying, ‘Little that you know, apply it to your life. And apply to your life with the passion. With the love of Allah.’

If you are coming around here (to the Osmanli Dergah), and you don’t have that passion, you don’t have that love, you are not going to survive for a long time around. Believe me. Because I have seen so many coming and going. Declaring so many things but what is the passion? To do things for Allah’s sake and for Allah’s love. Nothing else. If you are here, most likely next year you’ll be here again with that love. If you are not here with that love, most likely by next year you will not be here. Someone else will occupy your space maybe. So put some love in your heart and put some passion in your heart, for Allah sake. Do things for Allah sake. Run to do things for Allah sake, Allah Jala wa’ala swt will fix your life. Your life becomes perfect that time.

Do things for His sake. Say, ‘BismillahirRahmanirRahim,’ for His sake, you will see that your work, your job, your life that is shattered everywhere, He will pull it together. He will bring it together for you. Do it sincerely. If there is no sincerity, it’s coming from the tongue but it’s not entering to your heart. It is not working. It is not going to work. You are just going to force yourself. And every day that is passing, you are just going to become more burdened, more tight. But if you do it that way (with sincerity and passion), you are going to find that every day, more energy is coming to you to run to do things more better for Allah’s sake. Because you say, ‘my Lord is watching. He is watching. For whom am I going to do this? I will do it for Him. For nobody else.’

Yes. You look at everything that time with that love. You will understand everything with that love. You will put that into your heart with that love. You will put some taste in your life. Doesn’t matter if the world everywhere it is jahannam again. Your life becomes Jannat. You will just worry and care for others too, but you will say, ‘They are Your servants Ya Rabbi. You are the One who is going to reach to them. I cannot do nothing. I am a servant.’ That’s what you will do. That’s what we will say. And we are sincere with our shahadat saying, ‘Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu,’ and we are sincere with the love of our ancestor, the Ottoman Empire, that they are holding tightly to the orders of Allah and His Prophet. Everyday that is passing, they run to make it better. That is why so many wahabbi squarehead people today are saying, ‘brother this wasn’t in Islam. From where are you putting this?’ Yes, maybe. But it is something good. It is something with more taste. It is something better in your life. Fourteen hundred years ago they had the camels, but now they are driving the latest model cars now, BMW, etc,  they don’t go around with the camel. When it comes to the tradition that you are building the religion, building the things for the sake of Allah and everything is rising better, they don’t like it, they run around saying, ‘it must be corrupted by sheytan.’ But I understand them. That’s understandable. But what about those who believes Allah and His prophet? What about you that you believe Allah and His Prophet? How come you are not putting some passion in your life? How come you are not running to do things for Allah’s sake? How come you are not holding together, to build things up, putting it up more? How come?

Put it. Yes, that is the only time you are going to see the things are going to change in your life again. Otherwise, it is just going to be like tourist.

During the Ottoman time, to welcome the month of Ramazan,  people were shooting (into the air), they were celebrating, ‘Ramazan Geldin Hosegeldin!’ They were celebrating. They were very happy!

There was excitement in their life. They were running around. They were running to do things. They were running to clean things. They were running to prepare things to bring it to mesjids to share with people. They were running to cook. They were running to make sweets. Changing. The whole life was changing. Different atmosphere is entering. Different life is entering. People, they are finding different energy in their life. More rahmat is raining on them because they are running to hold on to those who are strong and continuing with them but in the meanwhile, they are running to hold the weak ones with them and to pull them together. They were going out of their way to reach to the weak ones. To reach to the poor ones. Where are you in this picture?

Ask yourself. You must ask yourself. You must look to say, ‘Really, where I am? Am I just a tourist? Or I am a part of it?’

Ask yourself. You will know and you do according to that. Whatever your heart says to you that time, move according to that. It’s okay that time, but, put some passion in your life. And the passion, it only comes with doing things for the sake of Allah Jala wa’ala swt. That’s what all the Prophets they did. Although all those people they ran to make their life miserable, but they turned around and they asked forgiveness for their behalf again. They cried for their behalf again. They ran twenty-four hours a day just like Holy Prophet (asws). Holy Prophet was coming to Taif one day, thinking that, ‘I have some family members in that city. And they may hold a little bit tightly to me and it will make my life easier to bring the message of Allah swt.’ When he was going, those ones they were also knowing that when they confronted the Holy Prophet (sws), if they let him to come and allow him to speak to them, they are not going to be able to say ‘No’ to him. So they put their children out, knowing that their uncle, their cousins (Holy Prophet was their uncle), they were putting their young children out there saying, ‘Don’t let Muhammad to enter to the city. And start throwing stone to him.’ And they were throwing stone to Holy Prophet (asws) in Taif. They threw so much stones to him that his feet was bleeding inside his boots. Inside his boots, it was full with blood.

Ooooh, little kids or the adult in these days, when they are falling down here or just little bit of needle pricked on their finger, I’m watching here, everyone will get so excited. Males and females, everyone is running, calling the ambulance! The Prophet didn’t have ambulance. He didn’t have doctor. He didn’t have anybody to care for him that time except Allah. What did he do? He went back out of the city. He took out his boots, he turned it upside down. Just like water, the blood was coming out. And Angels they were watching. Waiting. What that Prophet said is going to happen. Allah is ready to give order for it to happen. What did he do? He (asws) opened his hand saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, don’t punish them because they don’t know any better. Please ya Rabbi, don’t punish them because they don’t know any better.’ That was the passion. That was the love that the Prophet was showing for those kind of people that they were so cruel, they were so animal-like to him but he turned around and he asked forgiveness again for their behalf. So, we must know this. We must understand this.

Muslims, they lost their Prophet. Muslims, they are calling themselves muslims but they lost their Prophet. They don’t know their Prophet. You don’t know your Prophet. You have to know your Prophet. You have to teach your children the Prophet. The priority in their life has to be their Prophet. Not the mother, not the father. The Prophet has to be priority in their life. Yes. If we do this, then we will become beloved to Allah Jala wa’ala swt. If we don’t do this, well, you know your life, I don’t have to tell you nothing. You know that you have luxury houses. You know that your life is very luxurious. But you know that you have no peace in your houses. That is because of that, because we are not even sharing that love that Allah is putting with each other. Love of the Prophet. And we are calling ourselves ahle-Sunnat, but, where is ahle-Sunnat? It is gone!

The Sahabi e-kiram, they had passion. They had love in their heart towards the Prophet (asws). Their lives was very difficult. It was lots of hardship in their lives. But the Prophet was at the top. Prophet was a priority in their life. Prophet was the only thing that was keeping them going in their life. When somebody was mentioning the name of the Prophet, their hand was going there (sheykh placed his hand on his chest).


Yes. Not like you, robotic style. Not like today’s muslims which is becoming a tradition that they become just like robots (placing their hands on their chest at the mention of the Prophet’s name). When you ask them, they are not knowing why. When the name of the Prophet was mentioned, their (the Sahabi e-kiram) heart was moving so fast that it was ready to move from its place that they were holding their heart like that. The passion that they had, the love that they had for the Prophet (asws) made their heart beat more rapidly that they were holding it. It was moving from its place. So much love there was inside them.

But, I am seeing faces, people faces these days, they are just like people getting up from cemetery. I watched so many dead people. I bury so many people. I swear to you, I found so many of them, including my father that I washed his body, that his face was smiling like this. Dead body, but his face was smiling. He went like that. What happened to you? What is the matter with you? You have everything in your life! What is making you so sad? Are you worrying for your love ones? Are you really worrying for your love ones that they are going to enter to Jahannam? Or they are not in the Siratul-Mustaqim, that is why you are so sad? NO!

If you are saying that, you are lying. You are so sad because of your ego. Because things doesn’t work the way that your ego likes it. That’s why you are so sad. So, insyaAllah ar-Rahman, we must make intention to change. Allah Jala wa’ala loves those ones who does things for His sake. Even if it is little, doesn’t’ matter. He loves them, those who does things for His sake. Even if you make one sejdah with that love, He loves it. If you are standing all night long there with your ego, proudness, He doesn’t like it. He doesn’t want it. If you are dancing for Allah’s sake, He loves it. He said, ‘My servant is very happy with Me.’ And He is making His angels to witness, saying, ‘Watch. Watch this servant. Be careful. Anything that he needs, give him.’

Yes, that’s what will happen. So insyaAllah,  we are making intention to become better servant to our Lord. To put some more love in our hearts, to be able to reach to the people that they have already sink and they are ready to finish and vanish and perish.

Nuh (as) he built the ship and he was asking them to come in and they were taking him for a joke. They were cursing at him. They were beating him up. He didn’t give up. Because he knew what he asked and he knew what is coming to them and he was going and he was crying for those people again saying, ‘Please, come. Enter to the ship. Please. Because this is only safety to you. There is no other safety.’ He was saying to them. They didn’t listen. Those are the people that he asked for them to be punished. He turned around, he was crying for them again. Saying to them, ‘No matter what you did, enter to the ship. The punishment is ready to come.’ They didn’t listen. They took him for a joke. He didn’t give up. Up till last minute he was crying to his own son saying, ‘my son, come in. Get into the ship.’ Until order coming to him from Allah jala wa’ala swt saying, ‘Now leave them. He is your son, but he is Our servant. He didn’t listen to you. They are with their ego. Leave them. Shut the doors and don’t look what will happen to them. Be servant inside the ship.’ And that was the safety. All others, they have been perished and finished.

Yes. Holy Prophet is saying that same thing will happen in ahir zaman. And in Ahir Zaman, the ship of Nuh (as) is my ahli-Beyat, anywhere you find them, hold tightly to them.  Circle around them, don’t leave them. Because it is going to be a disaster, it is going to be fire everywhere and it is going to swallow almost billions of people. That’s what is about to happen now. Wake up to yourself. But, if you are living for Allah’s sake, Allah Jala wa’ala will shut that door and your life will continue in the same way, insyaAllah ar-Rahman.

wake up flood of nuh

Wa min Allahu Taufiq

Bi hurmatil habib, Bi hurmatil Fatiha

Sohbet by Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi Hz

1 Ramazan 1432, 31 July, 2011

Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center New York. 

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