Ramazan comes with so much blessings and so much spiritual heaviness



Assalamualaikum. Salamun Qawlam Mir Rabbir Raheem.  We are living for that. We are aiming for that. That is what our life as believers should be. To aim, to have Allah swt, in the day of Judgment and for those who are aiming very high, to have that response from our Lord now, Salamun Qawlam Mir Rabbir Raheem.

Salam, one word of peace from your Lord, the most Compassionate One. To have Allah to give selams to us. If we have that, we don’t need dunya. If we have that, we are not going to run for ahiret either, we are going to run for our Lord Allah swt.  We are going to worship not to get more higher stations. We are going to worship to make Allah to be more pleased with us. We are not going to fast or to make more ibadat to go to better Paradises. We are doing that because it pleases our Lord. Then the pleasure of our Lord it is our maksud, it is our aim.  Once our Lord is pleased with us, what else do you need? What do you need? Do you need anything else? Selamun qawlam mir Rabbir Raheem. To have Allah swt the most compassionate One, to say peace.  To have that peace in our heart. To have that satisfaction in our hearts. How are you going to have satisfaction in your heart if you are running after this dunya 24hrs. How are you going to have satisfaction in your heart that now, in the month of Ramazan that has entered, so many empty head muslims, they are still running after this world.

So many  looking at this Ramazan as an inconvenience. So many looking for this Ramazan to get more in touch with their nafs, animal aspects. In the day time they are fasting, night time they are diving into their desires. That in this month of Ramazan, are we thinking, at least a little bit, the situation of the entire ummat, the situation of the Muslims and the situation of the entire ummat because the ummat of the Prophet (asws) is not only the Muslims. It is the Christians, it is the Jews, it is Buddhist, Hindus, it is everyone alive. Are we thinking? Are we understanding? Are we at least sitting down  to calculate and to balance Salamun Qawlam Mir Rabbir Raheem, where is this peace that Allah is promising? This peace is gone. There’s no peace anymore. This peace is gone because the ummat is not remembering their Lord. This peace is gone because Muslims are not remembering their Lord. Those calling themselves Ahle Sunnat, they are not remembering their Lord. Those  calling themselves Ahle Tarikat they are not remembering their Lord. But they remember what they want to eat and drink, what they want to collect. They are busy with that non-stop, twenty-four hours even in this Holy month. So how can the heart now find peace? Because the heart now can only be satisfied when it remembers Allah.

remember me and i will remember youNow in this Holy month, coming with so much blessings and so much spiritual heaviness, but if you are disconnected from yourself, disconnected from understanding that this is the month that you are going to step on your ego, that your ego, your animal characteristics it is the biggest enemy, that your ego it is the biggest enemy declaring itself to be Allah, to be Lord. If you are not understanding that in this month, how you are going to have the zikr of Allah, the remembrance of Allah in your heart? How you going to have satisfaction? How you are going to have peace?

Peace is taken away from this world. From individuals, to families, to groups, to nations, peace is removed. And this is one of the sign of the ahir zaman, when the Holy Prophet (asws) asked Jibreel (as) saying, ‘after I’m gone from this world, will you visit the world again?’ And the Jibreel (as) says, ‘yes, I will.’ Peace is removed. And Allah swt punishing this nation in the ahir zaman with the smallest of the punishment, not the biggest. This punishment has not even begun. Allah is not punishing us right now. We are punishing ourselves. Because the way that the ummat is behaving, there’s no peace. Peace is removed. And when peace is removed from individuals to groups to nations, there is no satisfaction. They have everything. No satisfaction. You have so much luxury, no peace, no satisfaction, no zikr of Allah, more heaviness, more burdens coming, more things are tight. Burdens and heaviness and tightness, first it came to the Prophets and to the believers. But with every heaviness that the Prophets they are facing, more they are coming closer to Allah. More they are feeling connected. More peace comes to their heart.  More peace coming to their heart now. Not now, when the heaviness comes, more you are feeling disconnected, more you are feeling that you are lacking, more you are feeling that you are weak.

All the heaviness that is coming to the believers, to the Prophets and the Awliya Allah, more they become stronger. You know like that sword, more it’s being hit, more it’s being put into the fire, more it’s getting hammered again, put into the water to put into the fire,  hammered again, more it is done, more it is folded and hit, more it is done and folded and hit, the stronger it becomes. Because it knows its purpose. It understands. That piece of lump of metal, that lump of steel, it understood.  It says, ‘I have been created as a lump. But this is not the purpose of my creation. The purpose of my creation it is something else, more better, more nobler. It is to be a sword.’ We are all clumps and lumps of clay. But if we know our purpose, we are not going to be lumps and clumps of clay. If we know our purpose, and our purpose, the reason of our creation is to know Allah and to worship. Once we know Allah and we worship, once Allah is in our heart, peace enters into our heart. Satisfaction enters into our heart. What happens that time? That time you become a servant of Allah. What happens then? That time you will serve Him. You will be His representative. You will be His Khalifah. You will start representing your Lord. So many not understanding, in tarikat too, what representative it means.

In this month, we are seeing the nation continuously is getting punish. Punishing itself. We are not happy. Believers cannot be happy because Allah is not happy with the state of this world right now. The Prophet is not happy with this ummat. The angels they are not happy. The friends of Allah they are not happy. Believers cannot be happy. We are happy with our Lord, Allah swt, we are happy with the Holy ones, that he still is putting faith in our hearts and beliefs. But we are not happy at how this world, at how this ummat is behaving, how this ummat is carrying out itself. And in this Holy time, we are waiting for the appearances of Mahdi (as) to come soon. For our Grandsheykh and our SahibulSaif to come soon to bring the balance back into this world. To bring Haqq back into this world, for the batil to fall insya’Allah.

May Allah forgive me and bless you for the sake of this Holy month. May we enter strong. May we end strong. May we have more faith and more strength. We are asking Allah to forgive us, the whole ummat. And we are asking Allah to raise the station of the Holy Prophet (asws), SahibulSaif, and Sultanul Awliya higher insya’Allah. And may their feet always be on our neck. May fitnah leave our association. May we have more passion. May we have more passion. May we have more passion, to hold on tightly to this way until we die. For our children to grow up to become good ones in this way. For all other sincere ones to come to this way. For all the insincerity to leave our hearts and our jamaat, insya’Allah. For more strength to come to this jamaat to carry the mission of our Sheykh, of the Prophet, of Allah. WaminAllahu Taufiq Alfatiha.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
1 Ramazan 1436H
June 17, 2015

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