I always ask Sheykh Effendi for prayers, is this alright?


Question: I’m a murid of Sheykh Effendi and whenever I do dua I feel ashamed asking my Lord so I always ask Sheykh Effendi for prayers. Is this alright?


BismillahirRahmanirRahim. We know that Allah swt is our  Creator. He is Kerim. He is the One who gives us everything. We know that Allah swt is saying to us, giving us an order, ‘Find ways, seek means to come close to Me.’ This is an ayat from the Quran, ‘find ways, seek the means to come close to Me.’ Allah is closer to us than our jugular veins but we are very far from Him, and in His mercy He is saying, ‘Find ways. Seek the means to come close to Me.’

Now we are entering into that subject of tawassul. I don’t want to talk so much about it. People are talking, talking until their mouth are bubbling, their ears are bubbling. Those who are donkeys, still will be donkeys, they will never understand. So I’m speaking to humans. I’m speaking to humans. If you understand, if you are a human, once you see a little bit, you will understand the whole thing. Like the man who is travelling, if he sees the minaret of a Masjid, of a Jamii, he knows that there is a town. He doesn’t need to know everything there. He sees it and he knows that there is a town. This is for people of intelligence. Of course in these days, people don’t have intelligence. Not only they don’t have intelligence, they have more stubborness, they have more arrogance, they have more ignorance.

So, now, who are we worshipping to? Allah. Who are we asking from, everything that is coming from is from? Allah. Is there any doubt in anyone, in any Muslims heart? No. There is no doubt. But Allah swt is saying, ‘Ask. Ask Me and I will answer you.’ And He also says, ‘ask Me and find ways to come closer to Me and I will answer you.’ And in another ayat that Allah swt is saying too, ‘if they only ask through you, I would answer to them.’ Meaning the Holy Prophet (asws). So now, the means, these ones, are close to Allah swt and anything that they ask for, they open, Allah gives. Don’t you know, it is proper edep in our way, even before you recite the Fatiha you give a Salawatul Sharif. Before and after. We never recite the Fatiha without the Salawat. Because with the Salawat, your dua, your supplication will rise, will be received. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t have that, if you don’t  recite the Salawat, it doesn’t have that speacial ‘UPS’ service. Because now, we are using the Prophet’s name, alaihi salatu wa salam, for Allah to answer our prayers. We are using the Prophet’s name for Allah to answer our prayers.

Adam (as) used his name and he was forgiven. So many are using his name, they are forgiven. On the day of Judgment, every Prophet is going to use his name to be forgiven. So we must use the name of the beloved ones of Allah, for the duas to be received, for our sins to be forgiven. And we are asking, ‘Ya Rabbi, for the sake of your beloved one, the one that You have appointed to us, our Sheykh, for the sake of Sultanul Awliya, for the sake of the Awliyas, for the sake of the Prophet (asws), then Allah will answer those prayers because He does not refuse the prayers of His beloved ones.

So,  it is a good manner. But this is something that so many peole they misunderstand because they want to misunderstand. It’s not because they want to understand. This is something really easy if they understand, if they sit and they think, they will understand. But this is something very easy that they don’t want to understand, they will misunderstand.

Very simple,  we are making sejdah in our prayers, to Allah, right? But what if we have the mihrab there? Can we say we are making sejdah to the Mihrab? The actions look like we are making the sujud and sejdah to the mihrab. The action looks as if we are making the sujud to the Ka’aba. That’s what unbelievers they are saying, we are worshiping the Ka’aba. Because it looks like that. Because that is the action. But what is the intention? Intention is something else. So it is something very easy to understand if you are intelligent. Something very easy to misunderstand if you are a donkey. These days there are so many donkeys. So what are they interested in? They say in Turkish, ‘the donkey only makes noise for two reasons. When it’s hungry and when it’s not happy.’ So this two things, majority of the people they are only interested in these two things in this life, in this world today, including the Muslims, only how to eat and drink and to be nice and how to satisfy their ego.

May Allah swt, for the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws), for the sake of our Sheykh Effendi, make us to become better ones, for their sake. And the proper protocol of course, is to go through your Sheykh before you go to the Holy Prophet (asws), because they are teaching us Prophet. We don’t know who Prophet is. They are teaching us who the Prophet (asws) is. And they are always in the presence of the Holy ones. The important question is, are we with them? Are we in their presence? That is important. As much as you are mentioning them and remembering them, that much you are in their presence. You understand?

As much as you are remembering Allah, Allah is remembering us, isn’t it? It is an ayatul Karima:  “Remember Me and I will remember you.” So, you think  this is not going to apply to those ones that Allah swt loves, that Allah is remembering them? May we never forget, insyaAllah ar-Rahman. WaminAllahu Taufiq. Alfatiha. Amin..

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 Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
2 Ramazan 1436H
June 19, 2015

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