We are the ummat of the chosen one, Hz Mustafa (asws). Have we forgotten this honour?


Host: The honorable speaker, his name is Janab Lokman Effendi. He is a representative of Khalifah SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani (qs). They have a Dergah in Upstate New York. Osmanli Naksibendi, they follow Naksibendi Sufi Tariqah, the order of Naqshabandiyya. And this is going on under the auspices of Sultanul Awliya Sheykh Maulana Nazim al-Kibrisi. So ladies and gentlemen, I present you Lokman Effendi, he will give you the lecture this afternoon. Jazakallahu Khair


Auzubillah Minashaitan Nirajeem. Bismillahir Rahmanir RaheemAssalatu wassalamualayka Ya Rasulallah. Assalatu wassalamu ‘alayka Ya Habibullah. Assalatu wassalamu ‘alayka Ya Sayyidul wal Awwali wal Akhiri. 

SelamAleykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu. I’m just a regular, common person. Dr Afridi is being very polite. But Allah swt is saying, ‘Give selams to each other,’ through the mouth of His Prophet (asws), ‘when the muslims they meet, give selams.’ Selams is not just saying Assalamualaikum, but to think good things about each other and to say good things to each other. I don’t deserve what he is saying. I know that. But, we are following the silsilah of those ones who have sacrifice their way and their lives for the Holy Prophet (asws), for the Sahaba e-Kiram. So with their permission and with their authority, I’m here, we are here, to learn from each other. I’m not here to teach you. We are here to learn. I’m listening and you are listening. Whatever that is there for you, take. If there’s something there that is not for you and you don’t like it, you can leave.

We are not a gathering of scholars. We are gathering of lovers of the Holy Prophet (asws). We are here united, so many different kinds of Muslims, so many different nationalities, different ages, different ethnicities, because we are united under the flag of the Holy Prophet (asws). May Allah shower this gathering with His blessings and with His mercy. Because we are following the one who is a mercy to all the worlds.

If you notice, we were praying just now and it started raining. Raining is rahmat and the rahmat is falling down on us lightly, because we are gathering here. Those who are looking and they are seeing, they will understand. These are amongst the signs of Allah swt. There is no such things as coincidence. And we are thanking our Lord Allah swt because He has shown His favor on this gathering, Alhamdulillah, not because of me, but because of so many of you who are here. So many of you who are here who are the beloved ones to the Holy Prophet (asws). So many I’m seeing coming from his Ahlul Bayt too here. Alhamdulillah.

What this world needs more is the love of the Prophet (asws). What the ummat needs more is to come back to our own reality that we have been selected and we have been chosen to be in the ummat of the chosen one, Hz Mustafa (asws). This honour, which majority of Muslims, we have forgotten. This honour was offered, this honour was given to us. But 124,000 Prophets, so many of them they said, ‘Ya Rabbi,’ this is coming from the riwayet from the Awliya Allah, the friends of Allah. They are saying, ‘we give up from our Prophethood. Make us just to be a regular member of the ummat of Your Habib (asws).’ Because they understood the honour of this. They understood how Holy Prophet (asws) he was the most beloved one of Allah, he is the most beloved one of Allah swt. And if we go deeper into understanding and loving of the Holy Prophet (asws),  Allah swt in a hadiths e-Qudsi is saying, ‘Lau laqa, Lau laqa – if it were not for you, if it were not for you,’ addressing to the Holy Prophet (asws), ‘I would not have created the universes.’ So the more the love for the Prophet intensifies, the more we want to understand the Prophet (asws), the more we want to draw closer to him, the more we say, ‘Ya Rasulullah, may we be the dust under your feet.’ Because, if we are dust under his feet, wherever he goes, he will bring us with him.

Allah swt said to Hz Musa when he’s approaching the mountain of Tur, saying, ‘now you are in Holy ground, Ya Musa, take off your shoes.’ But to the Holy Prophet (asws) He says, ‘O My beloved one, leave your shoes and step on My Arsh. My Arsh, My throne will be blessed by your sandals.’ Are we understanding now the high honour,  the high love that Allah has for His beloved one? And we are following, we have been chosen to be in his ummat. How much more syukur we have to give to our Lord Allah swt, because the Prophets are saying, ‘we give up from our Prophethood. Just make us to be one of the followers of the last Prophet.’ That Prophet that he said, ‘I was a prophet when Adam (as) was between water and clay.’ That Prophet that which is the Sayyidul wal Awwali wal Akhiri, he’s the first and the last. First one that Allah has created,and for his sake, Allah has created all of creations. And if we commemorate him, his birth, we are giving honour only to ourselves. Because as much as we want to praise the Holy Prophet (asws), Allah swt is saying in the Quran e-Kerim,’BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Innallaha wa malaikatahu yusholluna ‘alan nabi. Ya ayyuhalladziina amanu shollu’alaihi wa salamu taslima.’ Allah and His Angels, they shower blessings, they praise the Prophet. He did not say, ‘O Muslims,’ He did not say, ‘Ya Ayuhal Mukminoon,’ He didn’t say, ‘Ya ayyuhalladzina Muslimun.’ He says, ‘Ya ayyuhalladzina Mukminoon – O you who believe.’ Because with the believe comes the love. O you who believe, praise him and shower blessings on him as much as you can.’Prophet sws

Allah swt and His angels when they give the salawatul sharif to the Holy Prophet (asws), it’s not one time. Allah and His angels, when they do it, they do it continuously. They do it from pre-eternity to post eternity, praising that Holy Prophet. The arif and the spiritual scholars, the Awliya Allah they are saying, ‘you cannot imitate anything that Allah swt is doing. He is Creator. You can never imitate, you can never do anything that He is doing, but one thing that you can do that Allah is doing, you can give salawats. You can give Darood e-SharifAlhamdulillah, we have been chosen.

Holy Prophet (asws) said, ‘I was a Prophet when Adam (as) was between water and clay.’ He’s not an ordinary man. He is a man like us but he’s not ordinary. Just like the diamond is a stone but you cannot compare the diamond now to a granite or to a marble. Allah swt, for his sake, created us. For the love of the Prophet, He created us, and Holy Prophet (asws), his birth was filled with miracles that so many Muslims are not believing or understanding or knowing. Holy Prophet (asws), he was born pure. He was born, you know in the history of the world, there’s only  a handful of babies that they are just born and they start to speak. Hz Isa (as), he was one of those, that he defended his mother when the Bani Israel they came and they accused his Holy Mother, Mariam Ana, of committing adultery. Hasha Astarghfirullah. But our Holy Prophet (asws), as soon as he was born, the first action he did was he put his head to sejdah/sujud, and he says, ‘Asyhadu alla ilaha illallah, inni Rasulullah.’ Perfectly. And you know what his next words are? ‘Ummati, ummati.’ Us. You. Me. Muslims. Non-Muslims. Jews, Christians, believers, unbelievers. We are all part of his ummat and he’s calling to everyone. His first words, other than the kalimatul shahadat, recognising Allah, recognising himself, is to call out to us. His last words when he passed was calling out to us, ‘O my ummat. O my ummat,’ His first words when he rises on the Judgement day is saying, ‘Ummati, ummati.’ Because Allah swt has given him the maqam of syafa’at, of intercession. To intercede for us. To pray for us. To help us.

Holy Prophet (asws) he has been granted this honor of syafa’at that even the Prophets in the Day of Judgment, they are going to run to him. Mankind is going to run, on the Day of Judgment, to Adam (as), saying, ‘O Adam, O our father, we are in trouble. You are close to Allah. Allah loves you. He created you first. You are Safi’ullah. Pray for us. Help us.’ And Adam (as) says, ‘I cannot. Because I committed a mistake.’ We cannot say a sin. We are ahle Sunnat, we are Muslims, we have modesty to say that the Prophet they commit a sin. Astarghfirullah. We say they made a mistake. They did something. Adam (as) says, ‘I am in need of syafa’at.’ They run to Nuh (as). We will run to Nuh (as) saying, ‘Ya Nuh, you are the second father of mankind. Pray for us. Help us. Speak to our Lord on our behalf.’ And Nuh (as) says, ‘I cannot. I am in trouble because when I opened my hands and I asked Allah to punish this whole world, this whole mankind, He granted it.’ Then they will run to every prophet. They will run to Musa (as). They will run to Isa (as), saying, ‘Ya Isa, ya Ruhullah. Pray for us. Help us. Speak to our Lord. He loves you.’ Isa (as) says, ‘I myself is in need of help. Because my nation says that I am the son of Allah.’ Then Holy Prophet (asws) will walk and everyone will get up and say, ‘Ahmad is here. Ahmad is here.’

Yes one tradition that we do in the Naksibendi order after all our Zikr, is to stand up and to give the salawat, the Darood ul-Ummi, ‘Allahumma Salli ala sayyidina  Muhammadini Nabiyil Ummiyi wa aalihi wa ala aalihi wa sahbihi wasallim.’ That salawat was a salawat of a hundred and twenty four thousand Prophets when they greeted the Holy Prophet (asws) in Masjidil Aqsa. When he came on his way to the Mi’raj. They all stood up and they gave him this salawat. And when he came, then he says, ‘Allahu Akhbar, Allahu Akhbar, La ilaha ilallah Hu Allahu Akhbar, Allahu Akhbar wa Lillah il-hamd. All praises to Allah.’ They are praising him and he says, ‘all praises is to our Lord.’ These are some of the forgotten Sunnat. The Maulid, is a forgotten sunnat. We are celebrating it, alhamdulillah, but there’s so much resistance to it, and we are saying why? Aren’t we Muslims? Don’t we love the Prophet? Shouldn’t you celebrate and remember the birth of the Rahmatil ul alamin, the mercy to all the worlds?

They are saying, ‘brother, where is the proof? Did Sahaba e-Kiram do it?’ I said, yes, they celebrate the Maulid of the Prophet each and every day of their lives. They give up everything. They sacrifice their lives. They didn’t just sit and sing about him. They put those naats and those qasidas and those illahis into their lives.  When the naats and the qasidas are saying, ‘may our parents be sacrifice for you. Our eyes are  for you.’ They didn’t just sing. They did it. Their life was a naats. Their life was a testimony of that love. When they say, ‘may my parents be sacrificed for you,’ they didn’t just say that. Their parents were sacrificed, their children were sacrificed, their wealth, their honour, just for that Holy Prophet (asws).

Bilal e Habashi, when his master, the cruel one, put stones on his chest, and he is saying, ‘Ahad, Ahmad. Ahad, Ahmad.’ And he stepped on his face and he said, ‘just renounce Muhammad (asws) and you will be free. You will be taken out from all this suffering.’ And he said, ‘I pray that not even the hot sand is going to touch the feet of our Holy Prophet.’

Uwais al-Qarni. Uwais al-Qarni, Uwais who is a beloved one of the Prophet (asws), that he lived in Yemen, who knew the reality of the Prophet (asws). Who said to Hz Ali (kw), ‘Ya Ali, you see the reality of that Prophet once. I see his reality in every waking moment.’ Uwais al-Qarni, because of that Ashq, now you cannot explain Ashq. Ashq will make you to do crazy things. Not hate, not violence, but you feel that you have to get out from your five senses, you have to get out of your body because you have to experience that Ashq. When Uwais al-Qarni he heard that Holy Prophet, in the war of Uhud, his teeth became syahid, he said, ‘my beloved lost teeth. How can I have teeth.’ He took out his own teeth.Thirty-three teeth that he took, and from that sunnat, the tasbih of thirty-three comes from.

The ummat is divided. But Holy Prophet right now,  he’s praying for us, and he’s calling us. And in a hadiths e-sharif he says, ‘every night, Allah swt will show the deeds of my nation to me. Every night. And if they are good deeds,’ he says, ‘I laugh and I’m happy. And I pray for them.’ He says, ‘but when I’m shown the bad deeds I cry and  I ask Allah’s forgiveness for them.’ His love for us is more than our mother’s love for us. It’s more than our father’s love for us. Because his love for us is given to him from the Creator of Love, Allah swt al-Wadud, and giving Rahmat, Rauf and Rahim to him. We are not going to go so much deep into this but we are here to remember our Holy Prophet (asws). What he brought and what kind of ni’mat that he has given to us. And how we should try to keep the honour of the Prophet. There’s so much that we cannot do.


Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan of the Ottoman Empire, when he heard that a play was going to be performed in Europe, I believe it was in England, insulting the Prophet, he issued a letter to the ruler at that time. Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan was living in a time when there was so much fitnah in the Muslim world. There was tribalism. There was nationalism. There was betrayal in and out. He was engaged in over twenty wars at the same time. Europeans called him the sick man of Europe, Turkey, the empire that was uniting all of the Islamic world. In his weakest moment he wrote and he said, ‘cancel that play. If you do not, I swear by Allah, from East to West, North and South, I will declare a Jihad for you.’ That is the love that he had. With that, they stopped.

We are not violent people. We are saying, we love our Prophet (asws), and we love Isa (as), and we love Musa (as). We love all hundred and twenty four thousand Prophets. It is part of our deen. If we  make a distinction between the Prophets,  we cannot call ourselves Muslims. No Muslim will ever insult Hz Isa, Hz Musa or Hz Ibrahim. But our Prophet (asws), for fourteen hundred years, he’s been the subject of ridicule. But for thirteen hundred years, when the ummat was together, under a Khalifah, there was some protection and there was some honour. There was a lot of honour. Our hands are tied. Right now as we are speaking, so many Holy places in Mecca, in Medina, that is associated to the Holy Prophet (asws), is being bulldozed and razed to the ground, and shopping centres, and Atm machines and parking lots are put there. These are the physical evidences  that our Prophet lived, that we can go to the cave where he was, and we can touched the floor that he touched, that we can go to the house where he was born, that we feel, we have this Ashq of the Rasul, he is not from a book that we read. He is someone that is deep inside of us that Allah swt is saying, Laqad Jaakum, saying, ‘your Prophet is Rauf and Rahim and he is amongst you. He is inside of you.’

Our hands are tied. And we are asking Allah to send us good ones to bring back the honour of our Prophet (asws), to bring back the honour of Islam. We cannot do anything. We can sit and we can pray and we can ask. Because now is the time of jababbirah, now is the time of tyranny. Now is the time of confusion. And unfortunately, majority of the confusion is coming not from non Muslim countries, but from Muslim countries. That our leaders are not holding on to the Islam properly. And people are rising up to say, ‘we want our honour back.’

Let me tell you what love that the Ottoman Sultans they had for the Prophet (asws). The first railway that they built was between Istanbul to Medina. It’s not to Europe. The first telephone line also was from Medina to Istanbul. When Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan he was so sick, he couldn’t even stand up, and a letter was brought to him from Medina Sharif, because the people in Medina were requesting something from him, he stood up. They said, ‘Ya Sultan, please sit.’ He said, ‘a letter came who is a neighbor of our Prophet. How can I sit?’ When the train that was built going to Medina and when it’s approaching within a certain radius of Medina, they padded the wheels of the train, so that it will not make a noise, it will not disturb the Holy Prophet (asws), because Allah swt is saying in the Holy Quran, ‘do not raise your voices in front of your Prophet.’ In that empire, like I’m seeing here so many Sayyids and Sharifs , in that empire, if you are a Sayyid and if you are a Sharif, they say, ‘please do not work for this dunya. We will give you your income.’ The government itself give them their wages and their income. ‘Because you are Sayyid and you are Sharif. You sit and you pray for us. Don’t work. It will be a dishonor for us if you have to work, that we cannot feed you.’  The Holy Quran was recited continuously, 24 hours a day for over 300 years, continuously. The Sultan will recite the last juz, to make the khatam. This is when Rahmat rain down on the Muslims.

Insya’Allah ar-Rahman, we are now in a situation we cannot change but we are asking Allah to send us good ones who are going to change the situation, not only for us, for the whole world, for the whole ummat, for Jews, for Christians, for Buddhists, for Hindus, for believers and for unbelievers. The prayer that we always do in our way, we are taking from so many different hadiths of the Prophet (asws) saying, ‘Allahummagfir li-Ummati Muhammad. Allahummarham li-Ummati Muhammad. Allahummastur li-Ummati Muhammad. Allahummafaz li-ummati Muhammad,’ continuing the prayer, and this prayer is for everyone.

So yes, Hz Rumi (qs) he has twelve advices. He says, ‘ For mercy, be like the sun. Shine mercy on everyone. Just as the Sun shines on Muslim and non Muslim, Saint and a sinner. The sun is shining. He says, ‘for the quality of mercy, be like the sun. In humility, be like the earth that although it is big, it is huge, it is carrying everyone but everyone is stepping on it. And in anger,’ he says, ‘be like the night. Cover your anger.’ And these are some of the teachings of the Tarikat, taking directly from the Holy Prophet (asws). And this is what we are practising, this is what we are reminding each other. Although there may be wrong people everywhere, saying things, doing things that although they are saying this is Tarikat and Sufism, Alhamdulillah, we are not from them.

Allah swt is saying in the Surahtul Yasin, ‘Follow those who ask you no fee, and who themselves they are rightly guided.’ Others may ask you a fee. Others may say, ‘please pray for me, I will give you some money. Please pray for me. I will give you a tahweez, this and that,’ but Alhamdulillah, we are saying, we are following the sunnat free. Because were are following the Holy Prophet (asws). But there are good people and there are crooked people everywhere. When you produce the honey, bees they come, and bees make more honey. But flies also come. Other insects also come. So it’s the same thing with Tarikat, with Sufism.

May Allah protect us, insya’Allah, from the evil of our ego, our nafs, and the evil of Sheytan. Insya’Allah ar-Rahman, I don’t want to take up too much of your time. I’m just here, this is my first time that I’m coming here. We came all the way from the mountains of New York, in the Catskill mountains. We have a masjid there, we have a community there, we have some people living there. It’s a growing community. We are trying to live a simple life. We raise our own animals. We plant our own food. We work, we pray, we make zikr. We lead a simple life. We have different people in different parts of America, different parts of the world. They all have their jobs to do. Some are shepherds and the shepherds are on top of our head because every Prophets was a shepherd. And some are doctors, and engineers, doesn’t matter now. Everyone has their own job to do. But we came all that way, Alhamdulillah because we have a Dergah here also, and we are making zikr, we are asking Allah swt.  Anyone who likes to be with us to remember Allah, to give Darood to His Prophet (asws), to come. We are not here to argue, we are not here to fight. You have your views, it’s different from mine, Alhamdulillah, keep it. I’m not here to say you are wrong. You are not here to say I am wrong. Like that, fitnah enters, it breaks it up. Because Holy Prophet says,’ don’t argue about matters of faith because it extinguishes the light of faith. Don’t argue in religion.’ We are trying not to do that.

So we came because yesterday we also had the ziyaret of the Mu’in Mubarak that we brought from there too. So, may Allah bless you and your families. Thank you for inviting me here. Dr Afridi especially I want to thank him and Altaf Bhai, and everyone of you, thank you for listening to me. May Allah bless you and His Holy Prophet (asws) keep you. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

Maulid at Education Centre, Tampa

Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz had been invited to join the Eid program of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as guest speaker at Tampa Community Education Center
16 Rabiulawal 1435H
January 19, 2014


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