If The Heart Is Thirsty



It is not through physical that you are going to gain anything. It is not through physical nearness that you are going to gain something. It is a nearness of your heart.

Abu Jahil and Abu Lahab, they were there, they have known the Prophet (asws) from childhood. They were there when the Prophet (asws) declared himself to be a Prophet and saying, ‘La ilaha ilallah.’ When he said that, especially when he said, ‘Muhammadur Rasulullah,’ they pulled the sword to him. He was there and he was watching them. He was there, alaihi salatu wa salam, and he was giving sohbet to them continuously, but because their heart was full, filled with the stubbornness,  filled with arrogance, filled with anger and filled with jealousy, the Habibullah, the Sun who provides the light to all the Suns of these worlds and the next, their hearts were so dark it did not penetrate. Why it didn’t penentrate? Holy Prophet (asws), he couldn’t make a single heart to turn?

Of course he could. But this is the delicacy of Islam.  If there is no permission, you cannot enter even if you are a Prophet. Which is why the Holy Prophet (asws) says, ‘before you enter into any room, into any house, knock and ask permission. If there is no permission, you cannot enter.’ Now to enter into your heart, the owner of the heart, you are the owner, it’s given to you, you own it, you didn’t create it, but you have it, it is an emanet to you, you have to open it. If you don’t open it, nothing can get through. Do you understand?

Now physically, so many of you, you may be here, if your heart is empty, if your heart is dead, if your heart is busy with other things, it will not enter. But if your heart is thirsty and hungry, we enter into this month, into the month of Ramazan, night time falls, maghrib falls, our hunger and our thirst, for so many of us has reached to a peak and you cannot wait to dive into the food and into the water although you’ve been eating and drinking all your lives, non stop. You know what it feels like when you are starving your animal side for some hours. But do we understand how long we’ve been starving our spiritual side? And do we approach now to sohbets and through zikr, as if we’ve been starving of sohbets and zikr all week long, all day long that you cannot wait for the sohbet and the zikr to come for you to be able to take something from it? For your spirit to be able to take some nourishment from it? Huh! If you tell me, any single one of you, you tell me, ‘the same way I approach the food is the same way I approach the sohbet,’ that one, if you tell me that you have the same kind of longing right in front of me, if you say that you are, you are already a Saint. If you say that you are, either you are a Saint or I question your sincerity. Because we are seeing how you are approaching.

So now, we are saying earlier, the more that you are empty, the more that we fill it up for you. And the sohbet it is now according to the quality of the jamaat, those who are in association, what they want to hear, how they want to hear. It is not how many is attending. It can be five, it can be five thousands, it doesn’t matter. What matter is the heart. If the hearts are open and they are willing, they want to hear something, that time they will send. Yes, we are speaking about earlier, do not take away the rights of others. Because now in this month especially, so many starving themselves during the daytime and night time they are feeding. But so many starving their spiritual side and they are not feeding their spiritual side day or night. If you think feeding your spiritual side is just going up and down like a robot, think again. If you think feeding your spiritual side is just to says, ‘Allah, Allah, Allah,’ like a robot, like a parrot, think again. What is that spiritual side now of you? What is that part of you that is longing for Allah, that Allah is saying, ‘Remember Me,’ what is that part?

The Holy Prophet (asws) has said, ‘one hour of tafakkur, of meditation, it is better than seventy years of worship. How much tafakkur we are making now in this month of Ramazan? Month of Ramazan, Allah swt has designed for this whole month, for the entire ummat, to be in tafakkur, to be thinking, when they are fasting in the daytime and after they’ve broken their fast, to think: what is my nature now? What did I live for? Today, what did I gain? How am I with my Lord now today? How close am I to the Holy Prophet (asws). These questions are passing, or the hours are just passing and you just cannot wait to break your fast. So now, if you are not in sohbet, and your heart is not being hungry to listen to the sohbet and to be in the zikr, that time, what are you gaining from the sohbet? Just tiredness. Nothing but tiredness. You are just sitting here, making yourself to be tired. What are you gaining then from the fast? Nothing but hunger and thirst. So you are not in association. Allah swt is saying, ‘be in Jamaat.’ And our Tarikat is based on association. So how you are going to approach the association, the sohbet? What you are going to bring into the association? What is it that we are telling you to bring?

Bring an empty cup. Don’t come full. Because that time when you are coming full, even if you are here physically, nothing is coming to you. Things are always coming from the Heavenly Stations, of course. Things are always coming from the Heavenly station,yes, but what are you people doing now? In ghaflat, twenty-four hours. If you are in ghaflat then, you are not bringing anything there. Now instead of something coming and those who are attending they are going to get something, those who are attending because of their ghaflat and because they don’t want to hear, and now those other ones who wants to hear, their rights are taken away. Then you find yourself like what we said earlier, to be in a position where you are just going to get the bad prayers of people. Because you are not watching the Hak (rights) of other people.

So in this month of Ramazan, like I said before, we must watch our manners. We must watch our manners and we must watch what are the rights of others in this month. ‘What are the rights of those around me? What are the rights of my family? What are the rights of this community? What are the rights of others?’ Now, once you start concentrating on that, and you are watching and you are being careful, you have the best of manners. Once you have the best of manners, Allah will be your Teacher.

heart is thirsty

May Allah forgive me and bless you. Just a couple of words to remind ourselves. Now we have entered, we are finished more than one week of the Ramazan. More than one quarter of Ramazan has passed. Sit down and calculate what you have gain. Sit down and calculate what you have lost. Don’t ask me, ‘I have lost, what should I do?’ You know by yourself if you lose money what you should do. You know by yourself, if you lose something valuable in this dunya, what you should do. When it comes to ahiret, suddenly everyone is losing their own intelligence. They don’t know what to do. May Allah not make us to be losers insya’Allah, in this month. May our today be better than yesterday and our tomorrow to be better than today. It has to be, especially in this Holy month. WaminaAllahu Taufiq. AlFatiha. Amin SelamAleykum Warahmatullah.

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After Zikir  Sohbet by Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
8 Ramazan 1436H
June 25, 2015

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