Urs of SahibulSaif : We are concentrating only on the work of our Sheykh



Murids, we are enjoying now. Enjoying. Yes, we are enjoying the blessings of this night. We are remembering Allah, we are remembering His Prophet, we are remembering our Sheykh in this night that he was veiled from this low world. When he was veiled, Allah put a sath, between this world and his reality and Allah open the realities of the other world, of ahiret to him, to shower him with more secrets and more Divine lights. He is welcomed in that other world, just as he was not welcomed in so many ways in this world. Just as the Prophets were not welcomed in so many ways in this world. Just as the Awliya Allah they are not welcomed in this way, in so many ways in this world.

So now tonight, those who are awake and they have faith a little bit, you are going to see and you are going to put more faith in us. Yes we were talking about the star, when we were having the dinner, and  some people they are saying that is a star that is showing when Isa (as) will come back into this world. Because those were the stars that were shining when Isa (as) was born and that is what they called the Bethlehem star. That now, so many people not knowing anything but their hearts are open, they are saying welcome to that too, on this night.

Now, it is so quiet outside as if everything is listening to what we are saying. So open your hearts and listen. Make this night, make this days to be different. Make your lives to be different. Because we are not here for emotional get together, we feel good. We are not here to ask anything from him, from Allah or from the Prophet (asws). We are not asking them anything dunya. We are asking them to give us faith, to hold on to their words and their beliefs and to keep our faith strong and alive in our hearts, in our lives. To keep the passion alive. Not to drop it, no matter what happens. If  they give the whole dunya to our feet or if they take the whole dunya away from us, we cannot lose our faith. And these are the times that yes, the Paradise is there open, the Hells they are close. The support is raining down to those who are looking for it. Those who are not looking for it, those who are being disobedient and stubborn and arrogant, they are going to lose a lot. And we are praying that Allah swt make them to wake  up a little bit. But this is the Urs of our Sheykh now, and we are remembering.

We are not going to gather here once a year to remember him. We are going to gather together once a week to remember him. We are going to remember him everyday. More that you are understanding what his sohbet is and to put it in your life, the more rabitha that you are making to your Sheykh properly, and you are stepping on your ego, that time, yes, everyday is an Urs, everyday is a maulid. Then that time, yes, definitely that time, you are asking Allah to bless him sincerely. Not for show. Not disappearing and then appearing, disappearing and then appearing, and coming only to get the blessings. Huh, you may lick your hand that time if you think it is so easy.

May Allah keep us strong insya’Allah. Most of you were here, some of you were not. Some of you, this is your first Urs, not some, quite a few. We are seeing, Sheykh Effendi’s jamaat, slowly but  sincerely it is growing, here and around the world. And we have not move one inch from here. When he is giving us the chance and the opportunity, when he is giving us the opening, we will see that time how the whole world will shake. That is the power of our Sheykh. Because his whole existence is to bring the kufr down, to bring this oppression, this barbarism down and to hold high Haqq and truth. Anyone who wants to be in this way, you are welcome. And everyone is welcome. We are opening the door East to West and North to South. Come whoever you are. If you are an idol worshiper, fire worshiper and you have broken your promises a thousand times, come. But leave your ego outside. If you bring your ego inside, we will still welcome you but you are not going to feel too comfortable too much that time. Those who wants to leave their ego outside, yes in that circle you will find Allah. In that circle you will find your reality.


We are asking Allah to forgive us. Sit down and think. Three years have passed, what was it last year? What was it the year before? You remember the first year? I remember. I don’t forget. We remember. And from that time until now, we are concentrating only in the work that our Sheykh has put in front of us. We don’t care if people praise us. We don’t care if people insult us. We don’t care what names they give, whether they call us a Sheykh or they call us a donkey, it doesn’t matter. Because I’m looking to what my Sheykh is calling me. I’m looking to see whether I’m in that book everyday. Remember Sheykh Effendi is saying, ‘are you in that list of believers, everyday?’ Remember? I remember thinking, I don’t know about you, how am I ever going to come to that point that I’m going to sit down and consider myself a believer, and being honest enough to say, yes I’m a believer and I live for the sake of Allah today. He says, ‘check that list to see are you on that list or not.’ How Sheykh Effendi has made it so easy for us now. Check yourself, are you on that list to say that today you are a murid. Today are you a murid? Are you remembering your Sheykh? Are you doing the work? Are you putting his teachings and his sohbets in your life. How much are you remembering?

If you are, be happy. If you are not, be sad.  Because the honour of belonging in a jamaat of SahibulSaif, it is a very high honour that universes and alams they cannot even mention his name because it is too holy. But it is given to us. I am witness to that. Just as the name of Allah was too Holy for the teachings given to the Bani Israel and the teachings given to the ummat of Isa (as) that they cannot even mention the name of Allah. They say it one time a year, by the high priest. But that privilege, that honour is given to us at anytime, at any place. Allah has given to this ummat permission to pray anywhere, which He  has not given the permission to any other nation before. This whole world is made into a masjid.  And now we are slowly understanding  what it means now when our Sheykh tells us these things, with him being veiled. But you have to sit down. You have to find time. You have to work and you have to connect then your heart and your mind and the action that you are doing to what our Sheykh is speaking about. That time you are going to make the rabitha. That time you are going to make the connection. You don’t have to be physically then that time.

So many of  you, you have not seen him in real life. But you’ve seen him in this video, you’ve seen him in this situation, or you’ve seen him in this person, or you’ve seen him reflected in different murids. Look and understand. Maybe you feel that you lack certain things, you’ve missed out on certain things, but no, you are given other opportunities that we who have seen him we are not given. Just as the Holy Prophet (asws), he was crying one day. And the Sahaba e-Kiram came to him and said, ‘Ya Rasulullah, what is the reason for your crying?’

And he says, ‘I cannot wait to see my brothers.’

And the Sahabi asked, ‘Ya Rasulullah. May my parents be sacrificed for you. Aren’t we  your brothers?’

And he says, ‘no. you are my companions. My brothers are those coming in the ahir zaman that they believe in me and they love me, yet they have not seen me.’

Don’t get lost in this dunya. This dunya will swallow you up. Don’t get lost by the glitter of this dunya. Don’t get lost by the routine of your lives. Keep it alive. Our Sheykh has paid with his own life, to give us this way. Understand? The Sahaba e-Kiram, they kept that alive even when the Prophet (asws) passed and they continued their work. We are asking for the strength of the faith. May Allah not test us. May He give us more strength, insya’Allah to carry this way and the whole world will understand one day. WaminaAllahu Taufiq, Bihurmatil Habib, Bihurmatil Fatiha. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

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Sohbet by Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
13 Ramazan 1436H
June 30 2015

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