“I am as My servant expects Me to be”


Question asked by a murid at the Osmanli Dergahi: Allah swt is saying, ‘My servant will find Me the way they think about Me,’ and I remember a story of this one servant who was put in Hell-fire. Then Allah told the angels to bring him back and He asked him,’O My servant, how did you find the Hell fire?’ And he said, ‘Ya Rabbi, it is very hard and it is very difficult.’ And Allah told the angel, ‘now take him back.’ When the angel was taking him back, this person kept turning his back and looking and the angel asked him, ‘why do you keep turning and looking back?’ and the person said, ‘I thought that when You call me, You are going to take me from hell and put me in Paradise.’ Now Allah swt told the angel, ‘now take him to the Paradise.’

My question is what lesson should we take from this?

Sheykh Lokman (4)

Huh! Don’t get angry with your Lord. Do not get angry with  your Lord. Do not be arrogant with your Lord. Don’t be stubborn with your Lord. And don’t be jealous, because our ego, in reality, is jealous of our Lord. Our ego is like sheytan, jealous of those ones who are better than us. And that is a lesson for us. He is being punished and Allah is just saying, ‘Come and then go back.’ He didn’t feel upset. He didn’t come to Allah and say, ‘why You put me there? Why are you punishing me?’ and when Allah says, ‘put him back,’ he didn’t scream and shout at Allah, ‘why are you doing this?’ What did he have? He had hope. He had a simple faith, a loving faith, knowing that his Lord is just. How many of us today are like that? Huh? How many of us are looking at our Lord that He is just and He is loving?

You don’t. You only think He is just and He is loving when things work out your way. Then you say, ‘ Alhamdulillah syukur. Things are working out my way. Allah loves me.’ When something that you think it’s bad, it’s not working out for you, you think it’s bad and you start saying, ‘why Allah is giving this to me?’

And Allah is saying, ‘that thing that has happened in front of you, maybe you think it is a good thing but it is in reality is a bad thing. The bad thing that is happening to you, you are looking at it, it is bad but maybe in reality it is good for you.’

So how many of us, we are trying to be believers, you know murids, murids you don’t judge. You look to see what is behind and what is behind and what is behind and what is behind that. When something that is happening, you look for the hikmah. What is hikmah? The wisdom. What is the reasons, the wisdom? You don’t look for blame. You look for wisdom. What is it teaching me? What am I winning from this? You don’t look to blame. Only person you can blame is you blame yourself. Not to blame others. Oh! People today, first thing that happened, they blame everyone. But they never blame themselves. They blame everyone. First thing that they do,  is they point finger to everyone and say, ‘this one did this, this one did this, because that’s why I’m in this situation.’ Everyone is a victim. Masha’Allah. But you are not seeing how you are a tyrant to people, tyrant to yourself, tyrant to your Lord.

So that one was so hopeful to his Lord. He’s not upset with his Lord. We all say so much, ‘Allah razi olsun.’ ‘Razi,’ to be pleased, coming from redha. Correct? Redha means to submit. To be happy, to be content, to be pleased. With what? With the will of Allah. Who is pleased with the will of Allah? When something happened, eh, to be pleased with the will of Allah is not today you say, ‘yes, yes, I accept,’ tomorrow you say, ‘why am I accepting?’ Next day you say, ‘must be something wrong.’ Next day you say, ‘yes.’ You keep changing. That means that you haven’t come to a level of mankind yet, or a Muslim, or a believer, because a believer makes a promise and he doesn’t break that promise. This is one of the sign of a believer. If you make a promise and you break your promise, that is a sign of a munafiq.

Men and women, today they say, ‘okay,’ then tomorrow they say, ‘hmm,’ then they start having wrong thoughts about us. Ooof, wait that time,  you are going to get smack a little bit more. So, now, that one he accepts what Allah has given him but he also hopes, knowing that his Lord is merciful. We are not like him in this world where we are not suffering. Maybe, definitely in another parts of the world they are suffering a lot. But we are not. We are surrounded by luxury. Some difficulties reaching us here and there, immediately we get upset. We start to complain. Once we start doing that, it is complaining. Every complain is a complain against to our Lord.

When we are put in a situation, something is being reminded, you are doing this wrong, excuses coming out from every pocket. In the Dergah, in a situation like this, we are learning. I’m saying something, ‘you did this,’ the person says, ‘no!’ Number one, you think we  don’t know that? Maybe when we say something like that, and you are just accepting, maybe so many of your burdens will be lifted. Not maybe, definitely. We all experience this with Sheykh Effendi. You know exactly what I’m talking about. That maybe so many times you are trying to come out from that mess, come out from that wrong actions that you did, you still cannot come out of it, but because you are patient, and that one is saying something that you didn’t do maybe, but you stand up and you say, ‘no, it is not,’ the rahmat that is going to fall and to take that burden away from you, now they say, ‘lift that,’ and he is going to be judged with his actions. He is not going to be judged with the rahmat. Understanding?

You don’t know how the Dergah works? You don’t know how you are coming with so much burdens, why you are feeling light? What are you doing? What, you think staying up all night is something? So, we should have that relationship, insyaAllah ar-Rahman, with our Lord, not to complain. To find out, if something happens to us, and it’s not a good thing, first, ‘where is my fault in it? What did I do?’ So many times, you ever hear Sheykh Effendi saying, ‘oh this happened, this happened to you because of bad evil eyes always visiting you and this happens’? or he says, ‘this happened because of black magic,’or this happened because of this.’? Everytime that he says this happened it’s because of what? Ghaflat! Because you are in ghaflat. When you are in ghaflat, that time sheytan can enter very easy. You are in ghaflat, other things may enter very easily. You are in ghaflat, yes the nazar can enter into you very easily. If you are not in ghaflat, if you take precaution, if you protect yourself, that time the whole world can do something, they cannot touch one hair from you.

May Allah keep us in a awakening station, insya’Allah. That is a believer. SelamAleykum warahmatullah

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 Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
16 Ramazan 1436H
July 3, 2015

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