Ramazan: As creatures we are weak and we are in need of our Lord


Servant of Allah

Hz Rabiatul Adawiyyah,  a Heavenly friend of Allah, she came out of her house one day, carrying a bundle of firewood, a torch in her hand and a bucket of water in the other one. And they asked, ‘Ya Rabia, O Holy mother, what are you doing with that fire? What are you doing with that water?’ And she said, ‘with this fire I’m going to burn all the Paradises.’ And she said, ‘with this water I’m going to put out all the fires of Hell.’  And when they asked her, ‘why? What is the reason Ya Rabia.’ Because, she said, ‘people, the majority, they only worship Allah to go to Paradise. And they worship Him because they fear from hell. They don’t want to enter into hell.’

There is no fire in hell, but we bring our own fire to hell. There is no garden of Paradise but you make your own garden in Paradise. Paradise it is empty, hell it is empty, and Allah is saying, there are men and jins that they are the fuel for the fires, if  there is no fuel there is no fire, correct? So she’s saying, ‘we should only worship Him because He deserves to be worshiped.’

Huge category of people, those who are following religion, doesn’t matter what it is, you may say you follow spirituality too, they do something to get something back. So many people enter into Tarikat, Sufi orders because they want to enter to become a Saint, so that they can achieve high station. Same thing, you are going there for your own sake, for your own selfish desires again.  There are some who are entering because they say, ‘this is escape for me from the Hell.’ Again it is for you. Are we saying this is wrong? We are not saying it is wrong. Maybe our Holy mother, Hz Rabia says it is wrong,  so wrong that she wants to burn the Paradises and she wants to burn, too, hell. But we are not at that level. We are not saying it is wrong but we say it is incomplete and you can get stuck there. Because Allah swt is not a trading partner. He is not a businessman, that we make business with Him, and you say to Him, ‘I do this much, I’m willing to get paid this much.’ He is our Lord. He is our Creator. He is the One that is closer to us than our jugular vein. He is the One who creates love. Allah is not love, He creates love. He is beyond that. And He has created man to worship Him. No other reasons but to worship Him. He says, ‘I have created the man and the jins to know Me and to worship Me.’

So the whole point, it is to know Allah, to be able to worship to Allah.  And the whole secret again, according to the Prophet, according to the Holy Prophet (asws), ‘the ones who know himself, he knows his Lord.’ To be shown ourselves, we follow guide to show us ourselves. Those are the ones that He has sent to say, ‘follow these ones, you will know yourself and you will know me.’

But Hz Rabia is saying, ‘where are those ones who are only worshiping Allah because He deserves to be worshiped?’ Those are very few, a handful. That they are not asking anything in return. Because they understand there is  a shariat of Tarikat too. There is a shariat of Mohabbat also. And the shariat of love, the law of love is, you disappear. Nothing is left. There is no desire  that is left, there is no want that is left. You disappear into that ocean. You are not asking for anything in return. And when you become zero, Allah is saying, ‘I am One.’ And One in front of zero, you will be ten. You make yourself to become another zero. You put another zero there, you will become a hundred. More zero that you put, more Allah swt is saying, ‘with Me that is only existing,’ that time you will understand your reality.

So in this month of Ramazan, it is for us to understand of how much of in need, of a weak creature that we are. Weak, we are in need. Which is why Allah swt is saying in the Holy Quran, denying, saying that Isa (as) is not an Ilah. Saying very simple language for everyone to understand, but the depth of that language it is endless, saying, ‘Jesus and his mother, Isa (as) and his mother, Maryam ana, do they not eat and drink?’meaning, aren’t they in need? If you eat and you drink, then you are still under the, should we say, under the control of your physical desires? Should we say under the control of this body that Allah has given us? And the One that we worship is not in control of anything that is physical. The One who creates us is without father, without mother, is without any son. He is not in need of anything. We are creatures, we are in need.

Until we understand that we are in need of that One who provides everything, we are in need of our Lord, until we come to that realisation, we are still stuck somewhere, worshipping to something else that He has created. Worshipping to other kinds of idols that maybe you are not making to worship but it is something that you have put in your heart. We are asking Allah to remove us from all this understanding that is not making us to progress. Have we reached to that station where we worship to Allah because He deserves to be worship? Of course not. We are not claiming that we are someone. But we understand that and we are also following those ones who have understood that. This is enough for us. WaminaAllahu Taufiq, Al Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)After Zikr Sohbet by Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
22 Ramazan 1436
July 9, 2015
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)


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