If sheytans are locked up in Ramazan, why are so many people still affected by sheytan through black magic?


Question: What is the meaning of the hadiths that sheytans are locked up in Ramazan? If they are all locked up, why are there so many people still affected by sheytan through black magic?

Sheykh Lokman Hz

BismillahirRahmanirRahim. There are sheytan sheytan, and then there are people who are sheytanic. They are not sheytan but they are people who are sheytanic. They have the characteristics. You understand? Then there are other ones, they are not sheytan, they are other ones, but their characteristics are sheytanic too.

So yes, the sheytan they are locked up, but sheytan they are preparing all the küçük sheytan, all the little ones and all their jamaat everything, they are preparing for Ramazan, months before. They are preparing for Ramazan, meaning, they say, ‘Ramazan I’m going to be locked up. When I’m locked up, make sure you continue the work. Make sure you go to this one, this one, this country, this nation. You are going to infect them. Make sure. You are not, you haven’t come to the station of sheytan yet,’ they are saying, ‘but I can train you.’ And they get themselves, their people ready so they can go get locked up and their people can continue their work.

Believers are not preparing for Ramazan. Sheytans they are prepared. So, there are people, yes, they are still affected by that. So many times, they are affected by it because of something that they have done in the past, because of something that they opened themselves up to. There are so many other reasons for that. And  if you are not preparing yourself for the month of Ramazan, to get rid of all these things and to believe more and to run after the people who have more connections to the Heavenly stations, then the month of Ramazan, yes more things can affect you. Because sheytans are locked up but they have trained their minions to take care of the job, and they are still running.

Ayat is saying, ‘protect us from the jins, from the sheytan who comes from the jins and the inns.’ So, we are asking protection from that always. But people, so many nowadays, they have more faith and they have more fear from black magic than they have more faith and fear from Allah swt.  With Allah, they say, ‘Allah is merciful. Allah is love. So, I can do whatever I want, whatever my ego wants, Allah is going to forgive me.’ This kind  of love? But evil, black magic, they say, ‘oh, I believe. I fear. They are going to do so many things, spend so much money,’ following so many crooked ones thinking that they are going to solve problems but they are not solving the problem.  Like you are bringing your car to a very bad mechanic, it just needs an oil change and the mechanic says, ‘your transmission is no good.’ So he fixed your transmission but he makes sure that he’s not really fixing it, he’s making something that is wrong there. So you are happy he changed your oil. You didn’t know. You drive and suddenly something is wrong because he fixed the transmission in the wrong way and you come back and he said, ‘didn’t I tell you?’ So he’s always going to give you now more problems,  more problems and more problems.

There are people who go to people thinking that they can solve but they are not solving, they are making more problems. Run away from all of  these things. Run away from sheytan. Don’t say, ‘I’m going to run away from him,’ in entering into the months of Ramazan. Run away from him outside of the month of Ramazan. Prepare and be aware. Everything that you are doing now, it is years of preparation that brings you to the situation now. Don’t just jump into the situation, you are not going to be prepared for it. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, may Allah make it easy for us. We are running away from all of that fitnah. From all of that confusion. Al-Fatiha. Amin.

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
22 Ramazan 1436H
July 9, 2015
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