Battle Of Uhud: Victory Comes Through Submission And Obedience


All praises are due to Allah swt  the Lord of the world, the Master of the Day of Judgement. All praises are due to Allah, who sent intelligence, faith and modesty as gifts to Adam (a.s) and his children. All praises are due to Allah swt who sent the most perfect example, the firm handhold, the light of guidance Hz Sayidinna Rasulullah (asws). And all peace and blessings be upon the Holy Prophet (asws), the Master of the first and the last, the seal of Prophethood, the intercessor of the Day of Judgment. All peace and blessings be upon he who is the most kind, most merciful. All peace and blessings be upon the Holy Prophet (asws), the reflection of the light of Allah, the walking Quran.


Ayuhal Mukminun. O Believers, all those who have said that they bear witness that there is none worthy of worship  but Allah swt and the Holy Prophet (asws) is His servant and His messenger, all those who believe in Allah, who believe in His Angels, who believe in His Books, who believe in His Prophets, who believe in the last day, who believe that the destiny, the good and the bad comes from Allah swt, O believers who are trying to live for the sake of Allah, who are trying to live the sunnah of the Holy Prophet (asws), who are running after the friends of Allah, to be with them and associate with them, welcome to you on this Holiest of day that is holier than Eid; the Yaumul Jummah.  Why is this day Holy?

This day is holy because on this day, the Jama’at of Muslim, they come together, they are leaving their business , they are leaving their dunya, they are running to the Jami, to take lessons on how to become better servants to their Lord; Allah Almighty. This is a Holy Day, because even the Angels and the Jinns, they come together to the Jami. They close their books and they gather to listen to the Imam giving the Khutbah. And in the Golden days of Islam, in the Yawmul Jummah, the Khutbah was being read in the name of the Khalifah, in the name of the Sultan. And we are reading the Jummah khutbah today, in the name of the Sultan ul-Awliya and the name of our Sultan; Sahibul Saif Sheykh  Abd Kerim Al Kibrisi al Rabbani. And we are asking Allah swt to let us to reach to the days when once again, the Khutbah is proclaim and being read in the name of the shadow of Allah on the earth. We wait for that day when we will be reading the Khutbah in the name of Hz Mahdi (as).

O Believers, Allah is saying in the Surah al-Araf, ‘So tell the stories that perhaps they will think.’ Islam it is a religion for the man who sits and reflects on the signs around him; on what had happened in the history, on what happened to earlier nations, to earlier Prophets. The believers are those that Allah swt describes them saying, “the believers are the man who celebrate the praises of Allah, who are making zikr, standing, sitting and lying down on their sides and contemplate the creations in the Heavens and the Earth, saying, ‘O Lord, our Lord, You have not created all these for nothing. Glory be to you and give us safety from the fire.’”

And O believers who are thinking  and reflecting and using your intelligence, know that you have just passed through a day that was one of the most difficult days in the History of Islam. To know that we have passed through a day when the nation of the Prophet (asws) almost perished from the face of the Earth. Know that we have passed through a day of great pain to the Holy Prophet. That we have passed through the day when the tooth of the Holy Prophet  (asws) was martyred from his blessed mouth.

Yes, the 3rd of Shawwal , O Believers, it is the day of the Battle of Uhud. The day when seventy of the companions of the Holy Prophet (asws), they were martyred by the non Muslim. For the ones who reflect on the signs, from the ones who take lesson from history, there is a great lesson in the Battle of Uhud.

After the Battle of Badr, the unbelievers, they wanted to take their revenge for the death of their Chiefs. One year after the battle of Badr, the unbelievers made preparations with about 3000 men and they marched upon Medina, and the muslims who came to the Battle, they were around 700, the same muslims who before 313 of them had defeated 1000 of the kufar. The muslims had now become settled in Medina. They had won the last battle. Militarily, physically, they were stronger. The Muslims, they were very equipped. They were more ready to face the unbelievers. But on that day, a great harm fell on the Muslims.

On that day, a chaos and panic spread amongst the muslims so much that the rumour began to spread that the Holy Prophet (asws), he was killed. And in that chaos, the unbelievers came very close to the Holy Prophet. The ten companions who were being bodyguards to the Holy Prophet, each of them was killed and because of the chaos of that day, some of the unbelievers came so close to the beloved of Allah that they were able to throw a rock at him which cut his mouth open, and his teeth became Syahid on that day. They came so close that they struck the Holy Prophet with a sword on his shoulder.

O Believers, O those who reflect, how was it that the same muslims that had defeated the unbelievers in Badr, they are now subjected to this conditions in Uhud?

Because on that day, the Holy Prophet (asws), he positioned fifty archers on a hill, and he told them, giving them an order, ‘use your arrow against the enemy cavalry. Keep the cavalry off our backs. As long as you hold your positions, our rear, from the back, it is safe. Do not leave this position. If you see us winning, do not join us. If you see us losing, do not come to help us.’  And in one riwayat he said, ‘if you see us snatched into pieces by birds, do not leave this position of yours till I send for you. And if you see that we have defeated the enemies and march on them, do not desert your position until I send for you.’ And those archers, they played a very important role in guarding the main army of the Muslims on the day of Uhud.


As the Battle began, and as it continued, it began to look like the muslims, they have defeated the kufar. And some of the Sahabis, they began to collect the spoils of war on the battlefield, the ganimet. And seeing this, forty of those Archers, they made a big mistake. They saw that the ganimet were being collected and they ran away from their post. They deserted their post. They disobeyed the command of the Holy Prophet. They lost themselves in the moment. They became heedless and they ran towards the war treasures. Forty of the Archers, forty sahabis. And what happened?

Khalid ibn Walid (r.a), the Sword of Islam, he was not a Muslim at that time and he was one of the commander of the unbelievers. He saw that the mountain that had been strong, it became weak. So he took his horses and the cavalry, and they gallop towards the field, where only moment before, the muslims, they were celebrating. And they began to kill the companions. And the victory that was in the hands of the Muslims, it almost turned into a defeat. Almost, the Holy Prophet (asws), was martyred. And so many of the sahabis, that were dearest, that were closest to the Holy Prophet (asws), they were martyred on that day.

Hz Hamza (ra), the Lion of Allah, the most beloved uncle of the Holy Prophet (asws), he was martyred on that day by the spear of Washi. And the unbelievers, they mutilated his body on that day. They cut his body up and they took out his liver. Mus’ab ibn Umair, one of the most beloved sahabi to the Holy Prophet (asws), he was martyred on that day. And on that day, only ten Sahabis, they ran to defend the Holy Prophet with their bodies and their lives. Only ten Sahabis they were ready to sacrifice themselves for their Nabi, for their Prophet. They were putting their bodies in harm’s way, they were bending down on the floor so Prophet (asws) could stand on their backs to climb the hill. Hz Ubaydah ibn al-Jarrah, he used his teeth to pull out the iron that had embedded itself into the Prophet’s cheek, until he lost his own two front teeth.

O Believers, Ayyuhal Mu’minun, those who claim to be under the banner of the Sahabi e-Kiram who cried out, ‘may my father and mother be sacrificed for you Ya Rasulullah.’ What lesson must we take from this battle? What can we learn from that faithful day and applied it to our lives?

The help of Allah and the victory of Allah, it comes only with absolute and unwavering obedience and submission to the words of the Holy Prophet. The Holy Prophet gave an order to the Archers. If they obeyed, a full victory would have been given for Islam on that day. But they disobeyed. And it was the disobedience that led to the darkness of that day. As Allah swt is saying about the Battle of Uhud in the Holy Quran, ‘Allah did indeed fulfil His promise to you when you, with His permission about to defeat your enemy until you flinch, you backed down, and  you fell to arguing about the order and disobeyed it after He brought you in the sight of the ganimet, after He showed  you the ganimet which you desire.’ What made them to disobey?

Ghaflat. Heedlessness. In seeing that some of the believers were collecting the ganimet, they ran down so to get a share. And that ghaflat, it came from the love of dunya. The dunya, some shield and sword and armor became more precious to them then obedience to the word of the Holy Prophet (asws). Those were Sahabis. We have no permission to criticize them. We have no permission to say that they did something and we are better than them. Because we need to look at ourselves. Because we need to look at them and to take them as an example, if we were in that situation, what would we do? Don’t think that we are going to be any better than them. Do we have that disobedience inside of us? Do we have that ghaflat inside of us? Do we have that love of dunya inside of us?

And understand the consequences of these disease that is growing inside of our hearts. What were the consequences of the day of Uhud? The blood of the Prophet (asws). The blood of the Beloved of Allah was spilled on that day because of the mistakes of some. Whose names are written in honour from the day of Uhud?

Those, who with their lives, with their hearts, with their souls, with their bodies, they ran to sacrifice themselves for the Holy Prophet (asws). Those who jumped in the air to catch the arrows that were aimed at their Prophet. Our heart should be burning to be like them. On the day of Uhud, the Holy Prophet (asws) were in such a danger that he said, ‘who will defend their messenger?’ Five companions cried out, ‘Ya Rasulullah, our lives are for you. We shall shield you.’ And amongst those five sahabis were a companion name Hz Ziyad (ra). He took the arrows that were being aimed at the Prophet, on his own body. He had so many arrows on his body that he fell on the earth. The Holy Prophet seeing this came close to Hz Ziyad and said, ‘come towards me Ya Ziyad.’ And Rasulullah (asws) placed the head of Ziyad on his blessed foot above his sandals while the spirit of Hz Ziyad left from this dunya. May the rain of blessings, rain upon Hz Ziyad for eternity, and may we also leave this world as he left this world.

O Believers, our lives are not precious unless they are spent in the way of Allah and His Prophet and their beloved friends. O Believers, we should not waste our lives on this dunya. Do not waste your lives for the cheap  payment that this dunya is offering. Because the reward from Allah swt and His Rasulullah (asws), they are better. O Believers, we must turn our hearts towards the love of the Prophet and the Awliya Allah, towards the love of our Sheykh, so that we can be close, so that we can be from those who are with him in this life and are with him for eternity in the life to come.


Al- Fatiha

Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
August 16, 2013

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