Ramazan has passed, run to fill up our book with the good deeds



One more day, one more week has gone almost. We finished one more Ramazan. We don’t know if we are reaching to the next Ramazan. Every single day is coming, pushing us forward to the end of this life that Allah swt has granted to us. The intelligent man is that one who thinks, who runs to live according to the way that Allah has created for him and he runs to do what it is for him to do.

So the whole secret of this life, for believers and unbelievers, they want it or they don’t want it, every single day that is passing, is bringing us one more step closer to death, which millions of people including all these doctors  and professors, they have not understood what death is, what is behind death. They say, ‘live your life as animal does.’ You open the door to the animals, they run to the grass. If you put pathway to them to bring them to the slaughter house, they are going to run into the slaughter house. They are not going to think. They are running. The man has to be different. Different than the animals. Man must run after something too, but he must run after the most important matter: pleasing Allah. Allah swt has created us and He is ordering to us, ‘I have created you for My service.’ And that service, He is saying in the Holy Quran, ‘we have given you the service, to test you in this world, to see which one of you is going to do better deeds. In the judgment day, you will be receiving everything, whatever you are doing in this world, however you are giving in this world.’

Intentions and the actions. Everyone will be questioned according to the intentions of their actions, on Judgement day. So Allah is sending us here to do good deeds, good works. Work, not for ego. Work for Allah sake. Everything that you do, must be for Allah’s sake. If it’s not for Allah’s sake, it is for your ego. If it’s for your ego, it’s not accepted. It’s not going to give you too much benefit Hereafter. And He is also saying to us in the Holy Book of Quran, ‘On that Day, no one is going to be given unjust judgement. Everything whatever anybody did, even an atom small of good deed, is going to receive the reward. If he does an atom small of bad deed, he’s going to receive the punishment.’ So everything we are doing in this world, is for our own self. We are filling up our own book. Whatever we do, whatever you do, you must check, you must say, ‘I am doing this, this is for me. In the end, it is going to be me who is going to be questioned and to be rewarded or to be punished.’

So if we live according to that, that time, you will be able to understand more better and to run more better in the way of Allah and His Prophet, to do what Allah and His Prophet has created us for. If you are running for your ego, it’s not too much to benefit from this world. It is a very short life and little bit, that in the day 24 hours, five minutes you’ll be happy, the rest of the day you will be sad again. Because everyday, step by step, you are running towards to the cemetery or some they become completely ignorant. They say, ‘I don’t want to remember nothing. I want to live my life.’ That one becomes complete slave to his or her ego. You must remember, reminders are around. You cannot escape. If you don’t remember (death), pass by any cemetery and say, ‘don’t worry I will be there soon.’ Say to yourself. Don’t just look at the cemetary, saying how many people are buried there. Say one day you will be there, ‘O myself, my ego.You will be there one day.’

If you are finding the answer to the death, that time you will run more top speed to do good deeds and you will run to keep the orders of Allah swt very strongly. Because you are not finding the answer to that, don’t think that there is nothing there. Everything is there. This life is only very temporary. We came and we are going.

Yes. So many days are coming, it’s very temporary. You are just turning left and right, preparing, getting ready for Ramazan, Ramazan came and it’s gone. Whoever keep that month properly, whoever show the proper respect to that month, they are the winner. Whoever didn’t, they should be crying for they’ve lost something big. Last year, we just turned left and right, it was 2005. Now we are turning left and right, we are looking 2006 coming to an end. We didn’t realise it now, the year is gone. As these days coming and going, the life is passing just like that. The person who’s living eighty years, ninety years, tell that one, ‘how was it? How was nine years old? Do you remember?’

‘Yeah, I remember this. I remember that.’ You also remember what you did from that time until ninety?

Check your book and watch. The good deeds, Holy Prophet saying, alaihi salatu wa salam, if your good deeds is not more than your bad deeds when you reach up to forty years of age, and if your good deeds are not more than the bad ones, prepare yourself for a heavy heavy test. So now, we must run to fill up our book with the good deeds. We must go out of our way to do good deeds. Not to sit comfortably to say, ‘ah, I did my part.’ Until the last breath of the life, no resting. Resting, it is on the other side for believers. For unbelievers, everyday is resting in this world, they think. But it’s not resting too. Suffering every single day, and there is, right after this life, more suffering.

These words are for everyone who’s listening. You  take it you will win, you don’t take it, you will lose. For us believing or not believing, it’s not changing that reality. So every job that you do, everything that you intend to do, say, ‘Ya Rabbi, I’m doing this for Your sake. I’m running here to do this for Your sake.’ That time, insya’Allah ar-Rahman you will be rewarded according to that.

divider3SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani Hz
Khalifah of Sultanul Awliya Sheykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim (qs)

Osmanli Dergahi-New York 
2006divider3 (2)

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