What brings justice down?


 Question: What brings justice down?

Hoja Effendi

Justice, adil, adalat. It is a sifat of Allah. It is a trait, a characteristic, it is a name of Allah. You cannot bring the name of Allah down.  You can hide it. You can try to bury it. But it cannot fall. It recedes back into the hearts of those individuals who are holding on to justice. Because justice, it is not just individual or group or just government. Justice is to this whole world. And justice is giving the rights of this whole world and giving the rights of the past, giving the rights of the future, giving the rights of Allah.  Because now, people are thinking of justice, so many people they are thinking just social justice, just this world’s justice. But they don’t understand, justice is not from this world. Justice is from the Heavens. Justice is from Allah. It comes down to us.

It depends on which group is saying that, ‘we have justice.’ Justice to people who are believing hundred percent in, say, Communism, they may use the word justice, but it’s very different  from people who believe in Capitalism. It’s a different justice. To those who are Nationalist, justice is different. To those who are racist and bigots, for them justice is different. Unbelievers justice is different, the believers justice is different. Now, are we saying that there are so many different kinds of justice?

As believers, if we know that justice is not something that one day we wake up and we say, ‘we got to have this, we got to have that,’ but as believer if we know that justice is brought down from Allah to the Prophet and to the friends of Allah, to us, then we understand that justice has a lineage. Justice has a source, and we have to go to that source. Justice is a creation of Allah. It is not our creation. Once we think that we  are the Creators of Justice, astraghfirullah, then that time we start playing with so many things and we can turn anything that we want, what the ego says, to make it sound so good, and to say, ‘this is the ultimate justice.’

So what brings the justice of Allah down? what brings the justice of Allah, what makes it to be veiled, to be hidden?

The Khilafat was brought down. The Khilafat, the Khalifah is representing – here when we are talking about Khalifah, we are talking about the Ottoman Khalifah, not other ones who are declaring themselves this or that. From past, present or future, the Ottomans, we are concentrating on that. Justice was so important to the Ottomans, we just had a visitor a few days ago, his background is Slavic and he had very close ties especially according to his blood and history, with the Ottomans. In fact, he’s saying, ‘my great, great, great, great, great granduncle was a Janissary, and he says, ‘we are cousins.’ And he comes here and he knows more about the Ottoman history than majority of the people. And talking about how justice, in the lands of the Ottoman, it was unprecedented, especially at that time that the Ottomans were giving the rights of others, the rights of not only the Muslims and the different kinds of Muslims, different ethnicity and different kingdom but also the rights of the unbelievers, the Christians, the ahle kitab and the Jews and those that they are ruling over. It was so important that even when the young Turks, the ones who, with the help of others, they wanted to bring down the Khilafat, they believe so strongly in the French revolution and the French revolution is saying what, ‘equality,’ the three things that they say, very important.

And from the French revolution, it is opening the way to so many Nationalist movement in this world from that time, maybe until now.  They are saying, ‘now we are going to turn away from the old system that is not giving us our rights because these three thing is the most important than the old system and the systems of the Kings they don’t have,’  which is what?  Equality, fraternity and Liberty-freedom. Even young Turks who took these three principles, they added the fourth, they say, ‘this is not enough.’ They put ‘Justice’ as the fourth. Adalat. Because they understand how the Ottomans were ruling and how even when it is against to their own interest, but certain things have to be given because it is the order of Allah and His Prophet. Because it is just, to give it to them. It is unjust to not give it. It is  just, to let people worship, freedom of their worship. It is unjust to stop them worshiping just because they don’t worship the same way that you worship. It is just to give them their language and to help them to preserve their language. It is unjust to take away their language and to say, ‘from now on, you cannot speak your language. You must only speak the language that we teach you.’ So there was justice there. What brought it down?

It wasn’t brought down. It was veiled.

When man starts looking at his own justice according to his own ego, and he forget where the source of the justice is, that’s the time you can bring justice down. Those who brings justice down, you think they are going to say, ‘I bring justice down, now I’m going to bring in justice’? Ever? Is that what so many revolution is happening around this world that in the past especially that they say, ‘we are going to bring down all this old system and we are going to bring in justice’? Do you think that’s what the communist were saying when they brought communism and they spread it so harshly in all those communist countries. When they  brought communism to Vietnam and they spread to Cambodia, for instance, and that regime there that time, that they massacred millions of people. Do you think they say, ‘ we are going to bring this down to bring you injustice’? or did they say, ‘we are going to bring you justice.You are living under the injustice of imperialism.  And we are going to bring you the justice of the rights that is given to you as  a people so that everyone can have equality. So that everyone can be brothers. So that everyone will be free.’


They are saying the same thing too. But now they are taking the idea of justice from their own nafs, from their own ego. It is important now for these things, because here we are not going to open up and speak about  philosophy or what it means. We are taking knowledge from our Sheykh. He’s taking knowledge from the Prophet. We are relaying to you that justice it is something that is not coming from this world, whatever that you understands it to be. It must, because it comes from Allah.

And those who understand Allah, the Prophet, that they have no interest in this world, the Awliya Allah that they take justice from Allah, that they are not here to fall in love with this world, that they will teach those ones what Divine Justice is, that we all know that is in our heart. It is also not something that is foreign.  Because Allah has put a spirit into every one of us. Spirit is coming from Him, His Holy breathe. So when the Divine justice is shown in front of us, the spirit immediately is attracted to that. What is not attracted to it? Your ego.  And this is beyond religion. Doesn’t mean, ‘O, you are Muslims, you are more just. You are Christians you are more just. You are Jewish.’ Doesn’t mean that. Now, are you going to lead that justice that you have in your heart, to be veiled by your ego? Or you are going to unveil it and to know that, ‘no, this is wrong. This is wrong.’

Wrong is distinct from right. Haqq, it is clear from Batil. May Allah not make us to be confused, insya’Allah in this age of confusion. Fatiha.

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 Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
7 Shawwal 1436H
July 23, 2015
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