The Love Of The World, It’s A Beginning Of So Many Evils


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We spoke a little bit about zakat. Some question were asked about zakat. We are going to move away from individuals. Individuals, you know what your responsibility is. Maybe there are some individuals who pay, some they are not in that category to give zakat. But there are many that they fall into that category, but either they are going to play with the laws of Allah, or they are just going to try to cheat and just ignore it.

We spoke about something that our Sheykh has spoken about so many times, the Oil that comes out from the ground and the gas, and the natural resources, that you cannot say it belongs to us. You cannot say it belongs to you. That, Allah has put there and His Prophet (asws) has said that this is the rights of everyone. And Sheykh Effendi has said, just from the profit of the oil, any oil producing country, Muslim country, and we know that all these resources they concentrated on Muslim lands, so much of it, and these resources they are concentrating there that if this regime and this government they are ruling by Divine law and Divine justice, he said just from the profit of selling oil of just one country, and he named Saudi Arabia, just from the profit of selling oil from one country, this calculation he did years ago, he said after you pay all the taxes, after you pay your workers, after you pay the equipment and everything, what is just pure profit he said it’s enough for the billions Muslims that are living here in this world right now that each person, each Muslim gets a thousand dollars a month. That is our rights.

So if the family has seven people, then they have seven thousand dollars. And that can be used to make the believers not to be running after this dunya, to ease the pain and the hardship of so many people. Imagine then what kind of a world we’ll be living in? To know that wealth is not shared, the wealth is not shared, if the rights are given. You cannot say you share something when it belong to others. You are giving the rights to others. And imagine what the believer is going to do that time when they are not going to be oppressed. But all these teachings, they are lost. Why is that happening?

Holy Prophet (asws), our Prophet Muhammad (asws) has said, ‘I fear the day that will befall my nation when the unbelievers they will gather around them and they will attack them and they will take what they have like, say, wild animals at a dinner – the believers sitting down having something to eat and the unbelievers coming like wild animals and tear it whatever that they have in front of them away from them and taking it.’

And the Sahabis they asked, they were surprised, they were shocked, because the believers, nothing can touch them, because he has Allah. So they asked, ‘is it because, ya Rasulullah, that there are so few believers?’

He says, ‘no. Their numbers are going to be huge.’

Then they asked him, ‘is it because they are weak?’

He says, ‘no. they are going to be very strong.’

‘Is it because they don’t have enough resources?’

He  says, ‘no. resources will be with them. They have so much resources, they don’t know what to do with it.’

‘Is it because of wealth? Is it because of education? Is it because of technology?’

He says, ‘no. they have everything.’ This is implied in that hadiths. He said, ‘they fall into that situation only because they love dunya, they have love for this world, and they hate death. Hubbud dunya and the hatred of death.’ He says once the muslims, even if they have owned this whole world, but they fall in love with this world, and they start hating this death, then that time they will become weakest person. They become a person whose rights will be taken from him, and he’s powerless to stop. And this is what’s happening from individuals to groups, to government, Muslim government? The hubbud dunya, the love of the world, it’s a beginning of so many evils. And once you fall in love with this world, meaning you don’t want to die, that you want to live here forever, and the death it is the beginning of your eternal life, it is the beginning of your meeting with your real life, your real world, meeting with Allah. That means that you hate Allah. You don’t want to meet Him. And that one, although he’s going up and down 24 hrs praying, worshipping, making a zikr, but he has a love of this dunya in his heart, he will be the one who is very weak, he’ll be the one who’s not able to stand up for himself and for others, and no blessings and no ease or satisfaction is going to come to him.Because the person who live with that kind of fear, no Sakina, no satisfaction will come. How can a person live with fear? And he’s fearing what?

He’s fearing something that is going to happen to you. He’s fearing something that is going to happen to everyone. Whether you believe or you don’t believe. Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, the death, like they say, the poet saying, ‘death is the one who levels everything. Death is a leveling.’

death funeral

So how we are living should prepare us for the death. And the Prophet and our Sheykh is teaching us, ‘Live in preparation for the death.’ Because this is just preparation for that long journey. Once we passed the doorway, once we passed and we enter into kabir, into the grave, that is the beginning of a very long journey back to our Lord. What are we providing ourselves here?  Are we saying that we are going to run away from this world and not do anything? No. We are doing everything within the limits. But if we passed the limits and if we let the love of the dunya to enter into our hearts, that’s the time we start worshiping this world. That’s the time, even if we say, ‘La illaha ilallah’ millions of times a day, still the Ilah, the idol of the dunya is still in our heart and we are still worshiping it.

If we asked those ones who are taking the rights of others, in so many Muslim countries like I said before, they are breaking their fast while the children in Syria, the children in Chechnya, the children in Kashmir, the children in western China, the children everywhere, the Muslim children in the month of Ramazan, they are starving not because they are fasting,  but they are starving because there’s no food and they haven’t eaten for days. While these children are starving and you cannot say, ‘I don’t know,’ because nowadays you will know everything.  It’s in your hand. Literally it’s in your hand. You just open and you understand there. And you see, you witness.  And in the month of Ramazan, all these ones who are declaring themselves to be so good Muslims because they know Arabic, because they know how to read the Quran, but they are wasting, taking the rights of others and wasting it, more curse comes to them. What kind of a belief is that? And this is happening everywhere. We should check ourselves. I should check myself. Are we saying now that whatever food, whatever thing that is given to you, you should refuse them? No. It is given to you, you take them but don’t hold on to them. Take it, and when the time comes, give it away. That is the time that you share.

Insya’Allah ar-Rahman, we will take this month that we just passed, the month of Ramazan, the month of generosity and to continue with it, to understand. Don’t think we are being so generous. Generosity, like I said, it’s not taking something from someone and giving them back. That is not generosity. If you steal from someone and you sell it back to them, that is not generosity. This is what regimes are doing.

Generosity is taking something that is from you, that you have worked, that means something that is valuable to you, you share it with others knowing that you are going to have less. It’s not something extra that you have that you give. That’s not being generous. And don’t believe that they are saying that this world population explosion there’s so many children being born, there’s not enough food. This planet, it is enough to feed not seven billion, if seventy billion people live in this planet, if everyone is understanding and everyone is generous, and everyone is giving the other’s rights, it is enough, it is more than enough. If you are selfish and if you are greedy, not seven billion, you cannot even feed one million. You are going to say, ‘stop. This is for me. This is not for others.’ Even if you get this whole world, because of that greed that is there in your heart, even this world is not enough.

Holy Prophet (asws) said, ‘food that is for two it is enough for three. Food that is enough for three, it’s enough for four.’ And Islam is teaching us to what? To share. Sharing from us what belongs to us. Not sharing, like I said, taking from others and giving it. Allah swt understood and He is making us to understand, understand this, Allah swt is making us to understand that the five pillars that we are saying in the khutbah, Hz Umar is saying from the Prophet (asws): Islam is resting on this five pillars. First you say the Shahadat, then you pray. What happens after prayer? You fast. And fasting now it is giving up something that you say it is your right, ‘it is my right to eat. It is my right to drink,’ you say, ‘no. now we are going to give up your rights,’ and the body is going to stop. The spirit is going to become more free and more easy. You give something up from yourself, you are stepping on your ego. The ego says, ‘no. this is mine.’ You say, ‘no. you are not going to have it.’ What comes after the month of Ramazan? What comes after fasting? It is zakat.

So now, the religion is not just saying, ‘La Ilaha Ilallah.’ Everyone can also say. Religion is not just praying. From individually you are saying one word, saying, ‘La Ilaha Ilallah Muhammadur Rasulullah,’ individually. Now you are praying, and praying now you come as a community. You come as a jamaat. Now you start praying. You start praying now. You are saying, ‘I’m going to stop all these daily acitivities. Now this is the rights of Allah, for me to stop and for me to bow down and for me to make sejdah because this is the rights of Allah.’ You start giving the rights. Now, after that, you fast.  And when you fast, you are saying, ‘now this is the rights of my spirit.’ You start now giving the rights of others that are around you. Others who has given you something, to say that, ‘now I’m going to stop and I’m going to give them the right. This is the right of my spirit. Not to be 24hrs just to be busy with my ego dictating what I should be doing.’

But that is not enough. Now, individually you are saying the shahadat, group you are praying, now in the month of Ramazan, the whole Muslim ummah is connected in this ibadat, is connected in this act of worship. It is not individual anymore, it’s not just a group, it is the entire world, you are fasting at the same time. These are still acts of worship. Now, zakat. And the zakat, it is testing us to say now, ‘worship. It’s good. Now whatever that you have in this world, understand that you can make that into a  worship too, whatever that you have in this world.’ Don’t say, ‘this is worship, just to go up and down but when I buy and when I sell, when I make and when I build, this is not part of religion. This is not part of worship.’ It is part and it’s testing us now. because so many people, they say, ‘I don’t mind staying up all night worshiping, but just don’t touch my bank account.’ ‘I don’t mind making zikr, listening, reading the Quran, but whatever that I have from this world, I don’t want to give. It is my right.’ But Allah is saying, it is not your right because the wealth that is coming to us, that is an emanat. That is a trust. It is given to you.

So now it is testing from every angle now. Not just to pretend to be so good and Holy one. It is to say, ‘now, the rights of others it is in the property that you are holding.’ So the five pillars is all pointing us out from this world, to ahiret. It is not to make us to be pulled into this world. Then you have the Hajj that comes after zakat. And what is the Hajj? What is the Hajj but a rehearsal for death. You hate death, then you hate the Hajj. You hate the Hajj, you hate the pillar of Islam. How you can be a Muslim now if you are hating one pillar of Islam? Because when you enter into the Hajj, you say, ‘I’m separating myself  from everyone, from everything. I’m putting on the Ihram. I’m putting on the funeral shroud and I’m going to Allah to say, ‘LabaikAllah, Here I am O my Lord.’ Now you are all gathered there. Everyone is wearing the same. There is no distinction now between rich and poor,  black and white, you are all the same creatures of Allah, that is a rehearsal for the Day of Judgment.


So everything now is pulling us, our principles are pulling us away from this world to Allah. But if the man falls in love with this world, then those five principles is not put properly, strong into this world, there is no real pillars, whatever you build on top is going to fall. That’s why you see so many Muslim groups, Muslim regimes, Muslim government since the fall of the Khilafat whatever they build, it falls. Whatever they build it gets destroyed. Whatever they build, people are coming under to take a shelter, once it falls, it affects and it destroy and it hurts so many people.

May Allah keep us under the dome of our Sheykh, insya’Allah. May Allah swt send that one who is going to bring back justice into this world and to make us to become more sincere in our actions, in our belief. WaminaAllahu Taufik al-Fatiha.

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Sohbet after Jummah by Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
8 Shawwal 1436H
July 24, 2015
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