Carrying Faith In Ahir Zaman Is Like Carrying Live Coal In Your Hand


Sheykh Lokman Effendi Hz

If you just talk, who is going to get punish first? Don’t say, ‘Oh, Jews is going to get punish or Christians is going to get punish.’  The Muslims are going to get punish first. Because we are the ones who are saying that we are following, but we betray. Others they are not saying they are following. We say we are following and we betray that.

Whatever that is happening in this world, count. You see, in the first jahiliyyah nobody takes the Arabs for nothing. They are like, unimportant. Dirty. And Prophet came, Islam came then suddenly they became the most valuable people on the face of the earth. That they brought light from Islam to everywhere. They brought knowledge of this dunya and they bring it to the unbelievers. Correct?  This second jahiliyyah, just like the first jahiliyyah, the Arabs again become the most insulted, despicable people in the face of this world. Not only the Arabs, the Muslims. They are not taken for serious, for nothing. Their blood is cheap and it is they are looked on as the most evil people on the face of this world, correct?

It used to be, whenever you say ‘Arab’, terrorist. Look at how they depict Arabs in the movies, seventies and eighties, everyone is a terrorist. And now, it’s spread. No longer if you an Arab you are a terrorist, if you are a Muslim you are a terrorist. Now if you are a Muslim, and the first thing that comes out of your mouth is not to say, ‘I denounce terrorism.’ They say because you don’t say you hate terrorism, you must be a terrorist.

This nation is being punished. But this nation is being punished for the mistakes that we did to Sultan, to the Khalifah. Which Khalifah was it, before Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan? Sultan Abdul Aziz. Correct? Sheykh Effendi is saying, Awliya Allah has said, we are being punished. All these things that’s happening to this world and especially to the Muslims now, it is because of our betrayal to Sultan Abdul Aziz. To that Khalifah. He says, ‘watch to see when Allah decides to punish us for the betrayal we did to Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan Jannat Mekat.’ Wait to see.abdul-hamid_sultanWho betrayed? Unbelievers betrayed? We betrayed. How many Muslims are knowing this? How many Muslim believing in this? So how can our tauba be accepted? You understand? You don’t know what you are asking tauba from. Yeah, individual here and there, but Islam is not  individual. Islam it is something that is global and it’s a whole nation. Our forefathers have betrayed Sultan Abdul Aziz, betrayed Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan and we don’t know what we did. How we can ask for real tauba then? If there’s no real tauba, how can there be forgiveness? How we are going to rise? We can never rise.

Let’s not talk about what this nation is doing to each other. What we said yesterday? Prophet (asws), did he know that these things are going to happen in the ahir zaman to his nation? The nation that he was, in the beginning, it was unthinkable that such a situation is going to happen. Sahaba e-Kiram, it is beyond their imagination that the Muslim ummat is going to be in this situation in the ahir zaman. Just as it is impossible for us to believe how we can live that kind of Islam the Sahabis were living in? Same.

Prophet (asws) did he know these things are going to happen? He know it so well that he said, ‘Ya Rabbi, do not punish my nation as You punish the nation of Nuh.’ Why would he say that if he’s not understanding and not warning us also that we are going to fall into that station where the  ummat of Nuh (as), the wrong things they did we are going to do and even worse. That that Prophet  (Nuh as) is saying, ‘this is too much. There’s no way. It is impossible I can change anyone of them. Impossible.’ Because Nuh (as), he gave wa’az to them, he gave sohbet to them, he gave advice to them, not one, two years. Hundreds  of years. Hundreds of years he is giving it to them. He just collected around him, how many? Seventy-three people are in that ship. There were millions living at that time. His own son did not enter into that ship, that he got so tight, not for himself, but because they are being disobedient to the One that he loves, which is Allah, that he said, ‘Ya Rabbi, it’s impossible for me now to change them, to turn their hearts. Finish them.’

And Prophet is warning us, he’s saying, ‘such a time will come when it will look really impossible to change the hearts of this ummat.’ I’m looking and I’m seeing how impossible it is. It is so, it makes sense to us, but try travelling to different masjid and listen to what they are listening to, not only that, try speaking what your Sheykh is speaking and when they look at you, you understand that they have put a bar in front of them and a bar behind them, and they cannot see. And try travelling through the whole continent, seeing that majority of those who calls themselves Muslims, they are looking at you like you are out of Islam.

I’ve been to masjids before, huge masjids, thousands of people going there, people living in the community saying there, ‘oh a lot. No, no, no, Wahhabis only very little. So many of them they are sitting on the fence. Just go and speak something, their hearts  are going to turn.’ We go over there and we are almost kicked out of that masjid. Because we are saying, ‘Allah.’ We are going there and we are about to start, and people just get up and they leave. We are going there to speak something, and those ones, before we come,  they’ve already told their whole community, ‘don’t go to that association because they are Syiah.’ Or ‘they are believing in wrong things. They are not Muslim. They are this and that.’ We understand a little bit now, of what the Prophet were going through. No where near. Imagine going and going, and again and again and again. And they talked, they insult, they take away their things, your things, they hurt you, they start torturing you, and killing the people that you love, and still the Prophets go. You understand?

And the Prophet says, ‘Ya Rabbi, do not punish my nation like You punish the Nation of Nuh.’ He says, ‘I’m not going to, O My beloved. But they will punish themselves. I’m not going to punish them with the flood of water, but they will invent the weapon and they will invent that weapon and they will punish themselves by  the flood of fire.’ Isn’t this what’s happening to nations? Muslim nation, number one, they don’t have that nuclear missile, they don’t have that nuclear power to destroy, they get very upset and they are racing to have this kind of weapons that will destroy this whole world, over and over again. So where is the faith that time? Where is the sunnat?

Yes, second jahiliyyah is worse. What is jahiliyyah? Ignorance. Now this kind of ignorance, it is not ignorance not knowing how to read or write. It is ignorance of the heart. The heart becomes so ignorant, you understand? So hard. So block. Before, it was just one Abu Jahil, one Abu Lahab. Now there are billions. There was only one Firaun, one Namrud, now there are billions. So, think about it now. How impossible it is. Are we the ones to say that we are going to change people? No. We change ourselves. Those who want to listen, come and listen. You understand?

May Allah give us strength to hold on. It‘s going to burn.  Those believers, if your faith is not burning you,  you are not carrying faith. As Prophet says, ‘in the ahir zaman, carrying faith is like carrying live coal in your hand. It will burn you.’ It burns in one hand, you pass it to the other hand. Because it hurts so much. But it’s going to burn the other hand too. But you pass it back and you pass it back. You don’t drop it. Dress as your faith. Dress in this, our women are dressing in that. Go outside, are you going to feel nice and easy or are you going to feel the heat and the burn from the looks of people. It’s already burning us. Isn’t it? Go dress like this in Masjids. Are people going to run up to you and hug you and kiss you? They are going to look at you like you are sheytan. You understand?

So it’s burning us in every way. So no need to go outside. Stay inside. Why do you want to go to people who don’t give a shit about us? Stay around people who likes you. You have so much to do. Who are you trying to please? That’s important. Don’t try to please people who don’t like you, who don’t care for you. Please your Lord. Please  the ones who love you. Please the ones who love you and they love their Lord. Please those ones. Then that time, you’re dressed like this, you go out, you feel the heat, but there’ll be a coolness that surrounds you. There’ll be like a protection that surrounds you. And you don’t care. You understand?  You don’t care because you know your Lord is happy with you, it’s like this dome under you. You are going to be cool. Because now you are feeling, ‘Oh this is what it feels like when they say stories about the Prophets and  the Saints and they go out and  everyone is looking at them like this.’ This is what it means like. Now you are carrying your faith with you. You are no longer in disguise.

It’s easy to pray 24 hrs in your house. It’s not so easy to go out there dress like a Muslim. Of course if you are working here and there, it’s something else. You are in this system, we are in this system, you have to dress a little bit something else, we are not saying now for you to go with your Turban. No. but when there is a chance, don’t hide. You are carrying coal then that time you have faith. May Allah make it easy insya’Allah, this much is enough. Al-Fatiha.

hold on to your faith

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
8 Shawwal 1436H
July 24, 2015
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