Be Like Soldiers Ready To Move


be like soldiers

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim BismillahirRahmanirRahim Medet Ya Seyyidi Sultanul Awliya, Medet. Astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah wa shukr Allah.

We are thanking our Lord Allah (swt) that He has created us from among the believers, He counted us from the believers. It is enough for a man to be standing and thanking until Judgment Day. Just this, that He is accepting us to His Presence. But the 21st century people have lost their minds and twenty-four hours they are complaining, not five minutes.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun. We came from Allah and we are going back to Allah. The whole mankind is going back. They have been sent to this world and they are going back to Allah (swt). No escape. But the whole key and secret is how you are going back. Are you going back with the promise that you have given to your Lord? Have you fulfilled the promise? Or are you going back as an arrogant individual that they are putting a chain around your neck and pulling you to the Judgment Place?

There are two kinds. Either you are going with that peace to the Judgment Place or they are dragging you there, pulling you there. Is it so hard to know? No. Look at your activities in the world, your actions and your intentions. Then you will know. You will know which side you are going to go. Don’t say, “It is too early for me.” No. A man went to bed. In the morning they said, “Oh! He died.”

“What happened? Was he hungry?”


“Was he sick?”


“Was he old?”

“No. Young. All of a sudden he had a heart attack.”

Hmm. Azrail put his hand there. Finished. No eating, no drinking, no sick or well, nothing. When the time is up, he is going. So now we don’t have that luxury to play around with this life and with this breath of life that Allah has given to us. We have promised and the one who is not keeping his promise lost his honor in Dunya and Akhirat. We must run to fulfill that promise to our Lord Allah (swt). That’s the reason of creation. We have not been created for this world and twenty-four hours now everyone is so busy and so much in problems from young to old. From seven years old to seventy. Not seventy, eighty, ninety. Ya hu, seventeen years olds have some plans. They are young. They are not thinking so much. It’s understandable maybe. What is your problem, seventy, eighty years old? What are you thinking? What’s the worrying? You have food, you have clothing and you have shelter. What is the problem?

The problem is there is no peace inside because (the person) has not entered into the book where it’s written, “The Servant of Allah.” If you enter into that book saying, “The Servant of Allah”, peace comes into your heart. Then you submit yourself in every way to Allah (swt). You move, you try but you know that with your moving and trying you are not going to be able to do anything. So you are saying, “Ya Rabbi, I am a weak one. I am a weak servant. I need your help.” The help will reach then. The help is not reaching to us because we are not keeping our promise. We are not keeping our promise to our Lord Allah (swt). As soon as you keep the promise the help will reach instantly.

Allah is saying to us in a Hadith-e Qudsi, “You are not keeping your promise to Me and I am not making it easy for you. Keep your promise to Me and everything will run to you. You don’t have to run. Everything will run to you.”

I understand the unbelievers or people who are not doing anything in the way of Islam, I understand them suffering and having problems. How a believer praying five times a day, making zikir all the time, is going to suffer for these worldly problems? Huh, he may suffer looking at other people saying, “How arrogant and stubborn is this individual to His Lord.” He may suffer because of that, worrying for them, not worrying for himself, for this Dunya. No. But only a handful of people today are in that safety. The rest, east, west, north and south is suffering. They say, “We are living in the third world countries. We have problems. We have income problems. Let’s go to America to fix it.” They come to America and they become slave to the money. They become slave to Dunya. They are completely lost then.

detachment from dunya

We must wake up before Azrail is coming. Azrail is not waiting for you to say, “Come, I am ready.” He knows when he is going to come. Even if you know when he is going to come to you, every minute you have to be ready. Who says that Allah is not changing? If He likes He changes it right now. If you know that you are going to die ten years from now, if He wants He will change it saying to Azrail, “Go and take that one’s life.” What will we do?

Yes. So we have to be like the soldiers, ready, ready for the orders to move. Not to move to destroy. To move from this Dunya to Akhirat. If you are busy with complaining, if you are busy surrounded with Dunya twenty-four hours a day trying to finish the problems of Dunya, that you will never think of. And because you are not thinking of that, you are never going to finish the problems of Dunya. Allah put it there intentionally for us to see which one is going to be smart enough to say, “Oh, I didn’t create this world. I didn’t make these problems. Whatever is in it for me, I run to take and I leave the rest.”

Don’t run for Dunya, run for Akhirat. Don’t keep yourself busy with this world, with the love of the world. Keep yourself busy with the love of Allah. If the love of Allah enters in your heart, then you cannot wait for Azrail to come to take you. Then if the whole world is given to you, you kick it away. You don’t want it. You wait, you wait patiently saying, “Ya Rabbi, I cannot wait. Send that one to me.” Because Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “Don’t ask for death”, those ones, the holy ones are running to do good things on the way (of
Allah) more. If it was not for that, today you will find none of them. They would all be saying, “Take us from this world because we don’t want to see this mess in the world.” In the east, west, north and south, in every house and in every dergah, every masjid, every prayer place, every worship place turned upside down.

Wake up to yourselves. We don’t have too much time left. We don’t have too much time in this Dunya. Don’t get into illusions and delusions to yourselves to think, “I am the chosen one.” No. Your chosen oneness is according to how much you are running to keep your promise to your Lord. If you are running to keep the promise to Allah (swt) then Allah (swt) puts you up. What Allah puts up, no one can put down. What Allah is not putting up, no one can put it up. Worldly you may have some things but you will be down. And the only way of going up is Taqwa. Who has more Taqwa is that one who runs more to fulfill his promise to his Lord. Wa min Allahu tawfiq Bihurmatil Habib Bihurmatil Fatiha.

servant of Allah

Juma Khutba given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi Hz
Friday 29 Jumad al-Awwal, 1428 June 15,
2007 Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah,
Siddiki Center, New York.

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