How to remove doubts and build trust with your Sheykh after being with so many others ?


Question: How to remove doubts and build trust with your Sheykh after being with so many others?


After being with so many others? I don’t understand. So many others what? Donkeys? It’s your choice. You don’t have to be with the Sheykh. But you are going to suffer. It’s like a man who says, ‘how can I eat again after  I’ve been having food poisoning so many times in my life?’ I never hear a man saying, ‘I’m never going to eat again because every time, so many times I eat, I have food poisoning.’ Have you ever heard? No. In fact they can’t wait to eat. When they are having  food poisoning they have so many problems, still in pain but they can’t wait to be able to eat. For this pain to go away, to eat. How it becomes like that? Because the man understands that he must eat, when it is necessity.

If you are in the station where it is necessary for you to have a Sheykh, where it is not a choice, it is necessary the same way it is necessary to have a Prophet, if it is necessary to have a Sheykh, then that time you are just going to choose carefully what you are going to eat. You are just not going to eat according to  your ego. So many they are following, I wouldn’t say, there’s no such thing as false Sheykh. A Sheykh is never false. False people who claim to be Sheykh, that is something else. So many times you are following those wrong ones because someway somehow your intentions are also wrong. Don’t worry, if your intentions are right, Allah will send you a right one after that.

To tell you the truth, majority they are following a Sheykh to feel special. Used to be, maybe certain parts of America, they say, not used to be, still is, ‘I have personal trainer. I have a nutritionist. And I have a guru. I have a therapist.’ So you have in your mind as if you are paying so much money to this whole entourage to be serving you. And the guru, the Sheykh is just one of them.

When you understand that it is a necessity, that you don’t have a choice, you are going to choose properly, and choosing properly is knowing why you are following a Sheykh, for what reason. Some people following a Sheykh, they want to feel special, to show each other, ‘yeah, yeah, I have a Sheykh,’ or, ‘I’m following one to take me to higher stations,’ or ‘I’m following one, to make me to become a Saint,’ or ‘I’m following one to have more money,’ or ‘I’m following one because I want more of this world and this Sheykh can pray for me and I can get more from this world,’ or ‘I’m following  a Sheykh because I want to marry this person and this person.’ So, these are all wrong reasons for having a Sheykh. This is exactly what the Holy Prophet (asws)  is saying, ‘I’m not a kahin,’ he is saying, ‘I’m not a sorcerer. I’m not a fortune teller,’ that in those days there were so many people also who had extraordinary powers. You go to them, you pay money to them and they give you things. They tell you things that is from the unseen, from the unknowable. And now in the ahir zaman, majority are becoming like that. So why are you following a Sheykh?

If you are following a Sheykh to understand yourself, and to understand your Lord, if you are following a Sheykh to understand yourself, meaning to understand your ego, to trap it, to trick it, to step on it, then that time Allah will show you one. Not to worry, Allah will show  you one because your intention is right.

If you say, ‘I’m following a Sheykh because I have all these demands, all these wishes and every single one of them they promise me something and they don’t deliver,’ then you are saying, ‘how can I build trust with your Sheykh and remove the doubt about your Sheykh?’ then I say no need to come to our Sheykh.  Because our Sheykh is not going to give what you are looking for. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t have. He’s not going to. Because thousands of times, so many of you are witnesses to this, he says nothing to give you dunya. If you are thinking you want something from this dunya, we have nothing to give you. Check your intelligence. What is it that you want?

You want to be a servant of Allah which is the reason of our creation, you want to know yourself, you want to know your ego, you want to stop running after this world, you want to understand the tricks and the traps of your ego, the tricks and the traps of this dunya and sheytan, you want to understand how to free yourself from the fitnah of this ahir zaman and the fitnah of dajjal, you want to know how to live like a believer in the ahir zaman, awaiting the arrival of Hz Mahdi (as) and Hz Isa, then you are welcome. This is what we are getting, this is what he is teaching. And we are happy with it. Doesn’t matter if we have one person here or a thousand people here. It doesn’t matter if people support us from outside or people insulting us, or they are boycotting us. Doesn’t matter. We passed those days. We understand what it is our ways through, Alhamdulillah, following our Sheykh. That’s how it is. If you are interested in all of that, it is very easy to build your trust. Because our Sheykh wants nothing from you. There’s nothing that you have that he wants. There’s nothing that you can give.

If your Sheykh wants something from you, he is not a Sheykh. Not from this world, not from this ahiret you can give to him. Because they are already in that maqam of Hz Ibrahim (as), ‘Allah is enough for me.’ Our Sheykh, like Hz Ibrahim, passing through the air alone, going through that fire, to come to the middle of the fire you have to go through the fire, alone. No one helped him. Some Angels came, they didn’t help Ibrahim (as), they asked and he said, ‘is my Lord not watching me?’ And they said, ‘yes.’ He says, ‘HasbinaAllah wa ni’mal wakeel, Allah is enough for me.’ And he has  lived like that, and he has passed from this world like that and he will return like that, with Allah  as his provider. And he’s teaching us that, never to ask anyone from this world anything, to rely on anything, but to rely on Allah.

As you like. If you want something nicer, something simpler, I can point the way to so many other gatherings that will teach you whatever that you want. But this is how it is. May Allah make it easy for us. SelamAleykum.

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
15 Shawwal 1436H
July 31, 2015
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