Is it true that you will be infected by jinns and sheytan if you spend too much time in the bathroom or stay outside during Maghrib time?


 Question: I was told that if you spend too much time in the bathroom or stay outside during the time of Maghrib salat, it is possible to be infected by jinns and sheytan. Is that true? If the person is infected with jinns, how can they be removed?


BismillahirRahmanirRahim. If you spend too much time in the bathroom, you will be infected with so many diseases before you get infected by those other ones. And it’s no good to stay…, who wants to stay in the bathroom? This is western sickness too. They make bathroom like a living room!

How we say, let speak common people language. I like to speak common people language because we are common people. I don’t like to speak very high level English. We have those tools also but you have to use the right tool for the right job, right? You don’t use a scalpel to debone a bull. You use something else.  You sitting on the crapper, why you want to do something else? Number one, it is a very dirty and shameful action. Isn’t it? Who can say it is not a dirty action? Nowadays, sick people they say, ‘oh no, it’s natural.’ Breh! Then take that and put all over your face as moisturizer, say it is natural. Just because it is natural, does it mean that it is good? Astarghfirullahal Azim. We have to speak very common language. You don’t like it, turn it off. Time to time we have to speak common language to zonk, Sheyk Effendi says to zonk into your mind. Not exactly a zen moment, but something like that. Tauba astarghfirullah.

So, if it is a dirty shameful action, why you want to linger? People sitting and they are reading, for hours. Sitting there, reading, turning, reading, ‘ohh, very good, very comfortable.’ That’s why Islamic way, first of going to the bathroom, it’s not to sit on your ‘throne’. Sitting is sitting. You don’t mix two together. For that action, it’s a different body position that whole east they know, west they lost their way because they mix up sitting and…, difference of one letter changes the whole thing. Sitting and ?…., yeah that one. Why? That (sitting position) is very bad for you by the way. It is very unhealthy for you. People are going to be so pedantic with me, ‘oh what if it’s an old person? What if this? What if that?’ Take what suits you. Leave all the rest.

Now in that natural position of squatting, that is very healthy for you, it takes out everything that if you are sitting down, so much is still left there, it’s poisoning your body, it’s very bad for your health. And when you are sitting like that too, in the Islamic way, you cannot be sitting there for half hour, forty-five minutes, one hour. It’s impossible. Everything is going to go to sleep and you get cramp. So you don’t want to do that. So by itself, the physical natural action(of squatting) prevents you from doing so many wrong things. But if you are sitting, you’re like, ‘I’m just sitting.’ Like you know, ‘I’m sitting watching T.V. I’m sitting having dinner. So I can read. Same thing I read, I sit, I do other things.’ It’s very bad physically. And now spiritually, there are so many sheytan that is in the bathroom. They like the dirtiness. It doesn’t matter if you put lysol everywhere. It is still dirty because it is still a crapper!

So, there are still sheytan that are there. And people who are in the bathroom too much, then it’s going to start to  infect them also spiritually. In Islam, there are prayers that you say as you enter into the bathroom. So many, not one. There are prayers that you say, there are things that you have to do, there are things you have to wear. You have to wear shoes, slippers, something on your feet. You don’t enter into the bathroom with your bare feet. People, I don’t know, they think  ‘suddenly I become a Muslim, I walk everywhere barefoot.’ Allah, Allah. They are saying they go to bathroom barefoot, they come to Masjid barefoot. They say, ‘this is spiritual.’ I say where you learn that from? You have to cover your head and close yourself. We don’t even take shower fully naked. It is forbidden. You have to cover yourself. But who’s going to be interested in all of these? The believers are. And for thirteen hundred years, the Muslims are holding this very strongly. But since recently, we say, ‘this is a new style. We like that style.’ Complete naked, sitting on chair, reading book, smoking, doing so many things. Some people they are even eating in the bathroom! Tauba astarghfirullah.

You see, daytime is for humans. Night time is for the other ones. If there is no extreme emergency, Sheykh Effendi is saying, Sultanul Awliya is saying, Prophet (asws) is saying, not necessary for you to go out. Night life is killing you. You rub shoulders, you rub yourself with those other ones, that’s why you become more and more sheytanic. And if you want to age fast, go out night time. All the time, have a night life, then you’ll age ten times faster. Because night time, in reality, yes it’s for the body to rest. Then as a certain time passes, for those who have strong spirituality, the spirit starts to rise, waking the body up. Starts to rise and starts worshiping because it’s a very spiritual, private moment. Not a public moment. Because Allah comes down and He’s calling. And those with strong spirit, they respond to the call. They say, ‘labayk. Here I am O lord.’

So, if you are infected by disease, you go find a doctor right? And you get a medicine. Same thing. You are infected with these things, simple answer, go find yourself a Sheykh. But if he ask money from you, to know that he’s fake. Then, as with the doctor, listen carefully and obey. And that time, insyaAllah ar-Rahman, slowly these things will start to leave you. But understand, those ones, sheytan will not come even close to you if you put barricade between you and them. What are those barricades?

So many. First, you are going to put Allah and His Prophet. Are you obeying Allah? You obeying His Prophet? You are not. Then you don’t have those barriers. Are you obeying Awliya Allah? The saints of Allah? No you are not. How about you obey Saliheen, righteous people that they are praying for you? You are not. Then you don’t have those barricades. You’re saying, ‘I have good actions.’ But our actions are done in ghaflat, in heedlessness. It is corrupt, it is dirty. They are not too strong. And you are always listening to your ego, the ego opens the door wide to sheytan to enter.

So now, sheytan will not have access to you if your ego doesn’t open the door. If the ego closes, the ego stays behind ego doesn’t close, ego stays behind and you are watching the spirit is blocking everything, then that time, nothing can reach you. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman. May it be easy.

lokman Effendi Hz

Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
August 14, 2014

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