I will like to visit you at Osmanli Dergahi but I’m afraid that my mursyid will stop me. What should I do?


Question: I feel very strong attractions to Sheykh Effendi and I will like to visit you at Osmanli Dergahi but I’m afraid that my mursyid will stop me from going and will be hurt by my actions. What should I do?


BismillahirRahmanirRahim. This is something which is very unusual which is happening now. The Sheykhs they are fighting over their murids. “No! you are my murid. You are not his murid!’ What kind of a Sheykh is that? ‘You are mine. You are not his!’

Eh, we understand maybe if a wahhabi Sheykh says, ‘don’t go to Dergah because they are sitting to say ‘Allah.’ You cannot go.’ Maybe it fits because they are following sheytan. Because only sheytan they are going to forbid you from saying ‘Allah.’ Maybe if the wahabbi is telling you, the wahhabi Imam is saying not to go, it makes sense. But why, especially in these days when the ahle Tarikat and the followers of Tasawwuf and Sufism they are getting bombarded both by ideas, and literally the maqams and the Dergah they are being bombed by the enemies of Tasawwuf, enemies of the Prophet (asws), those who are claiming that we are Aashiq Al Rasul, they are stopping their people from going to another group that is also loving the Prophet (asws)? What kind of foolishness is this? This is jealousy. This is not intelligence.

Does our Sheykh allow us to go to any Dergah  anywhere? He says openly so many times: anyone who is gathering to say Allah, go and see them. Sit, make zikr with them. If they are teaching you something, sit and listen, and understand. But in these days, the ahle Tarikat become worse than the wahhabis, saying, ‘no, no, no, no, no.’

I have people that we call azan, we start praying they pray, we are about to start to say Allah, they leave. I said, ‘are you a wahhabi?’

‘No we are following Sheykh so and so.’

I said, ‘why are you not making zikr?’

‘Ah, it is not permitted for us.’

Not permitted to say Allah? You foolish ones! When the ahle Tasawwuf people, the Sheykh should come together, they are becoming like silly children to be fighting over the things that they say, ‘this is mine!’ Even children these days, they don’t do that. Especially those who are trained to live in the Dergah. This is showing the level of the Sheykh too. But, then again, am I going to say, ‘drop and come’? No. don’t come. If it’s still not strong enough for you, if you are thinking you might hurt someone, don’t come. But if you think you are going to please Allah and His Prophet, if you are going to please the Pir of your Tarikat, especially some they are belonging to same way, same Naksibendi way but maybe different branches, they say, ‘don’t go!’

Eh! What can we do? There are people in the same Naksibendi Haqqani  order who says, ‘don’t go to Sheykh Abdul Kerim zikr because it is an association of sheytan.’ If our people are saying that about us, what do we expect from others? We don’t expect nothing.

Come, come whoever you are, whatever you are. Ours is not a Dergah of despair. Even if you break your promises a thousand times, come. Leave your ego outside and enter. That time you will discover what Allah has put in you. Who are you trying to please? Then look what are we thinking, what are we saying, what are we practicing, what are we teaching. Okay, maybe it makes a little bit of a sense when your Sheykh says don’t go to these different things because they are always playing with all these ‘other ones,’ or they take money from you, or they fool you, or men and women they are mixing and they are doing so many things, or they are just talking about the dunya, meaning all these things is not in Tarikat, is not in Islam. But people who are saying we are following Tarikat, they are practicing all these things, there are those who are like that, maybe there is something there. But our life is open. Our actions are open. This is what it is. And what are we teaching, it is open. Muslims they know, non-Muslims they know. And the enemies of Islam they know. From individuals to regimes, to agency, they know what we are. Our forehead is open.

So, do what your heart is pulling you to do. Do what your heart is telling you to do. Never forget that there is a hierarchy of Tarikat. It is okay to go up maybe. You don’t go down. Never forget that to go anywhere where they  are saying ‘Allah’, it’s going to bring you so much blessings. So, be sincere and look to see where your heart is going to be satisfied with. The heart, the Quran e-Kerim is saying, can only be satisfied with the remembrance of Allah. The ones that you are going to, are they remembering Allah? Are they remembering Allah in zikr, in sohbet, in work? Are they are remembering the Prophet (asws)? That is the only way you say, your heart is going to be satisfied. If they are doing that, run to them. If they are not doing that, run away from them.

Hz Bayazid al-Bistami (qs), he went through ninty-nine Sheykhs before he found his Sheykh. So, all of us, we’ve had so many Sheykhs, so many teachers, both is spirituality or religion or life, until we found our teacher, and this is where it stops here. Why does it stop here? Because from here, it’s infinite. The sky is the limit.  May Allah give you satisfaction, insya’Allah, to your heart.

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 Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
22 Shawwal 1436H
7 August, 2015
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