What is the purpose of living if we are going to die anyway?


Question: What is the purpose of living if we are going to die anyway?

return to Allah

That means that you think living in this world is life. Living in this world is not life. Living in this world it is exile. It is certain death. It is separation.

Huh! If you are thinking in terms of this world and you are saying this world is all that there is and my desires, my wants, my senses is all that there is and that I am the center of the universe, that out of this billions and billions and billions of galaxies and universes that Allah has created and still creating, that this world, a speck, less than a speck, a dust in the grand scheme of things, leave religion we are talking about science, and you are less than a speck in the speck of this world, that this is all that there is, I say that you are the most unintelligent and stubborn person that you have ever met.

They say, ‘Big Bang theory. Evolution. Monkey, Darwinism.’ Big Bang theory. Sheykh Effendi says, ‘why you say Big Bang? Because some terrorist they put explosive and they bang themselves? The universes came into being, like that? Big bang!’ We are saying, if somebody ask you, ‘oh, this is a nice phone you have, where did you get it? Which brand is it? Which company made this?’ And you say, ‘oh no. My phone there is no maker. My phone is from evolution, because billions of years ago there was a Big Bang! Then after that universe starts separating, after that this world came and everyone is living in the sea, they crawled out, they became lizards and they became animals, and they were like monkeys and they become man and later this phone comes out.’ And you say, ‘This is evolution too.’ Who is going to believe? What a foolishness is that?

And science, especially biology understands the miracle of the human body. The miracle of just eye, you must be the most stubborn and ignorant person not to understand that this one eye that Allah has created and this complexity of this one eye, it cannot be an accident, that there is a Creator who has designed everything perfectly.

The purpose of being in this world is to leave this world. Yes.  Now we are not talking about life and death. Because your understanding is wrong. You think that just because you are here for twenty, thirty, sixty years, this is it? The world has existed before you. And the world will continue after you. What existed before you? What existed before this world? What existed before time? What existed before pre-eternity? So yes, our purpose being in this world is to leave this world. We have to leave this world because we have to enter into our real world. This is not a real world. Anything that is trapped in the five senses, it is not real. And we have to leave. And when we leave this world, we even have to leave our body behind. This body you have to leave it behind because it came from this world. You understand?

So the purpose of being in this world is to return back to Allah,  to our Creator, to our real world. And Allah swt has made us, has created us and the reason for that creation, it is to know Allah and to worship Allah. And He has sent us into this world to know Him. And to worship Him. And you see the signs of Allah everywhere. So many foolish people say, ‘why He’s not just going to speak to me? Why He’s just giving signs, all these things? Why He’s not just being clear?’

The one who has the ego, nothing is going to be clear. The one who steps on his ego, he’s going to see the signs and the voice of Allah everywhere. From the skies, from the earth, from inside himself, from outside himself. Because everything it is a sign from Allah. But the one who is blind, he’s going to deny the sun. You put one thousand suns in front of him, he’s going to say, ‘I don’t see anything.’ Because you are blind. But the one who is awake, who is not blind, he opens his window, he knows what time of the day it is. Whether it is early morning, or afternoon, or late. He doesn’t have to go out. He doesn’t have to look at the sun to know that.

We are prisoners between two breaths.  And there is an Owner who owns us and who owns that breath, who has granted it to us. He has created us and we are going to return to Him. And this world, we are put to understand Him and to know Him. But most, they are blind. Most, they are ungrateful. Most they are rebellious. And the Quran is speaking of this every single time.

May Allah swt forgive us and make our end to be good, make us to keep our faith to be intact and make us to enter into that real world clean. May Allah forgive us. May Allah raise the station of the Holy Prophet (asws), Sultanul Awliya and SahibulSaif, may we always be under their protection insyaAllah ar-Rahman. WaminAllahu Taufiq. Bihurmatil Habib, Bihurmatil Fatiha.

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 Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
22 Shawwal 1436H
7 August, 2015
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