Fix yourself. Be aware and awake to the tricks and traps of our ego and sheytan


Question from a murid at the Dergah: Sometimes I try to do the right thing and if there’s a heavy price that follows it, I see that it’s pride that I have that I had no idea that it existed like that. I told myself, ‘let me see what the waaz says?’ The waaz says, right after that incident, ‘yes, it’s pride. You have lots of pride. It couldn’t be good because there was pride in it.’ It was so hidden that I didn’t see it until the waaz. Up until the waaz I know I got this thing going on and nobody recognizes it. But the waaz was saying, ‘no, it’s total pride that you have,’ and I could see that. How can I run to fix it?

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You are running to fix it. You are running. You think you don’t have something? You don’t have a certain sickness or an illness? Then some open sign is showing to you and you are taking lesson from it, you are fixing it. As long as you are always running to say, ‘this thing, this sohbet, this waaz, it is speaking about characteristic of the ego and I have it.’ As long as you are thinking like that, you will always improve.  You are always running to fix yourself. That time, the moment when you see all these things happening, the sohbet, the waaz, the interactions, and you see the characteristics of the ego that is being described and you say, ‘I don’t fit into this category. I’m better than this. It doesn’t apply to me.’ That’s the time your ego has already fooled you. That is the time the ego has already fooled you to say, ‘I’m not like this. I’m much better than this.’

Now, as long as you are refining it, it’s going to be polished and it’s going to get better and better and better. If you are not refining it, then maybe from the outside it looks like it’s okay. But from the inside you know, there’s so many smudges and fingerprints and everything that is not refined. It Is not polished. And one day all those smudges and fingerprints it’s going to pile up and it will become a rust that maybe all it needed was just a little wipe. But when it becomes a rust, like Sheykh Effendi is saying, that it needs a Brillo. It needs a scrub, a hard scrub. You understand? So you try to fix it yourself.

So you have to fix yourself. Now, you are doing something. If the man, he is sure of his intentions, if he’s looking at his intention everytime, intention of what? Intention of doing things, you’re praying, ‘I’m praying for the sake of Allah.’ That’s why they say, to make a niat, to make an intention, it is farz. To make an intention. If you don’t make an intention, then it’s not going to be so good for you. If you don’t make an intention, the good things that you are doing, it may become bad. If you don’t make a good intention, the things that you are doing, it may be kidnapped by your ego and by sheytan. So many people are thinking they are doing good but they are not really examining why they are doing it, the intention of doing it. And evil people they just use them. Correct?

So you have to use your intelligence. And faith must teach us to become aware and awake to the tricks and the traps of our ego and our sheytan. This is beyond dogma. This is beyond religion. You cannot say, ‘no, no, no, no. I don’t believe that. That is not in my religion.’ Whatever that we say, it fits into every religion. It fits into every spirituality. It fits into every intelligence. Which is why they say, Sufism now it is the undercurrent of all belief systems. So now, you are examining your actions. You are praying and you are saying, ‘I’m praying for the sake of Allah.’ Then pride enters when you are praying and you are saying, ‘Oh, I’m praying so good. Better than others.’ Hmm, once you start saying that you are better than others, then that’s the time your pride has entered, your ego has entered.

Now does that mean you are going to make a show like some people, some system, some traditions, they make a show, you have to be so humble. You are praying, you have to look humble, you have to wear humble clothes, you have to always look sad. That is also a show. Who is it in between? You and your Lord, correct? Why you have to show? Why you have to show people that you are humble? So that people will say to you, ‘Oh, masya’Allah. What a humble person.’ So that means still you are not doing it for your Lord. You are doing it for others around you.

Who cares, who people, which people they have everyone believes one thing or another about you. Who cares, who says anything? If you are clear with your  Lord, the intention that you are doing it for your Lord, who cares what people think? You cannot please Allah and please this dunya at the same time. You cannot. You please Allah, then those ones who are please with Allah, including this dunya, it will run after you, it’ll make it easy for you to live in this world. Understand?

Once you enter into that too, don’t think you are going to be stuck there forever, it’s just ease. Then you are going to be presented with another challenge. They made it easy for you to enter. The dunya is running after you. Now, they say, ‘don’t be stuck. Because now you are on the fast track.’ You don’t enter into the highway to stop. This is a highway. You enter into the highway, now you have to keep up. How you keep up? They are going to bring you other challenges to your ego, maybe you never had before. So that you are not going to be stuck there. You are thirty miles per hour from the village, from the towns, the upstate, correct? You cannot go higher than that. They’ll give you a ticket. Now, when the speed changes, they say now you are entering into a highway, you cannot go at thirty miles an hour.  Are you understanding?  So now, you have to go faster because you are on the highway. You want to go thirty miles an hour? Don’t go on the highway. Stay there. But in the highway we are going to different views, different destinations, it’s never ending. There you are going to be stuck, circling around and around. Anyone who is stuck, they are dead. No matter where you are. You are stuck, you are dead. You are not making any progress.


So now, you have to watch yourself. New challenges coming, you take it. Now it’s going to go higher. From there, it’s not going to stop there. Another challenge is going to come. Don’t say test. Don’t say punishment. This is a challenge that is in front of you. Because now you are in the highway. You have to go. If you go at thirty miles an hour, you are going to be given an ticket. Why are they giving you a ticket? They are giving you a ticket because you are going to harm so many people, travelling at that speed. You are going to harm yourself first. You understand? So now, you are doing something, you are clear, ‘I’m doing this for the sake of Allah,’ you are not making a show. You are weak. You cannot do it hundred percent and you admit it. A person who admits his own weakness, he cannot be proud. He cannot be. The one who is a believer, who is a servant of Allah, he can never be proud. It’s impossible. If you have an atom’s weight of pride in your heart, Paradise is forbidden to you. It becomes a haram to you. You are forbidden to enter into a  Paradise if you have a speck of pride in your heart. You understand?

The one who is saying, ‘I am a slave,’ Allah doesn’t want slave. Allah wants servant. But people now, they say, ‘I don’t want to be a servant to Allah.’ Some Wahhabi types will say, ‘you cannot even say you are a servant of the Prophet. You are servant only to Allah.’ But we say, you are servant to dajjal. Everyday you are serving the dajjalic system, and you are saying you don’t want to be a servant to the Prophet (asws) that brings you honor? Definitely that one doesn’t want honor.

If you are a servant to Allah, how can pride be in your heart? How can that servant have pride? Because he knows he’s a servant. And he knows his own weakness. And he knows Allah’s power, and he understands Allah’s mercy and he understands that the actions that he is doing, the good actions, even that is not coming from him. It is coming from Allah. So how can you take credit for it? The one who takes credit for anything, he’s no good for nothing. But the one who says, all credit goes to Allah, that time Allah will raise him higher and higher. Allah may test. Allah will say, ‘we give you some things and people are going to praise you for that.’ Then that is a test. If this whole world praises you, but you are not praising Allah, you are no good for nothing. If this whole world curses at you, but you are always praising Allah swt, this whole creation will hold you high. Because you hold Allah high.

So, you are recognizing something and there is pride, so sit and think, ‘okay, this is inside of me. Does it apply to me hundred percent?’ Don’t be foolish too, sometimes things are being shown  but it doesn’t apply to you a hundred percent, maybe ten percent, maybe fifty percent. You’ve got to know. You’ve got to be able to pick up. Because that is another trick of the ego too. You are doing something, you try to be good, but you are being very foolish, and somebody is saying, ‘yeah people is doing with pride,’ and suddenly you are going to cry and say, ‘oh I’m doing this for pride,’ and you are going to hit yourself. Why are you doing that? And you are going to cry? If you are checking your intention, you know how much you are responsible for and how much you are not responsible. Check your intention. Check your intention. You deviate a little bit, check your intention again, you’ll be able to correct yourself. If you check your intention, you deviate a little bit, come back to the main road. Do you understand?

We are following a Sheykh. We are following the Prophet. We are following Allah swt. If you are sick, you are not going to take medical advice from everyone. Do you understand? When you are sick, you are not going to take medical advice from a cashier at Walmart. If you are sick, you are not going to take medical advice from an engineer. If you are sick, you are not going to take medical advice from a Chef. You are going to take medical advice first from who? A doctor. When you are spiritually sick, make sure you go to the spiritual doctor. The doctors of the heart. I don’t mean spiritual doctors, the ones who play with other things and the one who takes money from you, writes prayers and saying that you have to buy this prayer for protection, gives you this, gives you that, playing with sheytans and with the other ones. That’s not a spiritual doctor. That is those ones who are already lost. They sold their religion for money,  for little money, for a cheap money. You understand?

I’m talking about those spiritual doctors that they understand the disease of your spirit of your heart and they’ll be able to tell you, ‘get out from that mess. Walk this way.’ If you are taking lessons from that doctor, then anyone else who are supporting what that doctor say, listens.  Anyone else who are not supporting what that doctor say, why you have to listen? insya’Allah, may our Sheykh’s hand be on top of us. He is our doctor. WaminAllahu taufiq, Al-Fatiha.

Our Sheykh (2)

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 Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
22 Shawwal 1436H
7 August, 2015
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