Hizmet – Do the work, you are going to remember Allah



Some people thinking, ‘I pray so much. Now I need to take a break, I’m not going to pray.’ No, what is the action that we are busy with? Fighting against to the ego. Sometimes, it gets too much, you are mixed up, everything, so now you are just going to be easy and do your work. Which is why service, it is a big blessings coming with it. So now you just have to concentrate on the work that you have to do, the hizmet that you have to do in front of you. That if you concentrate on that, you pull yourself back from thinking about all those things and fighting to your ego, just do it and tell the ego, ‘I’m not going to talk to you now. why I have to?’ but you are not going to give up. That time, it’ll be okay.

If you are far away, be busy with the service. If you are far away, the service is going to make you to become closer, it’s going to connect you. It is not how close or how far that makes the heart to be strong. It is the Ashq, it is the longing. You understand? So many sitting in front of us, they don’t want to be sitting here, maybe. So many who are not sitting with us, they will die to come here just to sit. So it’s not physical, it’s where your heart is. Sometimes it’s good you are not too close because the more closer you come, the heavier it’s going to be. Sometimes you got to pull back a little bit.

Yeah it is not so easy. Sometimes we make it very easy for people to come near us. Then they discover, once they are near, ‘oh I didn’t see this. I thought he was so nice.’ Yeah, I’m very nice, from like this (a distance), but now that you are coming closer, now you are going to see the work that I’m doing. I’m here I’m throwing candies. You are receiving the candy. ‘Oh, so nice. He’s so nice. Maybe I come closer he’s going to give me more candy.’ You come close, now I’m going to tell you, now, you have to make the candy. Help me make the candy, so I can throw. That’s the time people complain, ‘This is too much. I thought you were so nice.’

And I say, ‘you know what? Making the candy and giving to people is much better than taking the candy.’

So which one you want? You want to be children, yeah sit very far away. We throw candy. ‘Ha, ha. Very happy.’ But you are here, we are going to teach you something. The one who serves, he is the Efendi. The one who serves, he is the Efendi. So check how much you are serving. If you are serving, if you say, ‘I’m very tired because I’m running just to serve.’ Be happy. You may fall a little bit here and there, we are not perfect, doesn’t matter. ‘Ya Rabbi, shukr Ya Rabbi.’ Go to sleep and say, ‘thank You ya Rabbi. You didn’t make me to be busy with nonsense things. You didn’t make me to be busy with nonsense things, wrong things, bad ideas. You make me busy with all these things.’ Even if you are busy with washing the floor, ‘You are making me to be busy with this, and I’m happy with it Ya Rabbi. Thank You.’  And Allah will draw you closer to Him.’

Like what Sheykh Effendi is saying, Sheykh Maulana is saying what? We are putting pictures of Ka’aba because we long to go to the Ka’aba. We want to touch the Ka’aba. We want to look at that Ka’aba. Just to look at the Ka’aba, it is a worship. You understand? Just to look at it. Is the Ka’aba an Ilah? No, it’s not. Is the Ka’aba something that is representing our Lord? No it’s not. It is a  direction, it is a stone. Just to look at it is going to give us rewards and blessings. Just to look at it. That’s why in the old days, they make pictures of the Ka’aba everywhere, so that our hearts get pulled.

Just to look at the Kubah, the dome of the Holy Prophet (asws) is going to give peace to your heart. What about the one who is under the dome, if you were to look at him? The dome is given value because of the one who is under his dome, correct? What is more valuable now to Allah swt? A stone that is a Ka’aba or a friend of Allah who is representing his Lord? Which one is more Holy. A stone or a friend of Allah? Definitely a friend of Allah is holier than a stone. Haah, to all those foolish ones who say, ‘why you have pictures of your Sheykh everywhere?’ We say because when we look at our Sheykh, it is better than looking at the Ka’aba, and this is worship to us. because it pulls our heart to Allah.

But those ones who are living next door to the Ka’aba, you think they are going to have that relationship so much, if they are not checking their ego. They see the Ka’aba everyday. And some maybe they are saying, ‘I have to go over to the other side. Ka’aba is in front of me, if I circle around it’s going to take me a long time, let me just cross right in front of the Ka’aba. Instead of making tawaf, just cross, to make a short cut to go to the other side.’ You think those ones they are going to gain any honor or benefit being next to the Ka’aba? No. they may get a heavy punishment for it.

So it is where your heart is. And if your heart is not satisfied because you are very sad, then remember Allah. Say Allah. Not just by pulling a zikr beads and saying, ‘Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.’ Do the work. Doing the work, you are going to remember Allah. Run to serve.

I tell you something, so many people who are working for our Sheykh, spreading his teachings, pulling people, majority of them, they are not sitting in front of me, right here. Majority of them, they are thousands of miles away. But because their heart is so sad, they say, ‘I’m either going to go crazy or I have to do something to not go crazy,’ and they are doing this, and now they are doing more work than so many people who are in front of me. That is the truth. That is the truth. ‘I want to be next to Hoja. I want to be in the Dergah.’ That is pleasing you. That is making you to be happy. You are not thinking about Allah and His Prophet. You are not thinking about me. You are thinking about you. Maybe you have more work, more things that you can do outside. Not in front. But you want to come. You say, ‘because I want to be here,’ like a little kid, ‘I want to be with you.’ Eh, you come here and what you do? You do nothing. Understanding? InsyaAllah ar-Rahman. SelamAleykum.

 stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
29 Shawwal 1436H
14 August, 2015
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)


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