What pulls us to dunya?


 Question: What pulls us to dunya?

world is not paradise

BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Our ego pulls us into dunya. Our desire pulls us into dunya. Sheytan pulls us into dunya. We are in dunya. Whether you like it or not, we are in the dunya. We are in the world, we are in the asfala safileen, the lowest of the low. Allah has sent us here. It is the natural inclination of a sheytan, of our ego, of our hawa, our desires of this world to pull us into the dunya.

Do you think that our ego, sheytan, our desires and dunya it is stronger than Allah? Astarghfirullah. Do you think that it is stronger than the Prophet (asws)? Astarghfirullah. Do you think it is stronger than our faith? Do you think it is stronger than our spirit? No. they are not. Our spirit is stronger. So this is when you are going to use your will. The will that Allah gave you that although you are living in the middle of the dunya inside the dunya, although sheytan and your desires and your ego is pulling you to the dunya, you are now going to use your will to say no the dunya, and to aim yourself for the ahiret, and to make a bridge to the ahiret. This is when you use your will.

Using your will is when you have a choice and you say, ‘yes’  or you say, ‘no’. Using your will, is not when you don’t have a choice. That’s not using a will. To have food there in front of you, but now you have a choice whether  to eat or not to eat, it is during the month of Ramazan. You have a choice. That is the time you are using your will. To say, ‘no. I cannot.’ Why? Because of Allah. Of course you can use your will for the sake of sheytan, for the sake of your ego too. We are not going to enter into that part yet. Why? Because for the sake of Allah you are not going to. That is how you are going to use your will. To use your will when your nafs is kicking so hard to you. You want to do it but you know that it is wrong. And you say, ‘now, just because of my Lord, I’m going to stop it.’ That is using your will.

Using your will, it’s not that when you don’t have food, then you say, ‘I don’t have food, I need to lose some weight anyway, so I might as well fast.’ That’s not really using your will. That is being slick. Like some people saying, why you want to study so much? to work so much? You are saying, ‘ because I want to earn a lot of money. And I want to be generous and I want to help the Muslims.’ So many people speaking this way, isn’t it, Muslims? Then we ask them, are you helping Muslims now? Are you being generous to the Muslims now? to the people around you? They say, ‘no.’ It’s impossible then for you to be, later. When you have little and you don’t share, you think when you have so much that you earn for yourself, you are going to share?

Generosity, it’s not whether you have a little or you have a lot. Generosity is coming from your heart. When your heart says, ‘I must share.’ You are not going to learn generosity through books.  You have to be raised by it, you have to be raised with Islam, you have to be raised by EvliyaAllah in the way. Then you are going to learn. So when you are getting pulled to all of this, but Allah swt He is speaking to us, the Prophets they are sending the help, the angels they are sending the help, friends of Allah they are sending the help, why are we still listening to dunya and say that dunya is very strong?

Dunya cannot be stronger than Allah and His Prophet. Dunya cannot be stronger than the EvliyaAllah. That’s because we choose to make the dunya to be strong. You understand? Because we say, we don’t want to do something that is difficult. We want to do something that is easy. That’s when people will lose, a lot. But you think what is easy is you are going to pay a lot for it next time. ‘It’s easy. I’m making easy money.’ You will suffer later. Like those stock brokers on the floor, they are dealing with stocks, they earn a lot of money, right? So much. Young guys in their early twenties. They earn millions. Spending money. But the work environment that they are in is so stressful that they did a research over decades and they found out that people who work in the stock exchange on the floor especially, whatever money that they earn, they actually lose a lot. Because they have to pay the medical bills later, because they are going crazy, their health suffers. So you don’t earn. At the end of the day, you don’t earn that much. The dunya is saying that to you. ‘Come, we will give you. Come. We will give you.’ It will give you but it’s going to take something back, so much more that you are going to  suffer for it. May Allah protect us from that, insyaAllah.

How are you going to learn how to navigate, how to walk through this dunya?  You are going to find someone who has walked through this dunya. That’s how you are going through it. You don’t know how to go up to the Himalayas, what are you going to do? You say, ‘I need to scale the Himalaya mountains,’ or ‘I need to go through the Amazon jungles.’ Are you just going to get a backpack, even if you have a map, and just go? No intelligent person is going to do that. He’s going to find a what? A guide.

Huh! Forget about Himalayas, to get the best experience in a Chinatown, you must find a tour guide, isn’t it? Because even if you pass through that street hundred times, you don’t know what it is. But the tour guide will say, ‘you see this one? This one, very rich man use to live. This one, used to be this kind of business. This one, very famous people.’ So you understand the importance of having a tour guide, having a guide. Going up the mountains, going through the jungles, you need a guide. Going through this dunya, more you need a guide. Then to make the journey from this dunya to ahiret, you absolutely need a guide. Understand?

But people are ignorant and arrogant. They say, ‘why?’ like the khutba is saying, ‘I know how to read and write, why I have to follow a guide? I can find the own way.’ Then find your own way. Go. Take this map, we are going to give you. Go up to the peak of Mount Everest. Take this map and go through the Amazon jungle. Take this map and now go from Sidney center to Manhattan. You think you will be able to? People who follow GPS, they are going to get lost. But if you have a guide who is sitting next  to you and say, ‘take this road. Don’t take this road,’ but GPS says, ‘don’t.’ Because this one you are going to pass by so many starbucks and Mc Donalds, it’s going to pull you because they make it an agreement to put you through that route, so that you are going to buy things. Take this one. It’s better. May Allah always keep us under their guidance, insya’Allah. SelamAleykum warahmatullah.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
6 Zul-Qadah, 1436H
August 21, 2015
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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