The Dream Of A Believer


Our ego is not going to interfere here (in the association). Confusion is not going to interfere here. That is going to be kicked out. Doesn’t matter if there’s going to be one person in front of me or a billion people in front of me. It is going to be the same way because that is the way of SahibulSaif, that is the way of Sultan ul-Awliya, that is the way of Rasulullah (asws).

(Sheykh ask a murid) So you have a question  that when  you are growing up, what they said? (Murid answers) Anybody has a bad dream you are not supposed to speak about it.

dreams of believer

BismillahirRahmanirRahim. First you have to know what this dream, what are dreams? If you are going to find out from therapist, he’s going to tell you what dreams are. If you are going to find out from witchy people, they are going to say what dreams are. If you are going to find out from psychologist, they are going  to tell you what these dreams, if you are going to find out from actor, they are going to tell you what the dream is. But you find out from the EvliyaAllah, the inheritors of the Prophet (asws), they are going to tell you what these dreams are. Whether you like it or not,  you are always following someone and there’s always a teacher. In this case, you say when you are growing up and they told you, so I’m assuming that when you are growing up, when  you are a kid, ‘they’ must be olderly people who told you this.

First you have to understand what the dreams are. What is a dream, especially the dreams of a believers in this Ahir Zaman? What is the Holy Prophet, Habibullah (asws) saying about all these?

Dreams are very important in the Ahir Zaman for the believers. And true dreams, it is the one fortieth part of Prophethood. The Prophets they have to have dreams, good dreams, Divine dreams, or dreams that is going to show them certain things. So the believers, they will have dreams that is going to show them certain things, that is going to be important for them, their surrounding and this world. There are certain protocols to the dreams.

The sunnat is that you say your dreams only in the morning time. Only during the daytime. Not nighttime.  Because the nighttime, it is the time that is given to all those other ones that we cannot see. It is around us always. Those ones who are filled with jealousy because of us. And the dream, it is not something that is confirm until you speak it. And when you speak it, the person who listens and the person says Amin, that meaning of Amin means the person puts a stamp on it. Agreeing or disagreeing doesn’t matter. The person responding to it, then that dream now, instead of being suspended between Earth and the Heavens, it gets lifted. You tell your dreams to someone who has jealousy, it’s a good dream, the person, because he has jealousy, he says, ‘no, no, that is a nonsense dream.’ That is saying amin to that. So the dream, instead of good, it becomes something that is not so good. And it gets lifted as that.

So now that you are entering into Tariqat, you are going to understand a little bit more about how Islam and the Sunnat of the Rasulullah (asws) is going to govern every aspect of our lives, as much as we can carry, what is most important, that is going to make us grow in these days. Like I said before, we are not going to take an antique religion, museum piece religion, something that is fourteen hundred years ago and try to put it here now the same way. No, Islam it is a living religion. Like I said, the sheytan Wahabbi, they hate the Ottomans because the Ottomans made Islam a living religion. A living and relevant and beautiful religion that from every corner, people are going to  look and they are going to feel attracted, they are going to fall in love with it. That with Islam, Europe was coming and they were accepting the way of the Prophet (asws) because of the Islam that the Ottomans were showing and giving. And the Islam that the Ottoman is showing and giving, it is always resting on good manners, the most perfect manners, the most beautiful manners.

Read what the ambassadors from the west they write about the Muslims and how they live and how they practice their faith, and you are going to say: where are these Muslims today? This is not like the Muslims that are now. Understand?

The Muslims, back then, they have so much patience, they have so much manners, it is so beautiful that people are attracted and  they fall in love with Islam just by looking at the manners of the Muslims. Just as the way that people today when they look at the bad manners of the  Muslims, the Muslims who does not have the manners of the Prophet, he may have the practices but he doesn’t have the manners because his manners his taking it either from his ego or the sheytan outside, people are turn off by it. Understanding?

So now, with the dreams that you have, it is important that you tell it to your Sheykh. No one else, first. If it’s a good dream, he will make it better. He will pray that it becomes better. If it’s a not so good dream, he will pray that it will become good. This is the proper manners. So anyone who hears the dream later, the proper manner for anyone who hears the dream is to say, MashaAllah, hayrolsun, may it be good. It is not to give your own interpretation. You don’t give interpretation to your dream yourself. Don’t ask someone to give interpretation to your dream. If you dream something that you think is good, don’t go around bragging to people.

Today, everyone is bragging and making a show: ‘oh, you know, I dream of Prophet. I dream of Prophet. I dream of this Saint.’ Why are you showing off? Then the value of that dream falls. If you have a meeting with Obama, secret meeting with Obama, you think Obama will ever meet you again if you tell your whole village, ‘you know what? I had a meeting with Obama yesterday.’ You think? None, correct.

So they are going to test out to see how much patience you have. Sometimes, you look and it’s a good dream. It may not be. So many people they are dreaming of the Holy Prophet (asws), and we listen, we say that is a big warning to you. Prophet himself coming to warn you, it’s a very very big thing. If you don’t turn around, big smack is going to come to you. And a big smack came to them. But to them, in their mind, they think they are Saints. Because they dream of Prophet. But you are not understanding why he came to you. ‘Oh, just him coming, it is a blessing.’ Of course it is a blessing. But if you close the door to that blessing, you are not going to get blessing, you are going to get a curse.

Abu Jahil was in his presence for years. Abu Lahab was in his presence for years. All the mushriks, all the munafiqs were in his presence for years. Did they gain anything from his barakat? Nothing. Zero. Why? Because they close the doors to their hearts. Understand? So, you have something, don’t go around looking in books also. Don’t go around googling also. Sheytan internet is one of the biggest fitna of this time. It is showing us how to live and people are believing in it. They are getting very scared that people are saying, ‘we are going to put microchip in your skin, in your ear, in your eyes, da,da,da.’ They said, ‘Oh this is terrible, this is end of days!’ But they have their cell phone right next to them. Twenty four hours, they are checking. Wake up, first thing they are going to check. Sleeping, last thing they are going to do is they are going to check. Check what? You are checking the hadiths of the day? You are checking to see whether someone needs my help? You are checking to see which ayats is….No! You are checking for cat video. You know those cat’s videos? You are checking for nonsense thing. I’m not even going to talk about the dirty things that people check.

Muslims, first thing when we wake up, we are supposed to say shahadat, last thing before we go to sleep, we are supposed to say shahadat. But all  these living traditions it’s all lost. Once they make Islam to say, ‘Islam, no longer life. Life is something else, religion is something else.’ They make Islam into a religion put into a book, that’s when you lose everything. You lose the strength.

So this is what we learn form our Sheykh. If you like it take it. You don’t like it, leave it. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.dream stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
6 Zul-Qadah, 1436H
August 21, 2015
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)



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