Seeking Real Knowledge In The Ahir Zaman


silent1Auzu billahi min-ash sheytanir rajim BismillahirRahmanirRahim.We asking help and support from our Sheykh, Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani, who is taking it to the presence of Sultanul Awliya, through our forty GrandSheykhs, to the presence of the Holy Prophet (asws), from Allah swt. We are asking support to say something that is going to benefit myself and others, because this is the advice from the Holy Prophet (asws): Say something that is going to give benefits to yourself and to others, or else keep silent. In these days, to keep silent, if you can keep silent, that is already a big karamat, a big miracle.

Everyone is speaking something, saying something, interfering into everything. From seven years old to seventy years old, or should we say from nine years old to ninety years old. Everyone thinks because they have two lips and a tongue, they can speak anything they want, whatever they want, whenever you want. And now with that fitna technology, they are making more confusion. You don’t know nothing about nothing, you just put a comment there that may earn you thousands of years in the Hellfire. That may earn you thousands of years in the punishment area because you are interfering into something that you shouldn’t be.

So first, to have that knowledge to say something that is going to give benefit to you then others or else keep silent, to have  that knowledge of keeping silent, to have that knowledge of learning only something that gives benefit to you. Not every knowledge is for you, not every knowledge is for us, and Prophet (asws) he has made it clear to us that knowledge that doesn’t give you benefit is called malayani. It is still knowledge but it doesn’t give you benefit. It is not for you. It’s going to bring a curse to you.

These days we have scholars 24/7 screaming on top of their lungs, ‘Ilm! Ilm! Ilm! Ilm!’ They are opening up madrasah, they are opening up schools, they are opening up institutions of learning everywhere. From east to west, from north to south, every country opening up, saying, ‘we must teach more people. More people, more education,’ but we are looking more people are getting stubborn, more people are getting arrogant, more people are getting ignorant. So the problem is not in the knowledge. It’s not that we need more knowledge. We have knowledge. The problem is, what kind of knowledge?

How you are going to say if this town, if this city  is boasting, ‘oh, we have,’ say the town has fifty thousand people, say, ‘you know what? fifty thousand people, we have ten thousand doctors. And we are training another twenty thousand to become a doctor.’  But then you look around, everyone in the town, in the city, they are sick. What are you going to say? Everyone is sick, getting more sick, but they are saying, ‘no! we have to have more doctors. We have to have more medical schools.’ But everyone is getting more and more and more sick. Doctor in the way of the western medicine, when you are already sick, to try to help you anyway. Doctor, in the eastern way, in the Islamic way, before you get sick, they are going to give you medicine to say, ‘take this so that you don’t get sick.’ Meaning, the doctor is going to say, ‘you have this wrong lifestyle. If  you don’t change it, if you continue, you are going to get sick.’  You can tell the doctor don’t interfere into my life? You are going to die. He has to interfere into your life, because he wants  to safe your life. So knowledge that gives benefit to us.

So it is not now more and more and more scholars we need to make. Scholars is supposed to be  doctors, but everyone is getting more sick. That means the doctors, they are no good for nothing. Maybe the doctors, they are just helping this industry to make people to become more sick. Because they are not going to the root of the problem. Isn’t it?

What is Tasawwuf? What is Tarikat? What is a Sheykh?  To get to the root of the problem, the root of your problem is not the knowledge. The root of your problem is you not knowing yourself, not knowing Allah, not worshipping Allah. You know the whole Quran, you don’t know yourself. You are ignorant. You know all the four books, you don’t know yourself, you are completely ignorant. You know what is in the Paradise, you know what is in the earth, you know what is in the ocean, you know what is in the universes, all the secrets, but you don’t know yourself, you are the most ignorant and dangerous one.

Now you are going to teach people all the knowledges taking from everywhere, but it is poisoned by your ego, because you don’t know your ego. Leave the spirit. That’s why Holy Prophet (asw) when they came to ask him, ‘ tell us about the Ruh ya Rasulullah.’ He says, ‘it is a secret.’

Leave your Ruh, knowledge of your Ruh, knowledge of the spirit. What, you want knowledge of the spirit? You are going to concentrate on what makes the spirit to be choked. Not what makes the spirit to be free. Concentrate on the ego, your spirit is going to be free. Concentrate on the nafs, you will understand yourself. That is useful knowledge for everyone. So what if you produce more scholars who can memorise more Quran? So what? So what if you produce more scholars who can be Syariah alims? So what?  This world has never known more scholars than ever before in history. Isn’t it? Where is the state of Islam? Where is the state of the Muslims now? Where is the state of every Muslim countries? Where is the state of this whole world?

People are becoming more barbarian every single day.  But they have knowledge coming from everywhere, from their hands, from their faces, from everywhere they are reading, isn’t it? So you don’t know yourself.

You don’t know yourself, you have all the knowledge in the world, it is like this cup (Sheykh points to a cup), you are pouring in water, but the cup it is poison. This water you are making everyone to drink, they are going to die. Tasawwuf is making you to clean the cup. Clean it. Tarikat is telling you clean the cup, clean your heart. They will fill it up for you. Don’t worry about you filling up. They will fill it up. Then that time, whatever that you are going to give, it is going to give light to them. This is knowledge. This is something that everyone should understand.

So what, physically you are looking good, you are wearing nice clothes, you go to the nice places, you eat the nice food, if inside you are sick. What’s the use if you are praying twenty four hours, you are learning Quran, you are learning everything but your heart is still sick, your  heart is still filled with the anger, it’s still filled with stubbornness, it’s still filled with jealousy and arrogance, the characteristics that we inherit from sheytan. So what if you know everything, you are doing everything, but you are still running after this world, you are still running to fulfill your desires, you are still following your nafs, you are still listening to sheytan, so what?

This world has seen millions of leaders, political leaders or religious leaders, so called religious people that they are doing everything correctly but their spirit is filled with wrong things, and they betray humanity.

seek knowledge

So now we need to know, what knowledge. Everything is a knowledge, but what is the knowledge for that time. You are in a ship, sailing. In that ship, just the ship itself, there’s so many knowledge about the ship, isn’t it? There’s a knowledge on how to work the engine. It’s a knowledge, huge knowledge. There’s a knowledge now on how to command the steering of the ship. That’s a knowledge. There is a knowledge now how to put all the things that is needed logistically. That’s a knowledge. There’s a knowledge now, say, how to read all the radars and everything, that’s a knowledge. There’s a knowledge now even how to read the stars, it is a knowledge, correct?  All these it is  knowledge in the ship, correct? Can anyone deny? You cannot deny this is knowledge. But when the ship is going down, when the ship it is sinking, is that the time for you to learn the knowledge of how to work the engine? When the ship it is sinking, is that the time now for you to learn the knowledge of looking at the stars?  When the ship is sinking it’s not even the time to learn how to swim!

The Sheykhs they have vision and they know what is necessary for that time. This ship is sinking. Yet, those ones are still crying, ‘learn knowledge of everything except the knowledge that is going to save you.’ You understand?

Knowledge that is going to save you for these days. If you are not looking to the diseases of your heart, if you are not looking to step on your ego, if you are not looking how to hold on to your Sheykh and how to submit, that time all that knowledge is not going to save you in this very dark, sorrowful days that are coming to this world.

During the time of the Holy Prophet (asws) when he come in the first jahiliyyah and he brought light to everyone and everything, the Sahaba e-Kiram, none of them,  124000  of them, none of them we running to get knowledge. They were all running to be next to the Prophet (asws). They were not running to learn tajwid, they were not running to recite the Quran, they were not running to learn all the externals of this religion. They were running to be with the Holy Prophet (asws), to submit to the Prophet (asws), to gain his light and not just to say, ‘I love you.’ But to gain his love. So many people saying, ‘I love you, I love you,’ love, love , love, love, love, because the wahabbi sheytans are saying, ‘hate the Prophet, hate everything, you are going to the Prophet’s tomb, you are going to Evliyah’s tomb, everything is shirk! you must hate them.’

So now the Sufis they have to go completely overboard, over extreme, to say, ‘Love! Love, love, love , love, love.’ Since when? Love, love, love, love, love, but none saying, except for our Sheykh, what the Holy Prophet (asws) said, what is that reality of the love to the Prophet? A man said, ‘ya Rasulullah, I love you.’ Prophet (asws) said, ‘then prepare yourself for hardship.’ Prepare yourself for hardship. And if you look, you don’t have to have too much knowledge, 124 000 Sahabis, companions of the Prophet, they all had hardship and the ones closest to him that loves him more, that you say than others, they had the hardest most severe hardship. So we have to prepare ourselves for that.

a true love

May Allah forgive me and bless you, insyaAllah ar-Rahman. Al-Fatiha.

Sohbet After Zikr Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
12 Zul-Qadah, 1436H
August 27, 2015

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