How do you get rid of evil and egoistic thoughts or daydreaming?


Question: How do you get rid of evil and egoistic thoughts or daydreaming?

You are dreaming? You must be a very free person to daydream. You must be very free. You are not busy. The believer is very busy. The believer is busy. Even when he’s not doing anything, he’s busy.

What is he being busy with? He’s being busy with Allah.  He’s being busy with his Prophet (asws). He’s being busy looking at himself and saying, ‘how am I today with my Allah? How am I today with my Prophet? Am I moving closer to my Prophet? Or am I moving away from him? Am I moving closer to Allah? You want to daydream, day dream about that. That’s not daydreaming. That’s not dreaming. That is checking yourself. That is making a tafakkur. Meaning you have so much time, you just want to think. And think about your Lord. ‘BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Faz-kuruni az-kurkum, remember Me and I will remember you,’ Allah swt is saying. So remember your Lord.

You have evil and egoistic thoughts, huh, then continue to  have it until something is going to smack you, that time you are going to wake up from that daydreaming. Why a person is having evil or egoistic thoughts? How can the one who is saying that he is believer have evil or egoistic thoughts? You have thoughts about evil because you don’t have thoughts about Allah. Because you are being busy with evil. Why are you being busy with evil? What is evil giving to you? Which Prophet, which Saint says you have to be busy with the evil?

Only way we are going to be busy with the evil is we are busy with the evil inside of ourselves, the sheytan inside of ourselves. Our nafs, our ego that is inside of ourselves.  It is not as people say, ‘oh just say Auzu billahi min-ash sheytanir rajim then it’s going to go away.’ If you are not believing, if you are not with the believers,  if you are not putting discipline into your thoughts, those are just words too. They are just words. It’s not going to have much effect on you. But you belief. First you say, ‘I have all these evil thoughts. It’s running away. I cannot control myself.’ Then you are going to say, ‘I must find someone.’

Wahhabi is just going to say, ‘you pray to Allah.’ Don’t you know, all nations they pray to Allah and Allah did what? Allah sent them a Prophet. They are in trouble, they pray to Allah, Allah sent them a Prophet, to change. So, Allah sent us a Prophet. Prophet (asws) that is enough  for us from now until Judgment Day.

So, you have evil thoughts, you cannot control yourself, you have to find someone who is representing that Prophet, his inheritors. Ask for their prayers. Sit, which is why Allah swt is saying, ‘ if you have any problems, go to the Ahle Zikr.’ Clearly He is saying in the Holy Quran,  go to the Ahle Zikr, those who remember Allah a lot. Those who remember Allah much that when they wake up, they remember Allah. They remember Allah before they go to sleep. They remember Allah standing, sitting, lying down they remember Allah. Because those are the ones who have taqwa. You want? Be with them. They will help you. Be busy.

You don’t want to be busy with Allah, you don’t want to be busy with the Prophet (asws), then at least be busy with the EvliyaAllah, the friends of Allah. You don’t want to be busy with the friends of Allah, then be busy with those ones whom he loves. You have to make a decision. You are sick, you have to make a decision. You want to see a doctor, you have to make a decision that you are going to take the medicine. If you are sick and you say, ‘I’m sick.’

They say, ‘ you have to go to the doctor.’

‘I don’t want to.’

You are never going to get well. You go to the doctor, doctor says you have to fix this, you have to eat this, you have to stop from this. You don’t want to listen to the doctor, you are not going to get well. You cannot say, ‘what kind of  a doctor is this?’ The doctor says, ‘this is my limit. This is what I’m supposed to give you. Beyond that I cannot force you. Now you hae to take that.’ You take it, you will win for yourself. Be with the ahle zikr. Take the medicine. InsyaAllah  ar-Rahman, you will get better. Fatiha.

silent zikir

Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
12 Zul-Qadah, 1436H
August 27, 2015

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