Edep, A Firm Foundation Of Islam That Builds A Strong Community



When it is young, which direction you are going to mould, to force, to  shape the plant, it will go according to the direction. Because it is still young. Once it gets a little bit older, you try to move it a little bit, it will crack. Which is why, what are we building here? What are we here for? If people are thinking we are here on top of a mountain for social event, just to get together to feel good, social activities, just to have a club, just to have people, you know, coming up here having a life, then you have a wrong idea. This is a wrong place for that. It’s not to say we don’t have social activities, we are filled with social activities, you are going to get very tired from it too. What are we here for?

We are here, following a Sheykh. We are here because we are running away from the confusion of the ahir zaman, to come on top of the mountain following the advice of the Holy Prophet (asws), to move away from those dirty areas, to come up to the country, to come up from the cities, to come up to the mountain where the air is clean, not to bring our dirtiness here. To leave our dirtiness outside. And to try to live simple lifestyle, to worship our Lord, to know ourselves and to know our Lord, and to worship Him. This is our intention.

Yes, you may see some people are coming, more people are coming. More people are coming. But don’t think because more people are going to come, we are going to say, ‘Ah! It’s okay. Live as you like. You come from where? New Jersey, you are coming here, you want to bring your New Jersey lifestyle, it’s  okay. You come from where? Long Island? It’s okay. You come from where? Virginia? It’s okay. You come from where? California? It’s okay.’ It is not okay. If you want that kind of lifestyle, stay where you are. But if you want a lifestyle that is pleasing  to Allah and His Prophet (asws), that the EvliyaAllah, they love you for that, that you are going to find peace in your heart because you live a simple clean lifestyle, that you are going to live with nature. You are going to understand, yes, with nature, there are more laws in nature then there is in the life of a man. That you think, I can be wild and free as an animal. The animals they have more laws in there, up in the mountain, then over here. The animals they know, ‘I cannot enter into this area. This one is incharge of this area. I have to be awake. I cannot be sleeping cos something is going to come and get me. I cannot raise my voice. I cannot…’ So many things you cannot.

So it is not free. We are not free. We are prisoner between two breath. If Allah does not give us permission, we cannot inhale. If Allah doesn’t give permission, we cannot exhale. We are living in the end of times, in the ahir zaman. You need to have more evidence? to have more proof? that this whole world, is going, going, going, down and going down and going down, every single day, that there is more tyranny and oppression. That there is more cruelty. That there is darkness. From seven years old to seventy years old. Do we need more evidence, more proof of that? And you don’t have to be a Muslim to understand this.

You don’t have to be a believer to understand that this world is messed up. Because people that their hearts are working, they may not be Muslims but their hearts are working. They believe and they say, ‘we want to escape from all of that nonsense. And want to live a simple life. The life that our ancestors had live for thousands of years. That only in this past 100 – 150 years of complete tyranny that everything we turn upside down, we have done more damage to this world in the past hundred years, then we have done in seven thousand years. All because of what? All because of the nafs. All because of the ego.

Why is the ego free in these days?

Because like the khutba is saying, even if you are a handful, come and collect yourself under one. The muslims are not handful. In the old days you are a handful and with the Holy Prophet (asws), they found victory everywhere. From that time, hundred years, five hundred years, one thousand years, thirteen hundred years, the Muslims got bigger and bigger and every land that Islam touched, it brought them to higher civilization, dunya and ahiret. To Muslim and non-Muslim. No Muslim came to another country just to milk them, to take their resources and put them into a Muslim country. They brought light. They brought knowledge. They brought Islam. They brought manners. They brought understanding.


But when the Muslim themselves, ourselves, we say, ‘we don’t want to come under one. We want to be free. I want to decide for myself. Why I have to listen to one man speaking? Why I have to listen to him? I know how to speak too. Why I have to listen to him speak. I know how to read..’ And once the Muslims have this understanding from individuals to groups to nations, no longer they are one jamaat. No longer they are one ummat. Then they said, ‘why I have to listen to this?’ and once the enemies of Islam feeding the ego of the Muslims and the sheytan with nationalism, what is nationalism? It’s tribalism. That Prophet says, there’s no nationalism, there’s no tribalism, there is one body, there is one ummat. We are all brothers and sisters. Once they put that tribalism which the Prophet forbid, then everything is going to crack open now.

Now, it’s no longer Muslims, it’s about Bosnians. It’s no longer Muslims, it’s about Pakistanis versus Bengalis. It’s no longer just Muslims, it’s suddenly becomes Iranians against the Iraqis. Every country, Muslim country that says, we don’t want one, we  don’t want one that is representing the Prophet, we don’t want one that is representing the Khalifah, we want to be independent and free to choose our lives as we like! Going against the word of Allah and His Prophet, for thirteen hundred years, Allah is saying, ‘you don’t want to be ruled under My law, you are going to be ruled under the laws of the Kafirs.’

This is exactly what happens. Especially those countries, and I’m speaking openly, especially those countries that are not understanding and they are tricked and they are fooled and they start to reject the Khilafat.  You come from Bosnia, correct? (Sheykh ask a murid at the dergah), you understand what happened there. You didn’t want the Khalifa, something better happened? No. Something worse happened. Always if you are rejecting Allah and His law which is a protection, worse is going to happen, not better. You think something better happened in India that they split? Do you think something better happened in India, when it split and they became three nations? What happened? The Muslims suddenly they enter into a Golden age, In Pakistan or in Bengalistan?  No. they started fighting, who? Each other. The Muslims start to eat each other.

So now, once you enter into that poison of nationalism, of tribalism, of saying, ‘it’s me. It’s not us. It’s me.’ Then you start eating each other. The enemy doesn’t have to do anything. They can just sit and watch you finish each other. Because it’s nationalism, tribalism, it’s teaching you what? It’s teaching you Allah and His Prophet? No. Tribalism is saying, ‘it is Me. What do I want?’ Because if you know what Allah wants, you are going to have a Khalifah. But you say, ‘it’s Me. It’s what I want!’ What do you want? ‘I want this world to live as I like.’ Okay, in order to do that, to excel in the world, because every country that came out of the Khilafat, of the empire, also say that,what? The empire kept us back. Correct? From being modern, it kept us back. So many are saying, now we have to move forward like the Europe.

SubhanaAllah. Every Muslim country move so much forward. One hundred years passed, although we have the best resources, we have education, we have numbers, but we sink, lower and lower and lower. In the first jahiliyyah, when the word Arab is mentioned, nobody cares. They say, ‘this ones, they are just low life.’ In the second jahiliyyah, same thing is happening. And worse than that, in the second jahiliyyah, if you are a Muslim they say immediately you are an evil one, you are a terrorist, you are this and you are that. Was it always like this? It wasn’t.

There was a time when that gave honor to us. There was a time when they had fear in their heart when they say, ‘these are Muslims, these are Ottomans.’ There was a time, not one time,  for hundreds of years, for thirteen hundred years, the Muslims were high. We had honor. Why is that? Because we had manners. Because we hold Allah and His Prophet high. We are not looking to our nafs, to our ego, individually or collectively. We are not. But once the weakness started to enter and betrayal starts to happen, everything starts to fall, and now we are remembering the Hadiths of the Prophet (asws) and his says, ‘big catastrophe is going to happen in the ahir zaman, to my ummat.’

And the sahabi said, ‘is it because they are small in numbers, Ya Rasulullah?’

‘No. they are going to be huge.’

‘And they are still going to be in a bad position?’


‘Is it because they don’t have resources Ya Rasulullah?’

‘No. they are going to have everything.’

They ask for the reasons and the Holy Prophet (asws) said, ‘because they have fallen in love with the world, hubud dunya, and they start to hate death. And because of that the enemies are going to come grabbing what they own like wolves grabbing your food and everything at your dinner table.’ Isn’t this what is happening?


These words are for individuals, they are for leaders, they are for organization, they are for Imams, they are for Sheykhs, they are for everyone. Because when there was Islam, there was civilization. We had dunya, yes, we did. And we also had manners and  there was humanity. Once we started to leave that, Muslims themselves become the most barbaric ones, becomes the most ignorant ones. With so much knowledge, they become ignorant.  With so much learning, they become arrogant. With so much knowing so many things, they become stubborn. Then when someone is trying to teach them something, show something they don’t know, they become stubborn and then they become arrogant and they become jealous. Then they say, ‘who are you? Why are you so special?’

So you have now the four characteristics of sheytan. That time, even if you own the whole world, you are still going to be slaves to  the enemies of Allah. We should take lessons, insya’Allah.

We are asking Allah to send us a help. To send us a Heavenly support. Someone from the Heavens to come, to fix this mess that we have made to ourselves. To fix this mess not only in the Muslims but in the whole world. That this mess cannot be fixed until He has send that Heavenly one, Hazreti Mahdi (as). No group, no government, no company, no money, no arms nothing can change the mess that we are in now, until Hazreti Mahdi (as), the descendant of the Holy Prophet (asws) comes. We are here, not to fight with no one. We are here pulling ourselves back to prepare ourselves, to keep ourselves clean for that day when he appears. May Allah forgive us and open our way to understand this.

So we are starting a community. We have to start, when you first start a building don’t talk about what color we have to pain the rooms. Don’t talk about what kind of curtains we are going to make. When you are going to make a building, what do you need to do first? So many construction people here (Sheykh is asking the men at the dergah), what do you need to do first? What do you need to dig?

Foundation.  What happens if you don’t dig the foundation? You put the poles, you put nice walls, you put nice roof, nice ceiling and everything? You don’t have a good foundation, they will fall. They will be destroyed. Don’t worry about all the other stuffs, all the other details. Now we have to dig the foundation. That’s why we are concentrating on this. And this foundation, the whole world doesn’t have this foundation. Do you understand? We are digging the foundation now. All the other stuffs, the decoration and everything, so easy. It’ s going to come one, two, three, quickly. The foundation of Islam, it is manners. It is Edep. You don’t have Edep, you don’t have Islam. This is what we are learning here. This goes to me, this goes to you, this goes to everyone who says we want to be part of this community.

If you don’t want to be part of this community, you don’t have to listen, you don’t have to do nothing. Live as you like. But this community, we are trying to be sincere. Because in this community, every single one of us, we are representing our Sheykh, who is representing his GrandShaykh, who is representing the Prophet.  So when we go out, we are representing Islam. We have a responsibility. This should be the attitude of every muslims. But unfortunately, muslims don’t care anymore. They don’t care. They say, ‘religion? What’s that? Pray five times a day if you can. That’s islam. Or read Quran, alif, ba, ta, and that’s it.’ That is Islam?

Islam is manners. So this community is  concentrating on that. Otherwise, America is huge, you can live anyway that you want. You don’t have to be here. But if you are here, there are certain things that you are going to win for yourself if you do this. You are not going to  lose. You are going to find that things start to make sense. You are going to find that you’ll  be able to carry this world, it’s not going to give you that same kind of stress anymore. You are going to stress, but you are going to stress because of Allah. That’s not stress. That’s worrying, and that’s zikr, and that’s love. When you love someone, you are just worried how that one is going to feel. Isn’t it? You are careful to say. You are careful with everything. Because you don’t want that one to be upset. That’s how a believer should be  with his Lord. Insya’Allah one day we will reach to that station. May Allah forgive me and bless you for the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws), our Grandsheykh and SahibulSaif. Al-Fatiha. Amin.


After Jummah Sohbet by Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
13 Zul-Qadah, 1436H
August 28, 2015

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