The Shahadat Of A Believer


So many times, for those who are in front of me, they don’t want to be here. They say, ‘but if we don’t come, Hoja is going to scream at us again. And I need his prayers because I need to do so many things.’ But those who are not here, they are crying every time saying, ‘when are you going to come? When are we going to go? When is our place going to be opened for us?

giving sohbet

So, Astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah al-azim wa atubu ilaih. La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil aliyyil azim. Let us renew our Shahadat saying, ‘Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu. Salallahu Ta’ala Alayhi ve ala Alihi ve Sahbihi ve Sallim.’ Renew your Shahadat often. Renew your Shahadat often, as many times as you can.

Yesterday, one of our brothers came and he is saying, ‘please pray for my relative,’ I’m not going to mention who he is, ‘he’s about to go.’ It came to my heart right away, he’s very about to go. Very, very, very, very close. He’s saying, he’s just lying there and looking, and I said get someone to be beside him. What are you doing? ‘No, we are not doing anything.’ Are you reading? ‘Sometimes we are reading.’ No. Someone has to sit beside him every single day, every single time, every single minute, repeat over and over again the Shahadat. Repeat over and over again the Shahadat. Even if he doesn’t respond, doesn’t matter. The spirit knows. Because that time when he’s opening and he’s looking, the veils start lifting from his heart. Now he’s seeing so many things that are there, that are here, that we cannot see because we are so connected to this dunya. But when you are very close to death, when the sakaratul maut approaches, we are feeling it.

When the Angel of Death is coming, the believer knows, of course. The believer knows when he’s going to go. How can the believer not know that he’s going to go? They say, ‘Oh, that is hidden from everyone.’ It is hidden from everyone. But the One who has that secret may give it to anyone He wants, whenever He wants. Correct? Who can say, ‘No, it’s hidden from anyone. Even Allah cannot break His word.’ Tauba astarghfirullah. He may give it.

The believer, in traditional knowledge, forty days at least before he passes, he knows, he feels. Because he’s being called by his beloved. He starts to feel the pull of the Ahiret so strongly. Then depending which station you are at, you see, or you hear or you taste or you smell. In reality if you smell one smell of the Ahiret, of the Paradise, your spirit will jump out. Your spirit doesn’t want to stay here anymore. That time, all the veils are lifted, then you understand what this world is. This world is a toilet. You understand what this world is. This world is a liar. You understand what this world is. It is nothing but suffering. It is a prison. The world is a prison to the believers, it is a Paradise to the unbelievers.

Adam (as) when he ate from the forbidden tree, from the forbidden fruit, and first time he has a stomach ache, he feels that something is about to pass. Allah sent him to the world, to make that business. This world is a toilet. We were being sent from Paradise, let’s speak nice English, to make our business here.  This is asfala safileen.

So he told me, and I said let someone to be there. Repeat the Shahadat over and over and over again. Because he’s starting to see things. He’s trying to understand the reality of it. He went. Few hours later, they told me that one passed away. Amin. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun. And it came to me that he passed right after we have given that sohbet, about repeating the Shahadat and all those things. So he got Sheykh Effendi’s prayer. That one is very lucky. He’s not connected to us, but he’s connected to one of you, that they open the way and they brought the message to the presence of the Awliya and they say, ‘pray for him.’

Millions they go tonight. Thousands may go. How many are even remembered by their friends or their families? How many are even remembered  by good ones, Holy ones. The Holy ones they are praying for everyone of course. Everytime we worship, we pray, we pray for everyone. Every single day in this Naksibendi way, every single night we pray salatul Janazah for all those who have passed, in the last twenty-four hours. For everyone, we pray Salat al-Janaza Al-Gha’ibin. There’s a big blessing for them, there’s a big blessing for us praying for them. But how many they have connections, indirect access to someone to say, ‘pray for them, they  are about to pass. Pray for them to pass.’ Maybe that one was under suffering, because of the sakaratul maut. Maybe when they asked the Sheykh, ‘please pray.’ The Sheykh is praying. They Sheykh is not putting his will. He is saying, ‘as You like, Ya Rabbi.’ Then that punishment, that heaviness, that burden, that pain is lifted. The person may go easy. And we only hope that when we passed, we will be remembered by the ones who are remembering Allah often. It’s not to be taken lightly that someone who’s about to pass, his name is passed on to a group of people who have just finished their Zikr, to be asking for prayer. How fortunate.

So the Shahadat, repeat it often. That Shahadat has the power to turn an unbeliever to become a believer. That Shahadat has the power to turn, to make that believer who has never made one sejdah, one sujud to Allah swt, his whole life maybe doing so many wrong things, he’s on his deathbed, but because he says that one Shahadat, everything is clean and he enters straight to Paradise. Allah is the most generous one that He gives to those one who have never worship Him. What do you think Allah is going to give to the believers who worship and remember Him if that one says the Shahadat over and over and over again?

O believers, believe. This is an ayat. Ayatul Karima. Believe. Are we believing in our Shahadat? Are we believing in our Sahahdat? Are we understanding what that Shahadat is? What is Shahadat?


Shahadat means to witness. To witness what? There is only one Allah. To witness that the Prophet (asws), abuduhu wa rasulluhu. And we are saying this, ask yourself, have we witness One Allah? Have you witness that One Allah? No. Have you witness the Prophet (asws)? No. You have not. So our Shahadat is only by tongue. We are just saying it. But, first by tongue we have to believe by the heart. Once the heart believes, then maybe we are going to experience it. Here or Hereafter. There are those who have experienced it already. They have experienced their Allah. They have experienced their Prophet (asws). For the rest of us, this is just taqlid that we are doing. This is just, it is not imitation in the way that it is fake. It is reahearsal. It is following something that is the best. And it is following what they are doing and one day insyaAllah ar-Rahman, faith will enter to our hearts and we are able to witness then what we are saying. Otherwise, it is just a saying that we witness. But what are we doing here? What are we doing here? If we are saying, ‘la ilaha ilallah,’ we are saying it over and over again, but if we don’t understand what is the Ilah, and we don’t understand, we don’t know what to do to say, ‘La’ to the Ilah, to say, ‘No’ to the gods, to the idols except for Allah, then how are we going to have faith? How is your Shahadat going to be sincere?

We are concentrating on the Ilahs. Don’t concentrate on Allah. Concentrate on the Ilahs. Why? Concentrate to get rid of the Ilahs from our heart. Don’t worry, that time when it’s clean,  this is the throne of Allah, then we are inviting Allah swt to sit on His throne. That time, when you experience Allah, nothing matters. Not this dunya, not this ahiret. Because you discover the secret now. No men can give you anything, no women can give you anything. No world can give you anything. No one can take anything away from you. Or they can take away everything but you have Allah in your heart. That is the secret. Don’t think you can have Allah in your heart without having the Prophet (asws) in your heart. Because that Kalimah is also not complete if you just say, ‘la ilaha illallah.’ You must say, ‘Muhammada Rasulullah.’ This is what we are doing. Understanding what are the Ilahs, understanding what are the enemies. They are not enemies to Allah, not enemies to the donkey. They are enemies to us.

The sheytan, the dunya,  that hawa, but first it is the nafs. That EvliyaAllah they are saying, ‘the nafs, it is seventy thousand times more powerful than sheytan. It is inside of us. We must understand that. If we are not catching it and if we are not riding it, he’s going to ride us. May Allah make it easy for us to understand.

So now, the sohbet, you are going to understand now, generally we are speaking specifically about your ego, that is the time when you have to spend time in the Dergah. That is the time when you have to spend time, you have to speak, you have to be in sohbet, you have to watch, you have to observe, you have to do, because now the ego will surface. Maybe the ego is not going to come out so much when you are making a zikr. When you are listening to sohbet maybe. Maybe. Maybe the ego is not going to come out so much, although it does come out, when you are making your prayers. But the ego is going to come out when you are just talking to your buddies, when you are doing something, when someone says something to you, your ego immediately rises.

So welcome to the Dergah. The Dergah is that pressure cooker that you are under pressure, but something is going to happen after that. How is a diamond made? How is the diamond form? The diamond, what is it that is so different between the diamond and a piece of a coal? It’s the same correct? The composition is the same. It’s carbon. But what makes the diamond to be a diamond and what makes the coal to be a coal? The diamond, it went through so much pressure, so much changes, so much burden, that when it emerges, the people are saying, ‘you only must put it on top of the heads of the Sultans. You cannot put it on the floor.’ But the coal, the coal they say, ‘this is only good for burning.’

May Allah not burn us. May Allah not punish us here and Hereafter. May we wake up to understand what Allah swt has put inside of us, the jewel that He has put inside of us. And may that jewel come out before we  passed from this world. Otherwise we are in very big trouble. WaminAllahu Taufiq, Al-Fatiha. Asslamualaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

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General Zikr Sohbet by Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
14 Zul-Qadah, 1436H
August 29, 2015

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