How can one have love for Ahiret when they have not seen it?


Question: How can one have love for Ahiret when they have not  seen it and get rid of the love for dunya which they have seen?

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BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Love has nothing to do with what you see. In fact, if you think that love is based on what you see, that is not love. That is a fake love. So what is your idea of love? When you see something nice and you fall in love? That is not love. That is the opposite of love. That is destruction. Because now, you are going to judge everything according to the external, according to the outside. Love is not the outside. Love is a secret that is inside the secret that is inside your heart.

If you are asking me how can we have love for ahiret because you’ve never seen it or you’ve never experience it, I’m going to tell you that ahiret was a place that we came from. And it’s a place that we are going to return to. Ahiret is not somewhere that we are going to, that we have never seen before. Where were we before here? Before this world? Where were we  before we were sent to this world? We were in another existence. We were with our Lord. You want to deny that? You can, then we have another conversation.

It’s like somebody, if I say, before you came into this world here, you live in a place where it’s like round like that and it’s filled with water. And you were living there for some time. You say, ‘what? Are you crazy?’ But we all live there, in that existence, in that world, didn’t we?  We are breathing now, it’s air, but there was a time we were not breathing air. We were breathing water. Everyone went through this. Can you deny that? No, you cannot deny. So physically we go through so many changes, if you believe that you have a spirit, you think your spirit did not experience different changes in his surroundings?

So we came from ahiret and we are going to return to it. Zikr is going to make us to remember.  How are we going to remember? First, we are going to know what this world is. We are going to understand what this world is. Because now, you fall in love with this world because you don’t understand this world. Why you fell in love with this world? Because you are young, you have your health, you have some money, everyone is treating you nicely, that is your understanding of what the world is? That, we are saying that you are being very ignorant, because maybe that world is like that to you, but that world is not like that  to billions of people. And you know what? One day, you are going to lose your youth, you are going to lose your beauty, you are going to lose your intelligence, you are going to lose your life. One day you will die. Now that is one unchangeable fact.

Whether you are Jewish, Christian, Atheist, Buddhist, Muslim, everyone will die. This world is not forever.  You will die. You are going to enter into another world. You will die. You believe in Prophets? If you are a Muslim, you must believe in Prophets. Not some, all the Prophets.  And what are the Prophets teaching us about this world, and what is Allah teaching us about this world? You say,’ah, I don’t want to believe in hadiths so much, it’s been change…this and that.’ So many nonsense wahabbi toxic thoughts, poisonous things entering into people’s mind. Then take words in the Quran. Where it is in the Quran e-Kerim that Allah swt is praising this world?   But how many times we find that Allah swt is saying, ‘this world, it is only an amusement. This world is only falsehood. This world is only passing. That this world it is not real.’ So how can you fall in love with something that is not real?

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You think you fall in love with the dunya, then we’ll say, discover the dunya. You don’t want to discover the dunya, don’t worry,  life is going to make you to discover  the dunya. Then you are going to discover that this world, it is nothing but a liar. It’s offering so many things to you. How can it be not a liar? Because at the end of the day, you are going to die. This dunya looks as if it is promising you everything, but it’s going to take everything from you. You cannot even bring anything to the grave. The firauns they tried to bring everything to the grave. Then what happened? They cannot escape. Maybe they escape for one thousand years, two thousand years. One day someone is  going to dig it up and say, ‘no, no, no. you cannot bring this. This is not for the dead. We are going to take everything from you. We are even going to take your bones from you.’

So now you understand that this world, it is a liar, it is a dunya, it is enemy. Once, you start understanding this, you will start to connect  with your spirit inside of you. And your spirit remembers the ahiret. Then you start getting attracted to talk about the ahiret. You start to be attracted to people who remind you about the ahiret. You start to get attracted, to get pulled to the ahiret. You start building bridges to the ahiret because that is reality where we came from, where we are going to return to. Not this dunya. You start to build your faith. You start to experience your faith. You start to experience this world as an enemy and you start to experience what it feels like to be around people who are already ahle jannat, ahle ahiret.

Then that’s the time, you will fall in love with what is real. You are not going to fall in love, for example, you are a man, you’re walking and you look from far away, looks like a beautiful woman calling to you. You go, and you discover it is an old woman wearing a lot of make up, wearing a lot of jewellery, wearing a lot of clothes, nice clothes, trying to pull you. Then you discover this is all fake, it is not real. If you go and you follow her, she’s going to give you so much badness and destruction. But if you decide to follow your Prophet (asws), he’s going to bring you to Mi’raj.

What is this that I’ve just described? This is exactly what happened to the Prophet (asws) on his Mi’raj. He heard somebody calling and he said, ‘Ya Jibril, who is that?’ This dunya was calling him. A woman was calling saying, ‘selamAleykum Ya Muhammad (asws).’ He didn’t reply and Jibril (as) said, ‘it is known to you Ya Rasulullah, that is dunya. If you had replied to it, your whole nation would have replied to the dunya and they would have been lost.’

So first, Love is not what you see. Love is what you understand. Love is what you are going to show. As much as you are showing, that much you are going to receive. Love has nothing to do with what it looks. Love must transform you to become better. You love the dunya? Dunya does not transform you to become better. One day it’s going to hold you high, next day it’s going to smash you to the ground and bury you. Those who are so in love with the dunya, dunya, Sheykh Effendi is saying, forty times a day, not this dunya, the world, the earth is warning mankind, ‘remember me, remember your death because you walked proudly on me one day, one day you are going to be inside of me and I’m going to grind you!’  You think we are not going to feel anything when we are in the grave? We are going to feel everything. Prophet (asws) said, ‘don’t even  wash the dead body with water that is too hot or too cold, because they can feel it.’

So all this Tarikat, all this Zikr, all this association, is to make us to prepare ourselves too for the grave, so that we are not going to have any azab, punishment of the grave. Because there are those, once they fix themselves to be ready for ahiret, they purified  themselves, the grave is forbidden to even touch their dead bodies. They discover so many bodies of Evliya, of the friends of Allah. Some they are known to be, some nobody even knows. They thought they are regular people but so many years, forty years later, ten years later, seven years later, they say, ‘we have to dig it up, we have to make this road.’ They dig up to bury somewhere else, they see the jasad, the body is perfect. They discover the bodies of the martyrs of Uhud, of the Sahabis, their bodies were perfect. Blood was still flowing. Fourteen hundred years they passed. Because those are the ones, they become Ahle Jannat and the earth is forbidden to touch them.

May Allah include us, insya’Allah, in that one day. If not we are in very big trouble, and this is real. We have not reached anywhere. But we must try. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

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Sohbet by Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
13 Zul-Qadah, 1436H
August 28, 2015

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