Eid of Sacrifice: The doors of Ahiret is opened according to how you treat the words of your Lord



The blessings and the Rahmat, ahir zaman, the last days, Holy Prophet(asws) said: Islam began strange, it’s going to end strange. The blessings and the mercy and the news for the strangers that is going to come in ahir zaman, in the end of the time that the nation of Islam is going to be divided into hundreds and thousands of pieces. There is one group, always it’s going to stay in Siratul Mustaqim,’ Holy Prophet is saying,’they are going to hold on tightly to my sunnat and the blessings to them.’

Holy Prophet (asws) is speaking 1400 years ago about these days. Today, yes today we have Eid celebrations everywhere in the Islamic world, but the majority of the people they are no longer Muslims. They are not carrying the orders of Islam. They are just doing this celebration because it becomes some kind of a tradition that is coming down from 1400 years now. It became a tradition. Holy Prophet is sending greetings and blessings to those people who is going to stay in Siratul Mustaqim. He says it’s going to be pretty difficult, but you must hold on to it. Otherwise, you lose your faith.

The Eid of Sacrifice, first, the father of all religion, Ibrahim (as), he sacrificed. He sacrifice his son. But when he sacrifice his son, it was also not that hard for him. But when it comes to Ismail (as), he sacrifice his own life for Allah. When Ibrahim (as) was ready to sacrifice Ismail, Ismail (as) said to him, ‘My father, who is more merciful? You or me? And who is more generous? You or me?’

The father says, ‘of course me, my son. I am sacrificing you for the sake of our Lord.’

He says, ‘yes. But you are sacrificing my life. You are sacrificing me. The pain that you are going to have with me, you have another son. You are going to fix it with that one. But me, I have only one life and I’m giving that for Allah.’

So his father was surprised and looking. Then Angel came right away, saying, ‘the One who has created both of you is more merciful and more generous than both of you. Now sacrifice this animal.’

So when Ismail (as) he did that without any hesitation, Ibrahim (as) pray for him saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, from this son that you are please and I am please, from his generation, bring a Prophet that the mankind will follow.’ So Allah swt, through Ismail (as), He sent only one more Prophet, then He sent Prophet (asws) through his lineage. And sacrifice no longer is man but the animal. Allah said, ‘from now on, it’s forbidden to you to sacrifice each other for My sake. If you are going to sacrifice, sacrifice this animal. Treat them properly and sacrifice them for My sake.’ Alhamdulillah, this tradition is continuing from that time until today, and insya’Allah this is going to continue until the last days, until one man stays in this world with a faith, it’s going to continue. It’s never going to disappear.

The days are very difficult. So much confusion everywhere. Everywhere you turn, new ideas, new ways, new generations, new people. Everything is new. Certain things are going to stay in the way that Allah and His Prophet put it. You cannot change. We cannot change. We have not been given permission to change anything. We have to follow. The Muslim world, the Islamic world lost that tradition. They must turn back to that. If they want safety, they must turn back. Because the tradition that we are following is not something easy that you are going to break it down and throw it away. People they give their life for the sake of Allah.

Today, people they are not giving, sacrificing animal. If, I’m asking all these men here, the first born, raise your hand. Who’s born first from your mother, first boy?(Sheykh asks the Jemaah). That one, that one and that one (Sheykh points to the murids) are exception. If Allah didn’t send that ram, everyone of us  is going to be sacrificed. Everyone of us who was born first, and if Allah didn’t change that and He is going to continue saying, ‘now your father ibrahim sacrifice his son, every father who is having the first son must sacrifice for Me instead of ram.’ What are we going to do? To say  ‘No’?  That’s what people are saying, ‘No,’ in this world today too. But saying ‘no’ is not bringing anybody anywhere. Because the rope, our rope it is in the hand of Allah. Any time, any minutes He wants, He will pull. We are finished.


You can run. You can escape. Any small things happens to you, you want to run from Islam, you want to run from Tarikat, you want to run from this, run! The road is very big. This dunya is very big. This dunya is very big only for ignorant people. Not for intelligent ones. For intelligent ones, this dunya, life of this dunya, as the sun rising now, they are starting, when sun is setting, dunya is finished. For intelligent people. For ignorants, they think they have endless road, but endless road, they are running left and right and they are getting deeper and deeper and deeper troubles. If you are getting deeper troubles in dunya, you are putting yourself into deeper trouble in dunya, you think you have ways open to you in Ahiret?

The way is opening, the doors is opening to you for Ahiret, according to what you do in dunya. According to how you treat the words of your Lord. Any little sickness comes to anyone, running, shivering, running to a doctor. Doctor cannot help you. Soon, no doctor is going to help no one, because they are going to need doctors. Not ten, not one thousand, not million, millions they are going to run to psychiatrist.  They are not going to be able to help them, because they are going to need doctors!

New era, something open new, this year, 1425 open new. 1426, the tornadoes are coming. Majority of the people they are sick, they lost their way because they became weak. Because they lost the way of their Lord. Allah has order, ‘follow this way. Do this.’ Everyone became so delicate. Saying, ‘don’t cut the animals. No need. We don’t need to cut animals. Sacrifice the life? don’t sacrifice that life. No need.’ Hmm. Allah is saying to you, ‘it is needed. It is necessary.’ That’s why now, in this last century, half of the people they lost their mind. They are in psychiatrist running back and forth. The money that they are spending to psychiatrist, is like a vacuum pulling. That sickness has only one problem to fix: sacrificing the animals.

If you sacrifice the animals for the sake of Allah, that sickness goes away. Sacrifice the animals, distribute it to the people. That sickness will never come near to you. It will not come around you. All these happening because sheytan is whispering and the men becoming more weaker and weaker and weaker.

Allah has created men in different form then the women. The men must carry something else. If we don’t carry it, don’t think that you and me are the only one. He will take us and He will create new ones right away. No one can say to Him, did you change your mind? He does as He like. And the majority of the mankind today are running away from that. You must not. Because the sacrifice, you are sacrificing yourself. You are sacrificing your ego in that reality. When you are watching that animal, you are sacrificing yourself. You are sacrificing yourself from the dirtiness of the dunya.

Allah is ordering, ‘Come to Hajj.’ There is a reason. There are secrets in it. Men must make attempt to go there. It is a big obligation to a man. Maybe women can be shaky, but not to a man. Soon as a man comes to that station that he has enough, according to Islam, he is rich, he must make intention to go. But going to Hajj, you must make the intention. You are making intention to get rid of all the wrong characteristics. Because you are running, going to the places where the  Holy Prophet (asws) walked around, where the Holy Prophet he spent his life, where the Holy Prophet physically he is in the grave right now, there.  He’s appearing everywhere, but there, it is more important.

So now, because we are dropping every traditions, and every traditions that we are dropping we are replacing with something that is innovation, and all these innovations that we are replacing with, it’s coming from sheytan. It’s coming from new ways, new ideas, and it’s coming from anything that the Islamic world is dropping, anything that the Islamic world is leaving that is the sunnat of the Holy Prophet (asws), they are replacing with something that the unbeliever world is offering to them. So this is what they are trying to do now. I’m watching everywhere now, they are saying, ‘no need for sacrificing, no need to sacrifice the animal. Give money to people here. Send money to Tsunami. Send money to Thailand. Send money here. Send money there.’ Ya Hu! You are not understanding it is not with money! Those countries that they are inside that trouble, they have enough money. They can pull the money out and they can fix their problems. It’s not the money problem. The problem is that the mankind lost their faith to the Lord that they believe. The Christians, Jews, leave them. Muslims lost. If they didn’t lost, what they have? Crooked ones. Shaky.

Islam is sitting on the proper foundations. We cannot change. We are not able to change it. They are trying to change it, they cannot. So what they do? ‘Shall we change it?’ Running towards Christianity now. Running towards Americanism, running towards Europeanism. Losing Islam. Islam is not changing. It is there. Don’t think that Islam is changing. Don’t think that the Muslim countries they are changing their Laws and they are changing their ways and they want to look nice to Europeans, they want to become modern. Islam is the moderation. The moderation came and it stayed there!

Islam brought moderation to mankind. You don’t need any other moderation. Any other moderation that you are going to try to do, now you go to extreme to the other end now. Any moderation that they are trying to do, so many scholars of Islam, so many Sheykhs of Islam, they are trying to make moderation. Moderation to what? Did Holy Prophet leave something to you and you are going to moderate? Did Allah leave something? Isn’t it Allah is saying to us in the Holy Quran,  saying to us, ‘today, your  Lord has complete your religion.’ Is there anything that He has left out and we are going to complete it? No!

We lost. We came out. We must turn back in. We must find the way to go back in. don’t think that you are going to say, I am American, I am Chinese, I am European, I am Turk, I am Arab, and that is going to give you safety or you are going to say, ‘well I am fed up with this religion, let me run.’ Run! But the rope it is in the hand of Allah. You cannot run. Very short time you are going to run here and there, then who knows, maybe Allah doesn’t give you that short time too. Soon as you make the move one step, they will knock you down. You lose dunya and ahiret.

Muslims, they have nothing to lose. Because Muslims, they are not living for dunya. They are living for ahiret. They are living in dunya, but they are preparing themselves for  ahiret. Not for this dunya. This dunya has very little benefit in it. Don’t let anyone to fool you. If you want to fool, fool your own self. Don’t let anyone else to fool you. This is the reality. This is what it is, that applies to you and to me and to every Muslims and ever human on this face of this world. No one can escape from that. No one can say, ‘I am changing Islam according to the way I want.’ You cannot. Our Lord send His laws to us and saying, ‘I am not tying you like animals, to pull you. I am giving you enough rope. Because I give you intelligence. Use your intelligence, find your way in the Siratul Mustaqim. Don’t hang around in the forest areas. If the Angel of Death were to reach to you there,  you will be finished completely.

Hajis today they came down and they went to throw stones to sheytan where the sheytan appeared to Ismail (as), trying to fool him and Ibrahim (as). They didn’t get fool. This is a lesson to us. Sheytan appeared to them, trying to fool them. They didn’t get fool. One was going to sacrifice his son. The other was on the way to sacrifice himself. Sheytan came with so many ideas, trying to fool them, saying, ‘this is a wrong dream, this is this…this is…’ They didn’t get fool. Because they didn’t excuse themselves. Because they know the real message. Both of them know that that message was from Allah. So they didn’t excuse themselves from that message. It was very easy for them to excuse it also as what we are doing today, excuses is never finishing. I am watching, your excuse is never finishing. The lives are finishing, the excuses is not finishing.

Alhamdulillah, we are here on the third year now. Third year of the Eid. Celebrating the third year. The first year Eid that we celebrated, how many people are here from that time? I know how many. Those who were looking for vacation, they lost. They are not celebrating now, the Eid. What happened? The Eid changed? No. It’s continuing. They, have changed. They lost. If they turned back, they still lost. They lost the blessings of this year. They lost the blessings of last year. Yes, they lost. They may turn back but they lost again. This is a lesson to us, to know that we are establishing something here. This is not a Muslim country. It is not a Muslim country. To have a place in nowhere in the mountain like this, and it’s not a Muslim country, and to have jamaat like this to celebrate the Eid, you should make another two sejdah for that from the happiness and from what Allah is granting to us.

It is open. You cannot even have this kind of activities now in Muslim countries in the mountainside anymore. Only in the big cities. The mountainside is finishing. Holy Prophet said otherwise. He said, this time, you must move to the mountainside. People they are moving into the cities. Big events are waiting. Big events are approaching. If we are getting light, Nur, now, you will be strong that time what is coming ahead. What is coming, you will be able to hold on  tightly. Otherwise, wind will blow us away.

We must come back to our own senses. We must come back to our own self. Those who went to Hajj, they must come back to themselves more than others. Cos you have no other way to escape anymore. You already went to Hajj. Those who didn’t go to Hajj yet, they may think, I’m going to go to Hajj and all the sins that I have committed up till now, is going to be forgiven. Yes. But those who went to the Hajj, they finished their chance. You want to escape? Escape. Now, millions of people there they are throwing the stones to sheytan. Throwing the stones to sheytan, it is throwing their bad characteristics. Sheytan is not standing there hoping to get the stones on his head. No. You are saying, ‘here! Take the envy away from me. I’m throwing it back to you. Take the jealousy.’ Whatever wrong characteristics you have, you are throwing it away.

Every single day, you go there, you throw it. And you come back clean. You must try to keep it clean. And every year, you must try to continue that tradition. Every year, you must run, you must run, you must save money aside, as of tomorrow. If you think that you are not going to have money again for next year to sacrifice your animal, you must start saving from tomorrow. You must stop drinking one coke a day, one coffee a day! What kind of Muslims you are? You cannot sacrifice two hundred dollars for Allah’s sake? What kind of Muslims you are, eh? For everything, eating and filling up the toilet, it’s good? Huh, Allah is not happy.

Allah is not happy with you that way. He is saying to us, ‘don’t think that the animal that you are sacrificing is reaching to Me, it’s meat, it’s blood is reaching to Me.’ He says, ‘No. it’s not reaching to Me. You are sacrificing the animal and you are eating again. It’s not reaching to Me.’ He says, ‘Only your Taqwa is reaching to Me. That you are showing that you are sincere with Me because I have ordered you and you are keeping that order. That is reaching to Me. Not your animal.’

In these days, you may find people, Imams, everywhere giving khutbas otherwise. This is the khutba. Take this khutba, go give it to them. Let them to listen. If anybody is saying to you, ‘it’s okay, don’t sacrifice the animal. It’s okay, give money here, and here.’ Wrong! Allah is saying to us, ‘sacrifice.’ And the blessings that Allah is continuously giving us from the day that you go to Hajj, saying, ‘continue sacrificing that animal because when  you cut the animal, soon as the blood of that animal reaches to the earth, I will clean you, I will clean your sins that you’ve committed for that year.’ Masha’Allah. Masha’Allah. And you don’t want to be clean? That’s why you are not taking care of it. Okay.

So we must come back to our own self because our Lord is creating reasons to forgive us. He is opening doors to forgive us. We must run. When He is opening the doors to us, we must  run inside. We cannot sit here arrogantly waiting and the door is open. That door is going to shut down. Then He is going to open another door to you more far away. Don’t think that it’s going to come to you closer. Everytime you are running away from the favors of your Lord, He is going to open another door, but He is going to make it more difficult for you to reach that time. Don’t cheat yourself. We must not cheat our ownself. We are Muslims. We are believers. And we must not live for this dunya.

Yes, you must take the treasures and the wealth of this dunya, yes, but we must not live for this dunya. We must live in dunya and we must prepare ourselves for ahiret. We are not for this dunya. And our Lord is most Merciful and He is saying to us, ‘now, the wealth that I’m giving to you also, you must use the best.’ He is not saying to us to be stingy ones. No. He is saying to us, to use the best. Shah Naqshbandi is saying, ‘My murids, those people who is going to be my murids, they must wear the best clothes, they must use the best equipment, they must have the best houses, they must have everything all the best. Best in dunya too.’ Our GrandSheykh is saying the same thing. He’s keeping himself but he is saying to us, we must do. So, that way, dunya cannot fool you.

You must have all those best, but you must know that as soon as the call comes, taking out everything, if you cannot, someone else is going to take it out and everything is going to stay in dunya, you are going to go to the other side clean. That’s why we are wearing the ihrams, white clothes, to understand so much secrets there that you have to leave. And one must prepare himself before he goes there or otherwise you go there as of two feet animal, and if you don’t properly do the things there and you come back you will become a four feet animal that time. Because if you go to Hajj and if you didn’t clean yourself and you come back and you start running back to foolishness,  that’s very difficult that time.


Allahumma antas salam, waminkas salam, wa ilaika ya ‘uudus salam, fahayyina rabbana bis salam, wa ad-khiljan-natadaras-salam, tabaa rakta rabbanaa wa ta ‘aalaita ya dzal jalaali wal ikram. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar,la ilaha illallahu Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar wa lillah’il Hamd. Amin. Al-Fatiha

Eid Hutba by SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al‐ Kibrisi al-Rabbani Hz
Khalifah of Sultanul Awliya GrandShaykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Hakkani
January 20 2005




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