Stale knowledge is only for this dunya


This world is full of stale knowledge these days. There are so many schools, so many universities. From kindergarten to different gardens. Going to schools up until 40, 50, 60, 70 years of age. But what they’re learning is nothing. What they’re learning is, again, it’s only for this dunya. And they are not discovering, they’re not understanding the reality of this dunya and themselves. Their own reality. And when the man is not knowing himself, it is impossible for a man to know his Lord. He can only say words, ‘Allah.’ But first you have to know yourself. You have to understand yourself.

You have to know who you are. Not just that ID card that’s given to you by another man. Where you came from and where you’re going? What is the preparation? What does your aim have to be in this dunya? Males and females. Now today, from 7 years old to 70, from billions of people, there is only a handful of people who have the chance to ask this to themselves. And so many times, definitely we are asking, but there is no answer there, immediate answer to you. Then man is saying, “It’s ok. What a foolish question I’m asking.” And he’s turning back to this foolish dunya that is circling, swallowing, the mankind is finished.

“Alastu bi rabbikum. Qalu Bala.”  This, you have to remember. This, you have to keep alive in your own self. Day and night, 24 hours a day, you can keep it. If it’s not, early in the morning at least you have to remember this. What is this? This physical form? They’re just appearing now. But your own reality, that spirit, it is the oldest being that Allah (Jalla wa Ala, swt) has created. Too intelligent, smart people today, they are calculating and they are giving years for this world. They are saying, this many billions of years this world is here. Hm? Or they are saying, this many billions of years the sun is there. Isn’t it? Scientists, every time giving some dates. But they are giving, they’re putting one billion years. If there are one billion years that means it started from 1 and continued. So they’re putting calculations. First you have to know, understand that from all these things that you know and you don’t know. Things that appeared to you physically, and it’s just appearing but you are not saying it, seeing it is hidden to you. What you are carrying inside of you, which is giving you identity, has been created before anything else. So that has witnessed it. And every other creation that Allah has created.

So, 21st century people, as Holy Prophet is saying (asws), “The more they are going to study and the more they are going to learn, the more ignorant they are going to become.” Because they are not going to ask to find out about themselves. But they are only going to always look to the right side, and whatever their eyes are seeing, they are going to run to discover that. But they’re never going to look at themselves. So for that reason, saying to us, you need a mirror to show you to yourself.  You have to look at the mirror to say, “Oh, I’m also here. I’m always looking outside, but I’m also here.”

Of course, today’s people are always in front of the mirror, but they are watching their physical appearance only. Fixing that. Before I used to say women, but now men are worse than the women. Putting powder on their face, taking these things out, watching very carefully when they are going outside how they are looking. But never looking and thinking, how is that one looking to me? How am I appearing to that one? To my Creator. Allah Jalla wa Ala, Subhana wa Ta ala. All the schools have been bankrupt. It’s closed. That are teaching mankind himself. Because they don’t have too many students anymore. And the teachers also, they’re shutting the doors and going home. Meaning pulling themselves out, because that’s what Holy Prophet is saying, that, “When you are reaching to ahir zaman, there is going to be ignorance in East, West, North, South, everywhere. So if you are staying among them, pull yourself out. Don’t stay. That time no darkness is going to reach to you, when everywhere is going to be dark.”

knowledge and state of alert

SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al‐ Kibrisi al-Rabbani Hz
Khalifah of Sultanul Awliya GrandShaykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Hakkani


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