Eid ul Adha: Struggle and Sacrifice in Islam



Ayuhal Mu’minoon. O Believers. Welcome to you on this Holy day of Jumma. On this 24thday of this sacred month of Dzulqa’dah.  And InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, on Wednesday night, insyaAllah, we will be welcoming the honoured guest of the holy month of Dzulhijjah.

The month of Dzulhijjah, is a tremendous month that Allah swt is taking an oath by its first ten days in Surahtul Fajr. And Holy Prophet (asws) is describing the greatness of this month to us, saying, ‘there are not any days greater or any days in which deeds done in them are more beloved to Allah swt than these ten days of Dzulhijjah.So increase in them the saying of Tahlil – saying La illaha ilallah, and Takbir – Allahu Akhbar, and Tahmid – Alhamdulillah.’ And one of the wives of Holy Prophet (asws) said, ‘Rasulullah used to fast on the first nine days of Dzulhijjah and the day of Ashura and three days each month, the first Monday of the month, and two Thursday.’ So we should prepare ourselves for this Holy months in this first ten days.

This month that is coming, it is the month of Hajj. It is the month of Arafah. It is the month of Kurban. The believers should prepare themselves now and start to get ready. The best preparation we can make in this life, the biggest favour that we can do to ourselves in this life, is to try to become the people of good manners, the people of Edep. And Edep, it is an endless ocean. However deep you dive into that Ocean, you’ll find more and more treasures. And the Master of Edep, is the Holy Prophet (asws). He is saying in his Hadiths e-Sharif, ‘I was not sent except to perfect good manners.’ And the Sahabi e-Kiram, they were the ones in whom the manners, they were perfected because they are reflection of the light of the Holy Prophet (asws).

One of the Sahabi e-Kiram who had the best and most beautiful manners is a sahabi whom so many people, they do not speak about. Yet he was so beloved to the Holy Prophet. Holy Prophet (asws) said about this sahabi that he would be his special companion in Paradise. Holy Prophet (asws) married two of his daughters to the sahabi, such that he was given the title, The Possessor of The Two Lights. And Holy Prophet (asws) is saying about this companion that from amongst all his Sahabis, this sahabi’s manner were most like the Holy Prophet (asws) manners.Who are we speaking about?

We are speaking about the third Khalifah of Islam, Hazreti Osman al-Ghani (ra).

Ayuhal Mu’minoon, O Believers, what do we learn when we look at the life of Hazreti Osman? What do we see when we look at him? We see a sahabi who was a Sahibul Edep, the Master of Manners. The Holy Prophet (asws) is saying in Hadiths e-Sharif, that every Deen, every religion, every lifestyle has a defining characteristic. The defining characteristic of Islam, is  Haya, Modesty. And Hz Osman (ra) is them most modest of people. Holy Prophet (asws) said about Hz Osman, ‘Osman has the most Haya in my nation, and he is the most honourable.’

One time, Holy Prophet (asws) was sitting in his private room and a small part of his leg was showing. Hz Abu Bakr (ra) asked permission and entered the room, and Holy Prophet remained sitting in the same way. Hz Umar asked permission and entered. Holy Prophet remained the same. Then when Hz Osman asked permission to enter to the room, Holy Prophet (asws) put a cloth over his leg. When they asked Holy Prophet about this, he said, ‘should I not be modest before a man that even the Angels they are shy of.’  SubhanaAllah.

And maybe the well known, good characteristic of Hz Osman is his generosity. Hz Osman was so generous that he was given the title of Al-Ghani, the Generous one, from the Heaven. And generosity is one of the part of Edep that is beloved to Allah swt.


Holy Prophet (asws) is saying in a Hadith e-Sharif, ‘a generous man is near Allah, near Paradise, near man and far from Hell. But a miser is far from Allah, far from Paradise, far from man and near to Hell.’ Indeed an ignorant man who is generous is more precious to Allah than a worshipper who is miser. And Hz Osman, he never hesitated to give in the way of Allah.

When the Muslims entered to Medina al-Munawarah, there was a drought and they had almost no water to drink. There was only one well in the whole area and was owned by a jewish person who refused to let the muslim drink. So Holy Prophet asked, ‘who will purchase this well for the Muslims? And Allah will reward him with a fountain in Paradise.’

Hz Osman ran to buy that well. But that jewish man refused to sell it for a fair price. So just for half a share of that well, Hz Osman paid 20 000 dirhams. And he personally gave the muslims to drink from his own hands. When the Masjidil Nabawi needed to be expanded, Hz Osman ran forward and bought additional land for an expansion.

And when the muslims were going to fight the Byzantine empire in the battle of Tarbuk, the Muslims were in great need of supplies. Hz Osman came forward and gave one thousand camels, fifty horses and one thousand pieces of gold. Holy Prophet (asws) looked at the heap of gold and declared, ‘whatever Osman does from this day on, will do him no harm.’

But Hz Osman was not just generous with money. He was generous with his life. Because he gave his life for the sake of Islam. In about two months, we are about to remember the sacrifice of Hz Hussein in Karbala. We should also remember the sacrifice of Hz Osman. Holy Prophet (asws) one day was sitting with Hz Osman and he said, ‘Ya Osman, it may be that Allah swt will cloth you with a Jubbah and that the hypocrites will try to remove it from you, but do not leave it until you meet me.’ And after Hz Umar (ra) was martyred, Hz Osman was dressed with that jubbah, The Jubbah of Khilafat. He became the third Amirul Mukminin. Hz Osman did an amazing service for Islam. Hz Osman cemented the rule of Islam in North Africa. He spread Islam to Persia, to Afghanistan, to Armenia, to Georgia, to Azerbaijan, to Turkmenistan all the way to India. Under Hz Osman, Islam reached to Daghestan and Anatolia. And it was Hz Osman who formed the first Navy of Islam, and through that, Islam entered to Cyprus.

Despite the Greatness of Hz Osman, people made so much Fitnah. The first Fitnah in Islam that they were coming from Egypt, from Kuffar, from all parts of Arabia spreading rumours and lies about Hz Osman. And those people, just like the hypocrites today, they were pretending to be the best people. They were pretending that they wanted to help the ummat. But in reality, they were the worst people. Allah swt is saying about people like that in the Holy Quran, “BismillahirRahmanirRahim, when it is said to them, ‘do not make corruption in the earth,’ they say, ‘we are only peacemakers.’ Truly they are the corrupt ones. But they are unaware.” And finally, they made a conspiracy, pretending to go on Hajj but in reality, they attacked Medina. And they surrounded the house of Hz Osman, saying that they would not leave until he stepped down. But he obeyed that prediction that Holy Prophet had made years before and he did not give up for the Khilafat.

Hz Osman tried so hard to make peace but the Hypocrites did not want peace. They wanted to destroy Islam. For forty days, they cut the water supply from Hz Osman. They cut the water supply from the one who gave them water when they migrated to Medina. And Hz Osman was keeping fast for forty days. Finally one night he saw a dream that Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘Ya Osman, tonight you will make iftar with us.” And Hz Osman went to the guard at the door and he said, ‘don’t kill anyone on my behalf.’ And that day, the hypocrites, they entered Hz Osman’s house through his window and with complete cruelty they martyred one of the most beloved Sahabi of Holy Prophet. When Hz Osman was martyred, he was reading the Quran and when his blood was spilled, it fell on the ayat, and that ayat says, “So if they believe the way that you believe, then they are rightly guided. But if they turn away,  then they are only an opposition. So Allah will be enough for you against them. And He is the all Hearer, the All Knower.”


And this hypocrites were so cruel, they were so heartless, that they refused to let Hz Osman be buried for three days. Until finally he was secretly buried by Hz Ali, Hz Hasan and Hz Hussein.

So Hz Osman, he was so generous with his life. He gave his life for the sake of Allah. He sacrifice his life in the way of the Holy Prophet. Perhaps, we don’t have so much wealth that we can give. But Allah swt has granted us the breath of life, and that life does not even belong to us. And we should return it back to Allah. That is the generosity of Hz Osman al-Ghani. And the night Hz Osman was martyred, Hz Hasan (ra) had a dream. He said that he saw Rasulullah (asws) in his dream standing by the Arsh, by the throne of Allah. The Prophet look worried and Hasan said, ‘this was the first time that I’ve seen the Prophet looking worried in my dream.’ Abu Bakr then came behind the Prophet and placed his hand on the shoulder of the Prophet. Umar also came and placed his hand on the shoulder of Abu Bakr, shortly after this, Hz Osman came with his face full of blood, and his head was in his hand. Osman said, ‘Ya Rasulullah, for what sin did they butcher me like a cow?’

Hz Hasan narrated that after Osman said this, the throne of Allah started to shake, and two streams of blood came down from The Throne of Allah. A voice also came out from the unseen saying, “Until today, no believer has taken the life of a believer.  After today, until the Day of Judgement, believers will be taking the lives of other believers.”

O Believers, this is the time of great Fitnah. This is the time of great confusion. That confusion that started in the time of Hz Osman is continuing today. That Fitnah, is affecting believers and unbelievers. That Fitnah, it has entered inside of the Tarikat. We should stay away from Fitnah.

O Belivers, O Murids, we are awaiting the one who will clean up this Fitnah; Hazreti Mahdi (as). Follow the advice of SahibulSaif who said, “we must wake up to our ownselves. We are passing every single day step by step going ahead. Before the appearance of Mahdi (as), we must complete, we must prepare. The Naksibendi Hakkanis must prepare themselves to that work that Mahdi (as) is coming to build, to do. And these are the ways. Through sohbets we may learn.”

O Believers, remain in sohbet. Remain in the association. InsyaAllah, we will be saved from Fitnah and we will remain clean. Amin.

be in sohbet

Wa minaAllahu Taufiq. Al-Fatiha.

SelamAleykum wr wb.

Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

September 20 2014

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