When The Hearts Are Diseased By Dunya


Friendsof Allah

We are asking support from the friends of Allah, the Evliya, to our Sheykh, to send us something that we are going to bring from, to learn. Something that is fresh, something that is alive, something that is going to give us benefit in this world and the Hereafter.

This is a Sohbet. This is an association. This is not a classroom. This is not a lecture. I did not go off and prepare something and come with so many books or slides or quotes and come to speak to you. No. There is no preparations. Preparation is something else. Preparation is getting ourselves to clean, to clean the channel between us and Allah. So that when it is necessary, then Allah, through the love of His Prophet and the Evliya, they will send us something that is necessary for us. This makes the knowledge that we are about to receive, fresh and immediate. This makes the knowledge that we’ve learned before to be stale. Because we are asking for what is necessary now, at this moment, for you that is in front of us. Otherwise, when we are preparing something, it is to an imaginary audience. You are not connected to Heavenly station, it is very difficult then to reach to people’s heart. You may reach to their mind maybe a little bit, or you are going to touch to their ego. But they are going to learn wrong things.

So many are running after stale knowledge, the knowledge of the scholars, the external knowledge. More and more people are running for it. But we see that this world is not getting better. It is like, if you have in a city, so many people are becoming doctors but the whole city is becoming more and more sick. So something is wrong there. If the scholars are supposed to be the doctors of law, to help, then why this world, this nation of the Muslims, the conditions of the Muslims, are getting worse and worse and worse? What is the Khutba saying?

The Khutba is saying, now, one simple warning that is coming from Allah and from the Prophet, unchanging, that we can always take lessons from, that they never get stale, it never gets old, but we have to look at it and we have to look at our life, and we have to put it together. Knowledge of the scholars, it is there, it is in the books, but it is not opening the books of your lives. The Sheykhs they open the book of your lives and they make you to open your books, what is here (Sheykh points to the heart). To make you to examine your heart. Now Allah has a book. Prophet (asws) has a book. We have a book too. What is written in our book? The words of Allah and the words of the Prophet? Or the words of our ego and the words of our desires? Or the khutba is saying what? The first pull: the pull of the dunya, of this world.

First we have to understand this, that this world, like what the Holy Prophet (asws) is saying openly: ‘The value of this world, it is like the value of the waste of the human.’ It is clear. You want something clearer than that? And our Sheykh, SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim is saying: this world is designed as a toilet. Because when Adam (as) and Hawa ana, they ate from the forbidden fruit and they had a stomachache for the first time in Paradise and they needed to excrete, they were sent to the world to pass it. This world is a toilet. What the EvliyaAllah now, Sheykh Abdul Kerim Effendi, he never pulled out this hadiths, correct? But is this hadiths, when he said that this world is a toilet, is it not connected to the hadiths completely? Hundred percent. But he’s making it very easy and understandable, and very deep for us to take and to continuously taking from it.

This is one of the miracles of the EvliyaAllah. That they don’t go through formal training but they are always in association, in Sohbets, like this. And the Sohbets of other EvliyaAllah, the way that the companions of the Prophet they were in the association with the Prophet, they never went to school, they didn’t go to classes, they sat in the presence of the Prophet (asws) and whatever that is in their hearts that they are asking for that is necessary, the Prophet is giving.


So if you come to an association with an empty cup, it is easy for us to fill it. If you come with a full cup, then we cannot put anything in it. Empty it first. And those who are becoming more murids, real believers, they are not even going to come with a cup. They are going to break their cup and say that it is better, you make a cup for us.

So now, this world, very quick now, when ayats are pulled out, talking about the reality of this world, when the hadiths is pulled out, talking about the reality of this world, when the words of the EvliyaAllah they are pulled out, when our own experience are pulled out, very quick those who call themselves very high level Muslims, just yesterday we were talking about this, they said, “but, that dua that Allah and His Prophet is teaching us, is saying, ‘Ya Allah, give us the best of this dunya and the best of the ahiret.’ But Allah is making us to say the dunya, this world, before ahiret. That means that this world is more important than ahiret. So ahiret is second. First it is dunya.” They are taking it and they are turning it upside down. This is what it means by the last days, this ahir  zaman.  Black is white and white is black. And they turned everything. There is confusion everywhere.

Just like that hadiths of the Prophet (asws), Sheykh Effendi is mentioning over and over again. What did he say? Sheykh Effendi is saying: Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘work for this dunya as much as you are going to live in this dunya,’ as long as you are going to live. Meaning, as much as you need to survive in this dunya. And work for the ahiret, for the Hereafter, as much as you are going to live in the Hereafter. As much as you need the Hereafter. As much as you are going to be in the Hereafter.’  It is clear to us, when Sheykh Effendi is explaining that, saying that you are going to live in this dunya, you are going to survive in this dunya, what really do you need to survive? Do you need all this stress and all this complications and all this luxury and all these headaches to just to survive in this dunya? Did Allah not design everything for mankind, for us to survive.

We think we are doing something. Who is making the sun move from east to west? We are? We think we are doing something so hard, we have to work so hard for this world, who is bringing the rains from the skies? We are? Who is making the crops to grow? We are? Allah is saying, ‘if you look at all these things, in the alternations of the night and the day, the sun rising, the ships on the oceans, the rain falling, you will see the signs of Our greatness.’ That’s the time, yes, you don’t need to go learning the book knowledge. You are going to sit and Allah will then open the book of creation in front of you and you are going to read, and you are going to marvel at your Lord, you are going to remember your Lord, and you are going to come close to Him. Because He has created us to remember Him, He has created us to know Him, and more you know the greatness of your Lord, more closer you are going to become. So now, this life will teach you. This nature is going to teach you. And this world, Allah has created everything for us.

To survive in this world is not that difficult. What makes it difficult? Don’t say it is nature, or the Creator of nature makes it difficult. We make it difficult. Man makes it into a Hell. Man has turned this world into a Hell for each other. Allah did not create this world as a Hell. It’s a bathroom! Yes, it’s necessary. But He did not create this world as a Hell. We have turned it  into a hell. With what? It is not because of religion too. It is because you are not understanding your ego, that part of yourself that is the most disobedient one. Even if you’ve taken shahadat, but if you are not training your ego, your nafs, that nafsu amara, that disobedient nafs, to become a nafsu mutmain, to become an obedient nafs, that ego, you are praying, you are fasting, you are doing so many good things it looks like you don’t train your ego, you can become the worse one in the name of Allah. But in reality, you are not doing it in the name of Allah, you are doing it in the name of your ego.

So now, we live in this world, how long? Sixty years, seventy years. Add a couple more decades maybe. What do we need to survive in this world? Very little. How long are we going to live Hereafter? Eternity.

Eternity. You are going for a one week trip, weekend trip, somewhere. You pack your whole house, especially the women, they pack the whole house. They take everything but the kitchen sink they don’t take. You prepare everything. Then you think we don’t have to prepare for our trip, our journey to the Hereafter? What are we going to need there. Don’t think it is magic. This religion it is not magic. It is intelligence. So now we have to prepare. As much as we are going to live in the Hereafter, we have to prepare. So now, yesterday we talked about that dua: Fiddunya wal akhiraYa Rabbi, provide us the best of this dunya and the best of this Ahiret. And the best of this dunya, it is according to what Allah and His Prophet say it is the best. Not according to our ego. Because according to the ego, we want this whole dunya. According to the ego, according to our desires, this whole dunya if we have this whole world with everything in it is not enough. If you give another world like this, it is not enough. But those who have submitted their will to Allah, they say, ‘Ya Rabbi, whatever that You’ve given me, it is more than enough, and I’m happy.’

So the best of this world, it is according to what Allah has given you, it is what Allah has shown His Prophets how they live according to this world. Didn’t they live the best of this dunya? Yes they did. Because the best of this dunya, it is not to make this dunya to pull you away from ahiret. The best of this dunya it is not getting the richest and the luxury of this world. Everybody knows, when we say, what kind of life? ‘Oh I don’t want to be too rich, I just want to be comfortable. I just want to be comfortable.’ That’s good. In the west, when they retire they say, ‘I just want to be comfortable and have a simple life.’  Oh, so you woke up. Maybe you take fifty years to wake up to want a simple life. When the blood it is pumping, when you are young, you want to have very exciting life, but later you say, ‘I just want to have simple life.’ What kind of life? American dream, American Jannat; ‘I want to have a house by a lake.’ (Sheykh laughs) Yes? ‘I want to retire where a house is by the lake, keep couple of chickens, and that’s it.’ Are you happy?

‘I’m very happy.’ They are saying. And you know what? That is the life Allah has designed for humanity, for our nation, for His nation to live, not when you are sixty, seventy years old, that you have to live when you are young. To have that simplicity. What happens when you have that simplicity? You have time, you are not busy, you are not pulled, now you can read the books that Allah sent. You can read the nature, you can enjoy, you can read each other, you can remember Allah, then everything around you is going to remind you of your Lord, because it’s not going to pull at you. So, that is the best of this world.

remember me and i will remember you

Now, they take that hadiths, I know especially in Southeast Asia, they take that hadiths, they say, ‘work in this world as much as you live in it, and work for the ahiret as much as you are going to live in that.’ They are taking that hadiths and they say, ‘you see? We are going to live in this world a short time,’ these are Alims, scholars who twist this, “that hadiths means, ‘you are only going to live in this world for sixty, seventy years, a short time, you  have to work as much as you can, because you have a short time.’ But for the ahiret it’s forever. So relax. You don’t have to do anything for the ahiret, because you are going to live forever. Relax.” This is sheytan’s teachings. Taking something and twisting it. And this is very popular and this is their work that is being spread through millions of people and they say, ‘you see? This justifies it. So, we have to run after this world.’

Yes, you are running after this world, there used to be, once upon a time, when Muslims are even living in this world,  running after this world, the role model in front of them is how other Muslims are running after this world. They are looking at rich, powerful Muslims who are running after this world, who have power, who have money, who have everything and they say, ‘wow, I want to be like that,’ when they are running after this world. Now, they don’t even have Muslims to be their role model. They are running after unbelievers. And you know what happens then? They become even worse than the unbelievers. Worse! Worse than the unbelievers because the sickness now enters into their hearts.

Huh, we know what is happening in this world right now. Whole world is shocked by those images of the little Syrian boy that is washed ashore. We are shocked, we are very sad, and we are crying for that one. But what that is happening to that is because of one picture, one picture that someway, somehow, it leaked. You think it happened only yesterday, to that one boy? It has been happening to thousands like that every single day, for a very, very, very long time, specifically after the fall of the Khilafat, when injustice comes out, and the oppression starts to rule. And now, the blood of the innocent ones becomes very cheap, because there is no protection. And what is happening to those ones there?

They are caught in a ship and they want to go somewhere. You don’t hear too many Muslim countries opening their doors, exceptions like Turkey here and there. Most of the Muslim countries that are near to that area there, so many of the Muslim countries there, they have so much wealth, understand how they are being opposite to Allah and His Prophet, they have so much wealth they start to make their toilets to be made from gold. They have so much wealth, that they are burning money just to show off how much money they have. They have so much wealth that they are wasting. They have so much wealth that they can ransom this whole Ummat and save us from that poverty, over and over and over again. But they are not doing it. They are wasting all that money!

And now, you see so many non-Muslim nations they are coming forward, because their hearts are still alive, and they are offering to help. Simple people, people that their hearts their hearts are not sick, diseased by this dunya, because they were not taught wrong things.

Once upon a time, going back a little bit to Portugal, once upon a time, when the Muslims they were ruling the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal and Spain, for 800 years, then after that the Muslims there they fell into wrong areas, wrong thinking, wrong actions and Allah punished them and the unbelievers came and retook that whole Peninsula, after 800 years, understand, 800 years, we’re not talking about fifty years, 800 years. This nation in America is 300 years, you know? Imagine, three times as long. How much more civilization? Spain, Andalusia at that time, was the most advanced nation in the west. But, compared to Baghdad, compared to Shams, compared to the Muslim nations, Andalusia is still in the backwater, compared to the technology and the advancement and the enlightenment in the Muslim capitals, at that time. But this, Andalusia, was the most advanced nation in that region according to the, especially western standards that when they came and they destroyed 99.9 % of the Islamic civilization. Now, back then, with that 1%, 0.1% of that Islamic knowledge that the Spanish they took, they became the most advanced nation, in Europe at that time. Way ahead from all the others.

So, if the reconquistadors, they came, they threw out the Muslims, or they forced them to become, forced them to become Catholics again and there were a big number of Jews that were also there that at that time they were living with the Muslims, and it was a Golden Age for the Jews too. Understand also, don’t believe these lies that people they are saying, ‘Oh, Muslims and the Jews, they’ve always been enemies for all these thousands of years…’ That is a complete lie. Muslims and the Jews have always lived together. In fact, the Jews, they found, their highest civilization, the best time in their history, under the rule of the Muslims. In Baghdad, in Spain, in Istanbul, in every major city, the Jews are there and they have such a high civilization.

Hz Umar, when he retook Palestine, when he retook Jerusalem, Quddus that were under the control of the Christians, at that time the Christians they banned the Jews from coming to pray at their temple, he banned them. The Emperors, banned them from coming, for such a long time. Hz Umar first law, first rule he says, ‘bring the Jews back, because they are Ahle Kitab. They are People of the Book. Bring them back. Let them to have freedom of worship.’ And when they showed him where the Masjidul Aqsa is, and the Christians, to insult the Jews, the turned that part that they call ‘the wailing wall’, that part of Suleiman (as)’s Masjid, not Temple, Masjid, Masjid means Jami, Jami means the place that people come together, Allah is Jami, the One who brings people together. The Christians they made that into a public latrine, public toilet. They are piling excrement and everything just to insult the Jews and they banned the Jews from coming. The Jews were in exile. Hz Omar invited them back. And he says, look for that area that is Holy to you. They say it is over there. Hz Omar himself went and he dug it with his own hands.

Muslims and Jews they have lived together peacefully. Not only peaceful, not just tolerating each other, they are able to put their differences aside and to make this world a better place for people to live. Because the Muslims saying, Allah is saying, Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, about the ahle kitab: leave them, don’t force anything on them. Holy Prophet is saying, ‘lakum dinnukum waliyadin – To you your religion and to me mine.’ If they want to come, they come. But, you don’t force them. If we force them, if we force Jews or Christians or unbelievers to become Muslims, we did a very bad job. Because if we force and if we brought Islam by the sword, this world, from the Balkans sweeping all the way to Turkey to the middle east, to India, to western China, to SouthEast Asia, this whole area, there will not be one single church, or one single synagogue, or one single temple.  Because all this area was ruled by the muslims, if we ruled by the sword. We had the power. Not for one year, two years, ten years. We are ruling for hundreds of years. We are ruling for over a thousand years. We are ruling for thirteen hundred years. You think we didn’t have enough intelligence that way to say, ‘let’s just destroy their places of worship. You know what? Let’s destroy their language too. Force them to learn our language, so they cannot then access to their own traditions and their own cultures. You know what? Make them to dress  like us!’ Impose colonization the way that the west impose colonization. Never did. The Ottomans they ruled all these areas. They never did.

Hoja Ottoman (2)

The Turks they were ruling India, they could have made almost the whole of India was under Muslim Rule, the whole of India was, except for a few errand states here and there. They could have destroyed every temple. That they are talking ugly things about Sultan, Hazreti Aurangzeb, saying he hates the Hindus, they are doing this you don’t understand. That is what the British put in your history books, to make you to hate each other. Because you know why? The Hindus and the Muslims they were living good together too. They have records, they have firmans from the temples, Hindu temples, just a handful of temples, they didn’t go through the whole of India, just a  handful of temples, to say, did Aurangzeb offer any help to this temples, to you? They can produce the firman today, to show, yes, the Mughals they actually gave money to help us to build this temples.  So what kind of lies are we living in this world?

A man who is thinking, who is waking up, who is learning knowledge is going to understand and he’s going to know, he’s going to make his faith to become better. So now, in this Iberian peninsula, we are going back to that, when they massacred so many Muslims, when they forced converted so many muslims, then when they kicked out the Jews and the Jews were in ships and they were just in the ship, no country in Europe wanted to take them. The Ottoman Sultan issued a decree to  say, ‘we receive them. Let us take this jews, from Spain. We take them, because,’ why? ‘they are ahle kitab. We will take them and we will put them into our land. We give land to them. We give everything that they need’ and there are still descendants of those Jews living in  Turkey today.

This was the spirit of the  Muslims. That Muslims don’t look to see whether someone is Muslim or not. They look at whether that person is a human or not.  They help because that one is a human. And if that one is not a human,  they helped too. Because we have been taught to take care that which Allah creates. We cannot even be cruel to a cat. It is forbidden for us. The Prophet (asws) says: this woman, she’s a pious woman, she prays, but she lets her cat to die from hunger and thirst, she is in the hellfire. It is forbidden for us to even burn ants. So it gives us humanity.

And now, the Muslims rulers themselves, who have so much money, like in Turkish they say, the Arabs they don’t know what to do with that oil, they take that oil and they rub it everywhere. Those Muslim rulers, they turned a blind eye. Allah is not blind. And he is watching. And the rights of the oppress, they are all written down. Maybe we are not responsible. What much can we do? Everyone, someway, somehow, yes, but our hands are tied. Those ones, their hands are not tied. Where are so many of them? Where are they that talked so much. Where are all these Muslims politicians, here and everywhere? Where are all those Muslim rulers showing off with their fancy lifestyle that is completely haram? We say that because isn’t wasting haram?

Wasting is haram. Yes. And if you make a toilet, they make a toilet seat from gold, that is haram. Because the believer knows, whatever is in our hands, the orphans has a right to it. Those widows, they have a right to it. The poor people they have a right to it. That’s why zakat, it is a very big part of our faith. Zakat is not just to write a cheque and to give. Zakat is supposed to make us to understand that this, what we have in our hands, it doesn’t belong to us. It is given to us as a trust, as an emanet, and it may be taken away from us.

So a few hundred year ago, the Ottoman Sultan welcomed Jews because they were holding the flag of the Prophet High. In the ahir zaman, not even the Muslim rulers they looked to the Muslim refugees that are drowning in the waters that is in their neighborhood. Shame on them! Allah is watching. And the revenge of Allah is coming.

We are asking for forgiveness. For us to wake up a little bit. To understand now, it is not what you have from this dunya, from this world that is going to make it good or not so good. It is not how much you have. Don’t you see, all these Wahhabi  Arab kind Princes, whoever, billionaires, they have so much, is this world turning into a better place? No. it’s turning into a worse place. It is not what you have in your hands, it is what you have in your heart. And whatever that is in your heart, you always want to share. What you have in your hands, you want to hold it tightly.

May Allah keep us in safety, insya’Allah and send help to those ones who are being oppressed and send ease to them, and send us a savior, Mahdi (as), to come to bring back justice into this world. Ya Rabbi, forgive us, for the sake of the Prophet (asws), SahibulSaif, al-Fatiha.

Ottoman Naksibendi

After Jummah Sohbet by Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
10 Zul-Qadah, 1436H
September 4, 2015

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