What is the value of your Pilgrimage to the House of Allah?



Muslims have lost their minds because no one is making intention for ahiret anymore. We make a lot of planning and intention for dunya but when we ask them, ‘what do you plan for ahiret?’ They say, ‘So, as Allah likes.’ Masha’Allah. If they  have half of that much faith as Allah likes in their dunya, they will be Saints by now.   If we ask what is their plans fordunya, they never say, ‘as Allah likes.’ This, this, this, this. Everything is planned properly. So we should make our intentions in these days and nights because we have become so weak. 21st century Muslims have become so weak, that we cannot do anything. At least to make good intentions, strong intentions, then the help and the boost will come from that.

So these are the days before Kurban, before the day of Hajj. Holy days. If you are awake a little bit, you will notice, you will see it is a Holy days. These days don’t feel the same. It don’t feel like any other day. Look and think why certain things are happening. Think. Don’t just look and to say, ‘hmm, this is creepy.’ Look to think, why certain things are happening? More that you are thinking, more blessings will come. More understanding, more faith.

You want to increase your faith? By Tafakkur, by thinking, by meditation, you will increase your faith. Of course that these are the days that if you start worshiping a little bit more; fasting, nafila ibadah, to make more zikir and salawat, pull yourself back and to think, to meditate, these are the days that it is very recommended for that.We should, in these days, watch our actions. Don’t fall into a ghaflet. See what is in front of us. Is it good or is it bad? Pull yourself away from bad things and from places that is going to cause bad things to happen. You are not thinking. If you are not thinking what is right in front of you, right now when I say, ‘Think,’ what’s going to happen in the future? What’s going to happen when the big dajjal comes and he is going to fool everyone. You think that time you will start thinking? Impossible.

If you are not preparing and thinking and beating yourself up, making yourself to knock wall to wall now, when the time comes, definitely you are going to be with dajjal. So these are days where thousands are preparing themselves for the Hajj. But be careful. A donkey that circles around the Ka’aba seven times, doesn’t come back to become a Haji. It is still a donkey. So many donkeys go, and so many donkeys come back. So many donkeys go and they come back lions and wolves. So many are going just to satisfy their ego and their nafs.So many are not being serious about their Hajj.

In the old days, when people they make intention for their Hajj and when people want to go to the Hajj, they say, ‘I’m going and may I die there and be buried there, not to come back.’ They didn’t make any more plans after they come back. Because their intention is pure and is simple. They want to fulfil the fifth pillar of Islam, to be clean and may Allah take their life and to be buried in the soil that contains the bodies of Prophets, Sahabis and Saints. But in these days, it’s not a pilgrimage anymore. The Hajj is not a pilgrimage anymore. It’s just a stopover. It’s a vacation. It’s a visit. What is a vacation? You are going to enjoy yourself, correct? Going to the Hajj, to enjoy themselves.

In the old days, not too long ago too, people are going to the Hajj with so much difficulties. Taking days, weeks, months, travelling. In the old, old days, EvliyaAllah, they will take years to go to the Hajj. There’s one friend of Allah, he’s walking. Walking to go to Mecca. Walking to go to the Hajj. It took him over ten years. Because with every three steps, he made  a sejdah. Every three steps, he made a sejdah. Every three steps, making a sejdah. Bida’at? Hmm, for people who have no faith.  It took him over ten years. And after a certain while, he open his eyes, his not going to the Ka’aba, the Ka’aba is coming to him. What? Do you think these are stories? These are real. This world is not the world of five senses. The world  of the five senses is just the base point. There’s so many things that is happening in this world that is beyond the five senses. If it is only the five senses that is holding to this world, then you have no faith.

So, in the old days, people are going there, going to the Hajj, they finish all their business. They finish all their relations, they finish everything, going there, like I said, with the intention to die. Not to come back. Not like today’s people, before they go, they have already make the intention to come back and what they are going to do. I saw one documentary some time ago about the Hajj, different kinds of people. I’m trying to think, what kind of muslims? Somebody asked him, ‘what do you hope to get from this Hajj?’  He is saying, ‘I hope  to come back to become a better father, a better businessman, a better friend….’ a better this and a better that. So, you hope to go to the Hajj to get all those things? So where is there, in that intention, for Allah? So you are just using Allah and His Prophet just to make your lifestyle better. You  do not say, ‘I wish to become a better servant to Allah, to understand that this dunya is a prison, not to fall to the fitnah of this lying world, to hold my faith strong, and to help others in the way of Allah.’ It becomes, you are going to the Hajj to make your own selfish, egoistic life, more selfish, more egoistic, more taste to it!

And in these days, the sacred lands, they are being desecrated and defiled that if it is not obligation, we wouldn’t go. Why are we saying such heavy words? Do you think there is blessings raining down to a place where they have defiled the presence of the Prophet (asws)? They make his house into a public toilet! So tell me, is there Rahmat falling or curses falling? They make the grave of Hazreti Hamza, this wahabbi sheytan, just so that people will not go to make ziyaret, into a public parking lot. They make so many places into malls. There is one mountain, I believe that was Jabbal e-Noor, isn’t it?  That they blew up and billions of Muslims, standing up cheering, ‘masha’Allah, this is very good progress. You see we have so much money, we have so much technology, all these things must be built, must be expanded, and we finish with everything.’ So that nothing remains except for the Ka’aba, and even that Ka’aba, Allahualam, if they have destroyed it and they build a new one. Those stones don’t look like they were the stones rebuild the last time that it fell down.

destruction of Mecca 5destruction of Mecca 3

mountains of mecca being eliminated

It is an obligation, and we hope Insya’Allah with the intention to go and perform the Hajj.But with the statement, with the promise, with the caveat, that our hands are tight and we don’t like what’s happening here and we are asking that the proper ones, Heavenly ones will be sent to correct this wrong things that is happening in the land of the Prophet (asws). But muslims have become so selfish, they don’t care anymore about this. They say, ‘what can I do?’ Masha’Allah. That’s a believer for you.  Is that what Allah and His Prophet (asws) said; a believer is supposed to say, ‘what can I do’ ? What did Prophet (asws) said?  “The Ummat, believers they are like one body. If one part is in pain, the whole body feels.”  They don’t feel anymore. How you don’t feel anymore? Because of Hubub dunya. The love of the world. Collecting the world, and living the world  and enjoying from the world, and the world that is removed from the lifestyle of the Prophet (asws).

May Allah keep us in safety, remove us from ghaflet, Insya’Allah. We are raising our hands every day for Hz Mahdi (as) to return soon and for this dajalliyat system to fall. For Allah and His Prophet’s laws to be brought back into this world, and for justice carried out by the Ottomans to be circling around this world, for the balance to be brought back.Insya’Allah. For the sake of Holy Prophet (asws), Sultanul Awliya and SahibulSaif. Fatiha.

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York . September 27, 2014

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