Are you pulling the Blessings or the Azab of Allah in these Holy times?


Let us renew our Shahadat. Say Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu. Salallahu Ta’ala Alayhi ve ala Alihi ve Sahbihi ve Sallim.

Hoja Effendi

All kinds of knowledge must go back to the Shahadat. Every knowledge in this world or in these worlds, every knowledge in the sky every knowledge in every alam, knowledge of dunya, knowledge of ahiret, it has to go back to the Shahadat. If it does not go back to the Shahadat, that knowledge it is a cursed knowledge, it is not knowledge that is coming from the Divine. If it’s not coming from the Divine Ilahiyet ilm, then the ilm, the knowledge is coming from nafsani, from your nafs, from sheytan. That kind of thing is knowledge too, but it is a knowledge that is going to bring you to the fire. That is a knowledge that it brings you to trouble and dangerous area twenty four hours, seven days a week. It is not a knowledge that is going to bring you light. It is not a knowledge that is going to bring you the truth or nearness to Allah swt. It is knowledge that is going to put a barricade between you and Allah swt.

The pillar of Islam, it is five. What are they? Shahadat, to say, ‘Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu.’  Your prayer, zakah, sawm in the month of Ramazan, going to the Hajj, giving the shahadat, you pray, you fast, you give zakat, you go to the Hajj, if your prayer is not bringing you better understanding and it’s not protecting your shahadat, then that shahadat, there is something wrong there and the shahadat can get weak. The shahadat can be corrupt. While you are saying with your tongue, while you are saying, today’s people they get very impressed if you speak with perfect loghatul Arabia, you can speak with the perfect Arabic accent, but if it has no meaning and if the meaning when you say, ‘Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah,’ it is corrupt, when the meaning that you say, ‘Muhammadan Rasulullah,’ it is corrupt, when you are not putting Allah first and you are not following the lifestyle and the sunnat of the Prophet (asws) first, no matter how much you say it, that shahadat, it is corrupt. And just with the shahadat, it is an endless ocean. Of course.

The prayer it is to protect the shahadat. If the prayer is not protecting the shahadat, the shahadat it is vulnerable. Even if the shahadat it is sincere but because you are not praying, sheytan will penetrate some ways somehow, to take away that faith. You are praying but you are fasting, you are stealing from here and there, you are fasting like an animal that is tied up outside without food and water, but once the water and the food it is given, they rush to it, you are fasting from food and water but you are not fasting from your dirty characteristics, then there are other wall that is protecting the shahadat, it is broken. Sheytan may enter.

Your Zakat, like we are speaking today, zakat from a halal money, should we continue more? Zakat that is used and collected properly, zakat that is halal, in which billions of Muslims they are playing games with this pillar of Islam, moving their money around when the time coming for zakat so that it doesn’t fall into that law for one year. So many things they may do. Zakat is there to protect, fasting is there to protect, your prayers are there to protect your shahadat. All these walls they are rotten, your Shahadat is more corrupt. Because the prayer now, it is not just to speak with the tongue and to believe with your heart, that Shahadat, you speak with your tongue and you believe with your heart, now with salat, with the prayer now, your whole body and your whole mind, your whole spirit now, it has to move a certain way. Only in that way. No other extra you can take or you can take out or you can put. Now the whole body has to move according to that Shahadat.

shahadat (3)

For five times a day, with the fasting now, the fasting is recognizing Allah who is not in need of anything, and understanding and recognizing how we are His weak creatures that is in need of everything from Him. Understanding that there is no Ilah except for Allah. Now you are not just putting five times a day, that Shahadat into your body, now for one month at least, your days and your night must be according to that Shahadat. Now your days and your night according to Shahadat, one month in a year, what else that is coming from you, whatever that you earn from this world, whatever you earn from this world, your wealth, that people they live to work, they don’t work to live. Working there is no barakat, you keep working and you don’t know what happened. There’s nothing to show it for. You are not winning dunya, you are not winning ahiret. Now this zakat, whatever that you earn now, it does not belong to you, it belongs to Allah. It is an emanet. It is a trust that is given to you. Now whatever that you earn, must declare that Shahadat. Because now, this is one step that man is saying, ‘I’m working and I get this so this belongs to me because I work, I get money and I buy this. This belongs to me.’ Nothing belongs to you. You cannot bring it to your grave. It doesn’t belong to you. You can put it in your grave, one day someone is going to dig it up and take it from you, just like the firaun. Now it doesn’t belong to you. Your wealth, everything that you own, must recognize that Shahadat.

Hajj, the fifth pillar, that we are entering into the days of Hajj now. Blessed days? Definitely they are blessed, but are we pulling the blessings, this ummat? Are we pulling the azab of Allah, in this very Holy times? You don’t have to be a Saint or a scholar to know whatever that is happening in the Haramayn, it is not a blessings. It is a very big warning to the whole ummat, to wake up. That you can build your building as tall as you want with all the technology, it’s just a little bit of a change in the weather, everything can melt. It’s just a little bit change in the weather, the sandstorm may come and it may strip your whole city, just like the city of ademsam , just with a little bit of fire everything can finish. Those who say, ‘no, no, no. this is just nature. It’s nothing to do with anything, it is just some climate changes.’ Then we say, you don’t have faith. Where do you think climate is coming from? Where do you think nature is coming from? So you are forgetting the Creator of nature? The Creator of the climate.

Holy Prophet (asws), whenever he saw dark cloud that is coming, he would get very nervous. He would go quickly inside, he would pray two raka’at, he would come out again to check  to see if the clouds are there. The cloud is still there, he goes back inside, he prays again until the cloud disappear, and he prays, ‘Ya Rabbi, do not punish my nation like you punish the nation of Ad and Thamud.’ But his nations are looking at these things, ‘ah, it doesn’t mean anything.’ That means, we don’t live our lives according to that Shahadat.

Now we enter into the season of the Hajj. What is the Hajj to do with the Shahadat? Everything. Now you are supposed to leave everything and come back to your original, to say there is nothing except for Allah, MuhammadurRasulullah. You cannot just say La ilaha ilallah without saying MuhammadurRasulullah (asws). So now the Hajj, it is completely now, leaving everything but the shahadat. Just taking the shahadat with you and visiting that Holy House. Taking nothing, leaving everything, one shroud, one piece of cloth, white that is supposed to symbolize the death, that you are going now on a pilgrimage to leave the dunya and to give you a reminder of the Mawla.

Tell me if you go to Mecca and Medina and you are reminding of Mawla. With all those shopping malls, with all those tall buildings, with all those timeshare hotels, with all those air condition tents, with all those deluxe, super deluxe, premium packages. So your salat is not protecting the Shahadat. Saying, ‘Allahu Akhbar,’ your mind is everywhere else. Your fasting is just tradition because later you are going to eat extra food that you never eat outside of the Ramazan, it’s not declaring Allah’s greatness and your weakness. The zakat you are playing with it, still holding on tightly to it. And now the Hajj, the Hajj has become what the Holy Prophet (asws) has said in the Hadiths e-Sharif. 1400 years ago he has warned us, he said, ‘the Hajj of my nation in the ahir zaman, it is a vacation for the rich.’ It is what the Prophet said. For the rich the Hajj is a vacation, Hajj, umrah, we may put inside too, vacation. ‘It is a business for the middle class.’ They are going there to  bring their things to sell and to take things there.’It is a time to show off,  to make a big show, for the scholars.’ Scholars going, big show they are making. ‘And it is a begging time for the poor people.’ This is what Prophet (asws) said 1400 years ago and it is happening right now.

mecca clock tower

So now, how is the Hajj going to support the Shahadat? The Hajj is just a, again a tradition, a practice, but the meaning of the Hajj is completely lost. You are saying, ‘Labaik AllaHuma Labaik – here I am.’ How you are going to say, ‘here I am,’ when you are not there? Physically you are there but your heart is somewhere else. Either you have left it back home or you are looking forward to go home, or you are looking forward to see what you can get around. You are looking at the tall sheytanic clock tower and you are looking at everything, that is a sign of what? Of a group of people who hate the Prophet and the Holy people, and they destroy everything that is giving honor and value to the Prophet and the Holy people, and who build buildings with no spirit but it’s just giving you the love of the dunya, not the ahiret. Any  maqam, any Dergah, any shrine you go to, it  never makes you to fall in love with the dunya. Never. No matter how beautiful it is, it does not make you to fall in love with the dunya. It makes you to fall in love with the ahiret, to leave this dunya. When you go there and you see everything there, it makes you to fall in love with the dunya. It’s not reminding you of the ahiret anymore. Everything that is reminding you of the ahiret, except for the Ka’aba, they destroyed. Allahualam if it’s the same Ka’aba. They destroyed especially the reminders, direct reminder that you are going to die. To die like the friends of Allah.

So they hate those ‘power stations,’ those maqams and those turbas. They destroy the Janatul Baqi, they destroy the Janatul Mualla. Janatul Baqi is in Mecca, Janatul Muala is in Medina, they destroy that. That thousands of Sahabis, ahle-bayt, evliyaAllah, Saliheen they are buried, that pulls you away from this dunya to ahiret, to remind you of ahiret. They destroy and they build up what? They build up capitalistic centers, centers worshiping the capitalism!

So now, these are holy time.  Holy time, you are either going to pull blessings or you are going to pull the azab of Allah. Just as Mecca and Medina they are Holy, correct? They are always saying, counting, I just saw something today, it’s saying, ‘if you want tree to be planted for you in Paradise, recite this. If you want treasures in Paradise, recite this.If you want a palace from Paradise, then recite this.’ So our religion, our zikr, has become so cheap. We are not doing it for the sake of Allah again. We are doing it to plant trees to get palace, and to get some jewels from Paradise. So where is the spirituality with that? Again that is the nafs. It has nothing to do with the spirit.

In Mecca and Medina in this holy times, there are specific things that you do, and people they are very quick to say, ‘oh, you pray one time here, you are going to get hundreds and thousands of rewards, sawab. If you pray over here, you are going to get this sawab, that sawab.’ But they also know to say, ‘you cannot cut your hair when you are in the haram until after when you take off the ihram then you cut it. There are so many laws that you cannot cut your nails, if you do something that is forbidden, you are going to collect a lot of heavy credit on the bad side.’ Meaning it’s going to cancel your credit. You might have, we don’t like to use the word sin, but we can get some sort of gunna for that.

So, holy times, either you are going to attract a lot of barakat, a lot of rahmat, when you give it value, or you are going to collect a lot of  gunna. May Allah make us to become more sincere and more intelligent to collect just the rahmat and the barakat and the forgiveness in this Holy times. To make us to become more sincere, to understand, to make us to worship more and to understand why we are worshiping and to keep our Shahadat strong and intact in these last days. For the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws), Sultanul Awliya, SahibulSaif. AlFatiha


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After Zikr sohbet by Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
4 Zul-Hijja, 1436H
September 17, 2015

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