Warning against Backbiting



The nation of Muhammad stopped sharing. Sharing is what? I’m not only talking about wealth. People are not even sharing the knowledge that they have. What are two guys talking about? You know by yourselves. Do you sit down and talk to each other, ever, about hadith, about ayat, about progress, about what you should be doing? Other than this time and this sohbet? You talk to each other all the time. Look at what you’re talking. Find yourself. Wake up while you’re talking and say, ‘What’s this that I’m talking? Why am I talking about this? Where did I get this from? From where did this come in? How did we let this to come in? Even unbelievers don’t talk like this…’

Because most of the time when people talk to each other they’re committing the biggest sin. That they are interfering to the things that they are not supposed to be interfering and talking. So that’s what happened. And the burden is going to come more and more from every side. Depending on whose burden you are taking. Some comes very heavy. Some comes light. Some comes heavier.

So come out. This mouth, it opens. Look. Right? It opens. When you die do you know what they’re going to do? Who knows? Tie it. They’re going to hold this (mouth), they’re going to put the rope up there and tie it. Yeah. You know that it’s going to be tied. That time, even if it’s not tied, it’s not too much problem. The problem is now. You are free. Watch what is coming out. Not only what you’re thinking. Thinking wrong ideas, if you don’t bring it into action then you may be forgiven. But thinking and bringing it to action, just bringing it out from here, then you are in trouble. 21st century people are in trouble because of this.

So that time you can pray 5 times a day. Doesn’t matter. 55 times a day. Doesn’t matter. 5 times a day prayer has to remind you how to use this tongue. Saying, you’re reciting Quran e Kerim through this mouth. How are you backbiting with the same mouth? How are you talking nonsense? How are you slandering with the same mouth? How are you cheating with the same mouth? That time the prayer has to teach you that. If it’s not then not 5, 55 times a day prayer is not going to help you.

So, the whole key is to know how to use this (mouth). Don’t speak because Allah gave you a mouth. Then another biggest problem is that today’s people are raising an idea about everything. And so many times they aren’t knowing the truth in it. They’re just talking. It’s a crime. That time you are receiving the burden. You cannot come out from that burden. That’s why Sheykh Mawlana is saying to take it away. Why isn’t he taking it? So many of his deputies, they can just take it. They’re not? They are. In every 24 hours at least one time the Awliya comes to visit you, take the burdens away. Before he leaves, phssh, taking all the burdens away again. Another 24 hours before he is coming and then you are bending under them. If they stay more than that, you cannot breathe the air that time. It’s not possible. Fatiha

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SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani (QS),
15 Rebul Evvel, 1433H
February 7, 2012

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