What can one do when they are unable to attend the Hajj?


Question: What can one do when they are unable to attend the Hajj?


Sit home and relax. What can you do? You cannot attend the Hajj then stay home. Make intention that next year you are going to go. Hajj is not just a physical journey, the Hajj is not just cutting a ticket and going there, going through some things and then to come back here. That kind of a Hajj, then you are going like a donkey and you are going to come back a donkey too.

The Hajj, it is a spiritual journey that begins in the three Holy months in reality: Rajab, Sha’aban, Ramazan. Seventy days later, then you have the Hajj. Once you enter into Holy month, everything starts changing. Air starts changing, your body starts changing, and you are looking right till the end. It is not just to those month, or to Ramazan, or to Eid, you are looking, you are looking far. Believer has to look very far. You have to have a vision. Vision is the fifth pillar. That is the end. You are not just going to stop end of Ramazan, or after Shawwal or this, you are going to stop, you are going to complete, you are not going to stop, you are going to complete at the Hajj, Eid-ul Adha, then right after that you have Muharram, and right after that you have Ashura. So it continues.

So preparation for the Hajj is not just collecting some money and buying a ticket. That’s not preparation.  Preparation for the Hajj, it is a spiritual journey, so what are you doing spiritually to prepare. It is more important, spiritual journey. Spiritual journey, spiritual preparation. So many they have the money and they are going, they are not ready spiritually, they go there donkey, they come back donkey. Their Hajj is not accepted. But maybe there are so many who prepared themselves, who are so longing to go, spiritually they are getting ready and they are ready to go, very easy then for the friends of Allah to take them to the Hajj. Why not? Very easy then for that Sheykh, for that Wali then to be there and to gather those ones who are ready to go there. You think it is impossible? Very possible. It’s very easy for them.

If you pray Fajr and you stay up until Israk and you pray two raka’ats, Prophet (asws) is saying you get the same rewards, some Hadiths say Hajj, some says Umrah, isn’t it? And that’s just every single day that you can make. Three hundred and sixty five days in a year you can have that reward three hundred and sixty five times. Just by staying up from Fajr up till Israk time to pray two raka’ats. And that is guaranteed. Can anyone deny that? No. Then what’s so difficult about that one who’s been preparing this whole year for that Hajj, for Allah swt to accept his intention? Of course, we are not saying now, to replace it. Idiots are going to say, ‘oh, he’s saying you don’t have to go for physical Hajj, your Sheykh is just going to take you.’ Eh, if you want to make fitnah, you can make fitnah even looking at the moon. Oh, I’m sorry, the fitnah is already there for over twenty years, looking at the moon. So much confusion for twenty years in this country, just looking at the moon. So you are going to find fitnah in anything that I’m saying.

Of course you have to go there physically, but the concentration now, we are saying, so many people they are there physically but their spirit is not there. They are there taking selfie. They are there to go shopping, they are there to brag to other people, they are there not to return back to Allah, but they go there to go into the dunya. Because everywhere there is now reminding us of the dunya. You are going to go into the tent little bit, staying there to imagine how hot it is going to be in the day of Judgement, that the sun is going to be right over your head because even the sun is going to be judged on the day of Judgement. There’s going to be anxiety, there’s going to be confusion, there’s going to be so much nervousness, discomfort. At least that Arafat is supposed to make you to feel that a little bit, but now they are making that Arafat to be a big picnic. According to how much money you can give, some tents they even have servant wearing full servant uniform with gloves in their hands, with chafers, you know chafers? Those restaurant silver things with fire in the bottom to keep it hot, and they come and they give you this buffet! What kind of pilgrimage is this? What kind of Hajj is this? You are not making any journey. One journey you are making is you are making the journey of your nafs. That’s all. Not back to Allah.

Eh, Khilafat gone, Ottomans they are gone. All these wolves and Hyenas and donkeys and monkeys they take over. So this whole ummat become a big circus. May they come back soon, insya’Allah. We are also in it. We are not saying we are any better. We are also in it, but at least we say, not our Sheykh, not our Grandsheykh and we are following their way, as much as we can. We are weak, we are failing but we are very happy because there, they have been accepted by Allah.

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 Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
11 Zul-Hijja, 1436H
September 24, 2015

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