Ashura: Obedience is the shell that protects your love


zikir on 10th Muharram

Medet Ya SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim El-Kibrisi el-Rabani Hz. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu. This is the first Friday of the year. Insya’Allah ar-Rahman, next week is going to be the day of Muharram. The day of Muharram, we’ll be entering if Allah gives us the life, we’ll be entering next Thursday night. The day is also important. So many things are happening. This is one of the forgotten sunnat. This is one of the forgotten sunnat, that the nation, majority they have forgotten how to commemorate, how to give value, how to put the honor on this Holy day that from pre-eternity, Allah swt and the Holy Prophet (asws), and all those ones that is pleased with Allah, they’ve always honored this day.

This day was honored for over thousand years; the Day of Ashura. But so many have been recently, that since the ummat has lost the direction because they removed the head, so they make up new traditions for themselves. So many old real traditions coming from the Prophet (asws) they just removed that, they throw it out. And Ashura is one of the lost tradition. Ashura it is not just a day to remember the martyrdom of Hz Hussein and his family in Karbala. It is also to remember so many events that has happened since pre-eternity.

So many events that have happened for thousands of years. Events that is important to Allah and His Prophet, important to the believers. That there is a big opening coming on that day. It is a day of so much safety. It is a day of so much forgiveness. And this world now needs safety more than ever. And the ummat needs more forgiveness now more than ever. But you don’t see the ummat running after this Holy days and nights that Allah’s mercy is raining down on, to ask for this. So how are we going to now come out from this mess? You cannot. You cannot come out from this mess.

You are saying, ‘I love Allah.’ But Allah swt is saying, ‘Say to them Ya Muhammad: If you love Allah, you must love me and obey me for Allah to love you.’ So anyone who is claiming that they only love Allah without loving the Holy Prophet (asws), and loving those ones who are representing the Prophet, loving the lifestyle, loving truth, loving the wasila, loving the protocol, loving the sunnat, then their love is only fake. Their love is not something which is real. And Allah is saying, you may love Me but I’m not going to return that love.’ Because now that love, it is not complete. That love, there is something wrong with it. That love, it is still ego. You think you are loving but it is still ego, because that love is only for yourself. It is not for Me. That love is only for you to benefit, that is not for Me. That is not love. Because Allah made it clear if you want Allah to love you, that you must love those ones, those values, those days, those nights, everything is coming into it. You must love that lifestyle that that Prophet brought, for Allah to love you. Otherwise Allah is not going to receive your love, He is going to reject it.

It is not just love, Allah is saying, you must love and you must obey. Because so many especially in the 21st century, their idea of love is you do whatever you want. The idea of love is you let me do whatever I want.  The love is for the ego to be completely free. But love in Islam, it is the ego to be completely in chain and the spirit to be completely free, to be submitting. Submitting to who? Submitting to the One that it comes from.

Alhamdulillah, that we belong to the Holy Prophet (asws). We belong more directly to the one we have been sent, for us that we belong to our Sheykh and to the EvliyaAllah. Once you understand that you belong, that you are a part of them, that you cannot see unless you use their eyes, that you cannot hear unless you use their ears, that you cannot speak unless you use their tongue, you cannot walk unless you use their feet, you cannot touch unless you use their hands. Once you are realize that, you are a believer. Once you realize that, the believer is going to be dressed with what? He’s going to be dressed with the power that Allah has given to His friends, because that one has completely now disappeared into the oceans of His friends. So don’t look too far. Look to see what is ahead.

To love, if you don’t have obedience with that love, that love turns rotten. Because the obedience is the shell that protects that love. If there is no obedience and it is just very strong feeling that you have, if there is no shariat meaning if there is no protection, the love becomes rotten and one day sheytan will just fool you very quickly, going to say, ‘you love that one but what is that one doing to you? You love that one, what has that one done to you? You are always asking, pleading, is he answering your prayers? When is he going to be satisfied?’ Isn’t it? That time sheytan is sitting on your head because you are starting to understand love only from the egoistic understanding. You are not understanding love through the Prophet’s understanding and through the understanding of the EvliyaAllah, those ones that Allah loves.


Put yourself into the heart of those ones that you are following. Put yourself into the heart of your Sheykh. Once you start doing that, it is very easy for you to know what to do. It is very easy for you to do the right thing. It is not going to be easy for you to do the wrong things. Because in reality, you are always connected and you are consulting, you are in muraqaba, and you are saying, this action I am doing, look with the eyes of your Sheykh. If Sheykh Effendi sees this is he going to like it? Listen with his ears, if Sheykh Effendi hears this is he going to like it? These are very simple question that you don’t have to study for years, philosophy or Arabic, or Tasawwuf, to understand. And this is coming directly from the Hadiths e-Qudsi, ‘My servant becomes beloved to Me when he obeys the Shariat, but My servant now he comes close to Me,’ when that believer comes close to Allah swt, those who are nearest to Allah swt, who are they? They are the Prophets, correct? What do they do, the Prophets? They just come close to Allah? Just close to Allah and they are lost in their love for Allah? Or Allah starts using them as His representatives? So there is a sign there.

You are close, you have to be used as a representative. You are going to represent, you are going to be a part of that one. And Allah swt is saying, ‘but the servant draws near to Me when he starts to perform actions that I didn’t make it to be an obligation.’ Now love starts to take over. Ashq. Because you already went through the door of Shariat.  Now you say it is not enough, he doesn’t have to tell me what to do for me to do it. I must know. Then what happens when you are close to Allah swt?  Just as the Prophets they are representing Allah swt, in these days there are no more Prophet, but the friends of Allah, the believers, they start to behave and act, understanding what Allah swt, where His pleasure lies, where His will lies. You are going to be the eyes that He sees with, ‘I will be the tongue that he speaks with, I will be ears that he hears with, he will be a Rabbani.’ That’s the time you are going to be Rabbani. Not just a title you are going to put at the end of your name just because someone says. You look to yourself in these days. You sit and you say, ‘how am I Rabbani? Am I doing things that is for me that is obligations correctly? And am I doing the things that it is not obligation but it is important for me to do but I don’t have to wait for my Master, to wait for Allah to tell me what to do because it makes sense for me to do?’

Because once you are loving someone, you are very sensitive to that. The person doesn’t have to say, ‘go get that.’ Person doesn’t have to say, ‘I’m  sick.’ The person doesn’t have to say, ‘I’m happy.’ Person doesn’t have to say, ‘I’m sad.’ Because when you are beloved, then you are going to look and you are going to pick up right away. That’s the time you are going to be useful.

In these days, we should sit down and understand how far we are, how close we are, what are the obligations of the actions and what are the obligations of the heart. Otherwise it is a very confusing days and you cannot be relying just on your own intelligence. You cannot be relying just on your own understanding. We have a Sheykh and we are leaning against him, his understanding and his faith. As much as we are holding on to him, that much safety we are going to get. We have a long journey ahead of us. We have a lot of work that is ahead of us. If you are not going to understand this quickly, you are going to suffer a lot and you are going to see the people around you that you love suffer also. It is not something that is difficult to understand or to do. It is very easy. Don’t be stubborn and don’t be in ghaflat.

WaminAllahu Taufiq. These words are first for me and then for those ones, that you’ll see there is something useful there. If you like it take it. If you don’t leave it. Al-Fatha. Amin. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
3 Muharram, 1437H
October 16, 2015
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