Muharram: Aim for Ahirat. Aim to please your Lord



We are thanking our Lord Allah swt. We have just entered to another year, another Holy year, insyaAllah ar-Rahman, for the believers. For believers every day that is passing must be better. Those who believe. Don’t look at what’s happening in the world and to say, ‘ohh, it’s too bad.’ It’s not your business. Your business is to be believer. A good one.When you are good one, you are filling up your book. If the whole world enters to a wrong direction, the believer is in safety with that shahadat.

Alhamdulillah, we just enter to another year in the Islam calendar. Not the fake calendar. 1431, 1400 and 31 years passed from the day that the Holy Prophet (asws) immigrate form Mecca to Medina. That is the beginning of our calendar and that was the month ofMuharram. Alhamdulillah. So many incidents happened during this month. And 10thMuharram is a very Holy day that so many incidents happened during that day.InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, once we understand the importance of the month, insya’Allah we will keep it valuable. We will treat it valuable.

Yesterday passed. We don’t know about tomorrow. But today is important for believers. Believers today has to be better than yesterday and tomorrow must be better than today. That’s how believers must live. And how is that going to happen? If you are aiming todunya, it’s not going to happen, because the worrying and the problem of this dunya is going to overtake you. And you are not going to be able to stand up from the heaviness of the burden of dunya. But if you aiming for ahirat, meaning if you are aiming to please Allah, and how we are pleasing Allah? Keeping His orders, trying to live according to the way that He has order to us. Not the way that the community around you is living and you fit yourself to that. No.

1431 years ago, why does that calendar begins? Because believers they were living in Mecca for 13 years. 13 years under the tyrant, under the torture, under so many things happening to them. 13 years, Allah swt test their faith. From the first year He could have given order to His prophet to immigrate, He didn’t. So many incidents happened to them, and so many of them, they have become martyrs, but the Holy Prophet (asws) said to them, ‘we have no permission to fight. We have no permission to go against to them. We’ve got to keep what is for us. What Allah has ordered to us, that’s what we have to keep.’ And only handful of people, they managed to survive under the hands of all those tyrants. How that happen?

Their faith to Allah and His Prophet make them strong. They were aiming to ahirat. They didn’t care for dunya. They understood the foolishness of this dunya. They understood that, yes, this dunya, it is only a trick and trap for a believer and they followed the footsteps, they followed the orders of the Holy Prophet (asws). The way that they follow, completely blindly. They never question anything what Prophet said. They accepted it and they followed it. That’s why Holy Prophet is saying to them, ‘if they were have seen  you, they will call you crazy, lunatics, idiots. If you were to see them, you will not call them believers.’

People of ahir zaman, 24 hrs a day they are in doubt. Because they open the doors for sheytan in their heart and sheytan is coming, whispering to them, ‘what about this? What about that? What about this?’ driving them crazy and so called believers, believers, they are angry all the time. Believers, they have no peace. Believers, they are in trouble 24hrs a day. How are you going to be a believer? how are you going to believe in Allah and  His Prophet and to follow their orders and you are still going to be in trouble? What kind of believer are you? Are you asking that? Are we asking that to our own self? Ask, you’ll find out. Those people, so many times, they didn’t have a piece of bread to eat. Allah didn’t put us through that test yet. Test is coming to so many that is going to fail. Pray. You must pray that you will not be from those ones. Because heavy test is coming behind. Now is the luxury time. Yes, heavy test is coming for believers and unbelievers. But if  you are holding tightly to Allah and His Prophet and to that one you are holding as a guide, you don’t open window and that door to sheytan, you’ll be alright. But if not, you are in trouble.

If you have any suspicion, get it out, put it out. Have complete submission. If you don’t have that submission, sheytan is going to fool you. Sheytan is sitting and waiting. He’s waiting very patiently. Watching everyone. He is watching everyone weak time and entering in through there.

Watch yourself. This is a Holy month. If you are making intention, ‘Yes, ya Rabbi, this month is a holy month. It is a Holy days in your presence. It is important. I am intending to show importance to these days, to these months. Maybe, I am intending to fast a couple of days more, extra.’ Which on the 9th, 10th, 11th, we should make intention to fastMuharram. If you want to do it more, it’s more better. More blessings to you. So if you are keeping it sincerely and strictly, insyaAllah ar-Rahman, we will pass from that test and we live comfortable life in dunya and we pass clean from this world.

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The whole aim and whole secret, the whole Prophets coming, whole books are sending down, whole Awliyas are here to put us to Siratul Mustaqim. To make us to live clean life in this world and to go out from this world clean. If you are not taking that seriously and watching seriously, fire is waiting. Take it anyway you want. Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, he’s coming to give us the news, good news and he has been sent to warn us. To warn us that if you are turning your face to this dunya, all you are going to have is trouble and problems and in the end, you are going to have bigger problems. So many is saying, ‘I hope I die, and I am okay and I can rest.’ Resting?  If you didn’t find that peace in dunya, you think you are going to find it in the grave, to say, ‘I hope I’ll die and rest peacefully.’ Hmm? That’s enough sign showing that you are in trouble already. Because you don’t want to die for the sake of Allah. So many want to die because so many trouble is happening to them.

Sit and watch and asked yourself, ‘why this is happening to me. Am I being a good servant to Allah swt? That’s why it’s happening to me? But I’m being a bad servant.’ All is a servant of Allah swt. But there are two category, good ones and the bad ones. Prophet (asws) was a servant. Abu Jahil was a servant. Prophet (asws) was a good servant. Abu Jahil was a bad servant. Sheytan is a bad servant. And anyone who is running and falling into the tricks and the traps of the sheytan, they are the bad servant. So watch. Calculate yourself. Look what  you are doing. Day and night you have to watch every word that you are saying.

Yes. 21st century people, not only that they have lost their direction, they lost their mind. Everyone opens their mouth and speaks everything about everybody. Look at yourself. Judge  yourself with every matter. Once you are clean, if you think that you are clean, you may go judging others. No intelligent man is ever going to judge others, because judge is Allah swt. He is Hakim.

So, this month insyaAllah, it will give blessings and better days for believers. It is trouble and problem to unbelievers. It is trouble and problem to those people that they are not living according to the teachings and the lifestyle of the Holy Prophet (asws). You can call yourself much as Muslims you want. It’s okay. If you are not following his way, you are in trouble. This year is going to give more trouble to those who is leaving the way of the Holy Prophet (asws). And those who is keeping the traditions and the sunnat of the Holy Prophet (asws), this year it is better year for them. Next year, if we are reaching to the following year, it is going to be more better. If it is reaching to the following year, it is going to be more better. As Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘believer’s today must be better than yesterday, and tomorrow has to be better than today.’ And Allah swt is saying, ‘yourahir, the one that is coming after, must be better.’ And that is the only way we can keep it alive if we are aiming to ahirat.

If we are living for the sake of Allah and everything that we are doing if we are doing for the sake of Allah, any work that you do doesn’t matter, you gotta run to do for the sake of Allah. If you do it, you are the winner. If not, as you like. You are in this world by yourself, you have been sent by yourself. You are going to finish your time, you are going to enter into your own grave and everything that you do, you are going to find there. Good or bad, you are going to find there. Don’t look at people here, ‘oh this one did this to me, this one that,’ 24hrs a day. Some squarehead people is speaking, ‘this one did this bad thing to me. This one speak to me like this, this one attack to me this way.’ Put some intelligence on your head, don’t look at what they are doing, look at what you are doing, look how  you are living and why you are living. If you are keeping that strong for the sake of Allah and for the sake of the Prophet (asws), you’ll be okay. That time, when you look at the Sahabi e-kiram, when you look at their life how they live, when you understand their life, then you’ll say, ‘Ya Rabbi, I’m in Paradise. Comparing myself to them, I’m in Paradise. Don’t test me the way that you test them because I will fail.’ You must say that to yourself. Yes. Because they throw them (the sahabi) inside the fire. And they say, ‘just change. Just say that I am not accepting Muhammad anymore.’

Hmm, Muslims talking too much these days. Yeah, put your hand there, near the fire, and then to say. Oh, look how fast billions today they are changing their shahadat. Just only talk. Yes. Test is coming, right away they are giving up from their shahadat. Yes, it is showing. Their lifestyle is showing the shahadat. The lifestyle that you are living is showing your shahadat. Are you asking yourself, ‘how the Sahabi were living and how I am living?’

If you do, we will not be in this heedless station. Definitely we will reach to Sidratul Muntaha that time.  Not sitting by yourself here and there and enter into imagination world saying, ‘I am this one, I am that one, I reach here, I reach there, I became Jibril (a.s), I became Khizr, I became Mahdi,’ everyone, males and females today. Compare yourself. Look at how the Sahabi e-kiram they were living, watch their life. Put that taste in your life. Not by thinking only. Just fast every other day to see what’s going to happen. Every other day. Those people, they didn’t have food to eat. Holy Prophet (asws), he was fasting and breaking the fast with one date and making intention for next day fasting. Not the fasting of Ramazan, so many other days because they didn’t have food to eat. They never complain. Sahabi e-kiram, they never complain. They said Alhamdulillah.

Today, 24hrs a day, males and females are complaining. More complain, complain more, more trouble waiting for you. You cannot escape from that. Your complaining is to Allah swt. It is not to a servant. It is to Allah.

So, if we are taking this month seriously, insyaAllah ar-Rahman, this month will give us better vision, better understanding how we are living and why we are living and what we have to do in this life. If we do that, we will become the winner. If not, as I said, it’s between you and your Lord. Whatever you do, that’s what you are going to find in your grave.Wamina Allahu Taufiq. Bihurmatil Habib Bihurmatil Fatiha. Selam Aleykum.

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SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al‐ Kibrisi al-Rabbani Hz
Khalifah of Sultanul Awliya GrandShaykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Hakkani

Muharram 1431

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