Ashura: The Day that Allah swt is showing our reality



SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu. We are asking Allah swt to forgive us, to give us more faith and more understanding. To look and to understand and to give us more faith. Not to look and to understand and it takes you away from faith. Not to look, to understand with your ego and to make you to lose faith and to become disobedient. So looking and understanding also has to be learned. It is not looking and understanding anyway that you want, anyway that your ego wants, anyway that this dunya wants or how our desire wants to look, or want to understand. So how are we going to look and understand properly? In which way?

There is a Creator to looking and understanding. There is that Creator. Looking does not come from you. To see, it doesn’t come from you. Just because you have eyes, it doesn’t mean that seeing is coming from you. Understanding doesn’t come from you. There is a Creator to that understanding. The speech it doesn’t come from you. There is a Creator to that speech. These are the qualities of Allah swt.

So there is a Creator. And if you are not understanding, looking with how our Creator has put it on us, that you are understanding and you are looking through the ego,  you will still see, you are still understanding, but it’s going to take you away from faith, away from the Creator. Mankind, whether you believe or you don’t believe, you are going to make a God to yourself, an Ilah to yourself. Those who don’t believe in a Creator, but they believe in themselves, they are saying, ‘I am the one who is determining everything  that is happening to me,’ you have just turned yourself into a Creator. You, that you don’t even have the power to stop breathing. You, who is a prisoner between two breaths that you don’t have the power to stay awake. Which is why Allah swt is saying in the Quran e-Kerim about those ones who claim that Isa (as) it is Allah. And Allah is saying: don’t Isa and his mother, don’t they eat and drink?

For a man who looks and who understands, not with his ego, with the real aql that Allah swt has created, that is coming from the Divine Presence, small things will point to a real thing. They don’t need a real thing to show themselves to him for him to understand. Which is why every sentence in the Quran, it is call an ayat. An ayat means it is a sign. If you see the sign, you see the whole reality. You don’t need the whole reality. For those who are blind, blind with the heart, even if they see the whole reality, they are going to deny it. It is not because that the reality it is not present, it is because they are denying it. The one who split the moon into two, the one whom the trees they uprooted themselves to crawl to him and to speak to him, the one whom the animals they come and they give the shahadat, the one that the stones themselves they give shahadat to, the ones that the angels they were congratulating his mother, taking the baby and showing the whole alam, the birth of the Prophet (asws), that one had uncles who denied his reality. That one had people around him that looked at him and said, ‘you are ugly, Ya Muhammad.’ So the Holy Prophet (asws) says, ‘you are looking at the mirror and you are seeing your own reality.’

These are the days of Ashura. These are the days that Allah swt is showing our reality. So many times they are showing the reality of the weakness of man. They are showing the weakness, we don’t like to say too much like that, but they are showing the weakness of the Prophets. That the great Prophets, they need the help of Allah. It is not coming from them. Allah gave them that power. That Allah forgave them. That they did certain things, that Allah is showing them the mercy to them. And these are the ones that are closest to Allah swt. What is that for? That is not for Allah, that is not for them, that is for us. That is for us to understand what is our reality, what is our weakness. Because when a man starts to think that he is strong, when the man starts to think that everything that happens to him is from his own doing, he already starts worshiping himself. He  has created an Ilah for himself.

When Allah swt is showing, through the most strongest, not just the closest ones to Allah swt, they are the strongest ones, the Prophets that they are able to command everything in this world and the next, that they are in need of Allah’s mercy, and Allah is teaching us then, what about us? What about us?

We have been created weak. When Allah swt has created us weak and when we turn to Him for strength, that is the time that Allah swt says, ‘now come to your own reality because you have been created to represent Me.’ And the one who represents Allah swt, cannot be weak. He is not weak because he is not relying on his own strength. If he relies on his own strength, you are just relying on your own battery and you are finished. But when you are hooked up to the power that is never ending, then your power is never ending. But for you to do that, you have to give up from yourself. To give up from yourself, you have to understand your weakness.

Those ones who betrayed Hz Huseyn, we are no better than them. Are we understanding that? Are we understanding that we are capable of doing that? Understanding that we are capable of doing is just a first step. Then what are you going to do with that understanding? To understand, yes, we have that inside of us, then what are you going to do? To just leave it like that? to say, ‘well, He understands. I’m weak. So whatever I’m doing, it is with His permission. So that’s okay.’ It is not okay. Only sheytan makes that kind of logical reasoning. It is not logic. Because we are not following sheytan. We are following the Prophet and we are following the friends of Allah, and we are following the ahle bayat.

So many events happened on this day. But the events of Karbala where a few stood up and say, ‘we are not going to be part of this, that we are pulling ourselves back.’ Karbala still continues up till today. Karbala did not happen one time, fourteen  hundred years ago. It is still happening today. That you have a group pulling themselves away from tyranny and says now Lakum dinukum waliyadin, they are going to be hunted down. Because the dunya says, unless you are my slave, we are not going to let you go. So Karbala continues.

Where are we in this Karbala? If you are feeding this world then you are starving your Huseyn. If you are starving this world then that time you are making the Huseyn, the Huseyni part of us to become more alive. But understand, it comes with a lot of sacrifice. And that event did not stop there. That event continues and there is a reason for that.

WaminAllahu taufiq. May Allah forgive us and make us to look and to understand and to have more faith according to the way that He has given to those ones who are in the Siratul mustakim, according to those that they are in the path of that that He’s  pleased with, not in the path of those who has deviated or who has pulled His anger. May Allah forgive us for the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws), Sultanul Awliya, SahibulSaif, for the sake of the Shuhada of Karbala. Al Fatiha.

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 Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
10 Muharram, 1437H
October 23, 2015
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