A Jewel that is hidden deep inside



SelamAleykum Wa rahmatullahi Wa barakatu. Jumma Mubarak. Eid Mubarak. Eh, every Jumma is  Eid. So Alhamudlillah, syukur. We are thanking Allah swt that He has given us one more week, from last week until this week to continue to be His servant, that one more week we are holding on to our faith. One more week we escape from the jungles and the fitna and from the disaster of this times, and we managed to hold ourselves clean for one more week. One more week we are still worshiping, and one more week Allah is not testing us with a heavy test that He is testing this whole ummat with. We are thankful for that.

Be sincere and thank Allah for that. And we are thankful to Allah that He is reminding us. He is the one who is reminding us. Don’t think that we remember because we remember by ourselves. If His mercy is not reaching to us, we are not going to remember. How is His mercy reaching to us that we remember? Through His Prophet (asws), through the teachings that our Sheykh has taken from the Holy Prophet (asws), we still remember. That we are remembering our death. Remember your death often. Remember your death. That is a reality. Remember now, right this minute, if angel of death comes and takes my life, how I’m going to be?

When you’re busy doing your things, working, think, right now if Angel of death takes my life, what is my last action? For whose sake? We are not looking at, Oh, if you are making a zikr you are going to be saved. If you are working outside you are not going to be saved. It is not according to the exterior form of the action. So many people making a zikr but they are making it in khayal, they enter into imagination world, illusion world. They are making a zikr, ‘Allah, Allah,’ but they are thinking about something else. They are not in safety. Maybe the man is buying and selling, but he’s trying to do good to please his Allah, to try to please his Prophet, remembering that ‘I cannot do this, because this is wrong. I must do this because this is what my Sheykh is saying.’ That one is in safety.

Remember death when you are upset,‘if Angel of death comes and takes my life right now.’ Remember death when you are happy. Remember your death when you are angry. Remember your death when you are eating. And especially those following in the way of EvliyaAllah, especially when you are in the bathroom, remember death. Yup, when you are doing your toilet. Toilet, you remember death. And beg Allah not  to take your life when you are in that dishonorable, dirty, low action. You understand? This is the prayer that they EvliyaAllah they make. They are doing this and they say, ‘astarghfirullah Ya Rabbi,’ yes they are taking that and they are thinking, and they are meditating. That is the time most when people they don’t remember death. Right? Their mind goes off, one million directions. But the EvliyaAllah, they are entering and they are saying, when they enter they are saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, don’t take my life, don’t test me by taking my life when I’m in this position. Ya Rabbi, please.’ Sheykh Effendi used to say that, reminding us, and he told us also who used to say that.

So now, when you start remembering death in those very real situation, don’t just remember death when you see someone being buried. Then what are you going to remember when someone is being buried? Life? Party? Of course that’s exactly what people think when they buried someone. Because the funeral becomes a huge big party. It’s not about: now I’m going to take accounting what am I going to do? Now there’s nothing that is going to safe me except for my good actions. What am I going to do?

So now the khutba is saying the fruit of the good action is what? It is Edep. It is manners. So now, maintain your manners. Maintain your Prophetic manners. Maintain the manners of the EvliyaAllah. Then that time when you are maintaining those manners, yes inside manners and outside manners, it will be easy. You are prepared because you are always prepared that time. It’s like you are always prepared. Anytime you can go. This is important to do. We are not making theory. Because death, you read it everywhere. Everytime now this is what is selling the newspaper. But we are treating our kids to treat it as a game. Literally to treat it as a game. Death, video games, to kill, is a game. It’s a very bad ahir zaman confusion. That if you tell people, just imagine, one simple thing, imagine if you told your great grandfather not fifty years ago, say seventy-five years ago, hundred years ago, saying, ‘we are teaching our kids a new game. We are teaching our kids how to kill people.’ How is that? ‘there is one box over there, and there’s one person in front and another person there, and they are controlling it, it’s like they are the master. Controlling and they are killing.’ Why are they killing? No. it’s just for fun. They are going through different stages and they are killing.’ What do you think those people are going to look at you? How you think they are going to look at you?

Yes, there will be many things, when the time comes, when we are going to tell our grandchildren and our great grandchildren, insya’Allah, when we tell them those were the times in the ahir zaman that we lived and these are the things that we did, we tell them, they are not going to believe. They say, ‘there is such a thing? There is such a thing?’ Just as when the Holy Prophet (asws) told the Sahaba e-Kiram, fourteen hundred years ago what is going to happen in the ahir zaman, it is beyond their comprehension. They cannot understand. They say, ‘there is such a thing? There is? Really?.’ May Allah protect us.

It is not just to say now. It is to watch. It is to look. It is to be careful. Our manners, it has to be a reflection of our Sheykh’s manners. Reflection of the Holy Prophet (asws)’s manners. That’s how we are going to prepare ourselves. Insya’Allah. Yes, that comes with some difficulties. What is the khutba saying about the good manners? Good manners is not a piece of clothing that you put on. The good manners it is deep inside of you. It is a jewel that is being hidden by our ego, by our nafs, by our bad manners. When you get rid of the bad manners, you will have the good manners. It is not just to get the good manners, it is to awaken something that is already inside of you. This is what it is. Otherwise if there is no similarity, no understanding, then it is something that is foreign to you. When it is foreign, it is unusual, then you put it on, you take it off. It is not coming from deep inside.

So be around people with good manners. That is the only way you are going to learn. You cannot be with someone with good manners for one hour and spending twelve hours with people of bad manners and say, ‘yeah, I spend time with people of good manners.’ You are going to lose everything. May Allah make us to be around those ones with good manners, insya’Allah. SelamAleykum.

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
October 2, 2015

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