Be Aware. Be Awake. Do not fall into the station of Heedlessness!



When a man is in ghaflat, he is never going to get fixed. If the man is in ghaflat, heedlessness, not knowing what he did in the past, then he is condemned to just repeat it over and over again until the grave puts him into the ground that time, then he has to answer.

This is what we are here for. What are we here for? To eat and to drink?  To have social club? What social club? People are just backbiting, fighting, slandering non-stop. They don’t know how to become social too in these days. Muslims and non-Muslims. One day happy, two days happy, third day they must fight. Why? Because the man is heedless. He is not looking to see what he did in the past, and not looking, not looking, ghaflat, not looking. Not looking, nothing. Simple thing he is not seeing. He is not understanding.

What makes a man to be in ghaflat? What is ghaflat giving to a man? Why a man has to stay in the ghaflat? If you are awake, you win something. If you are in ghaflat, what do you win? Nothing. You don’t win nothing, but sheytan is just buddies with you that time. This is what it is, here. How many more sohbets Sheykh Effendi has to make about tafakkur? How many more sohbets he has to make, we have to say, we have to repeat? If you are not looking what you did today, if you are not looking what you did yesterday, how your tomorrow is going to be better than today? How your today is going to be better than tomorrow? Who is thinking these days? Oh, so if you don’t think what happened yesterday, you think you are going to understand what happened one year ago, ten years ago, twenty years ago? And to take that event and to put it here today, and to see with bright eyes what is going to happen in the future? What ghaflat!

What makes a man to be in ghaflat? He’s busy. He’s mind is busy somewhere else. Busy with what? His nafs. Don’t think that the nafs is just the treasures and the pleasures of this world. The nafs and the sheytan can trick you for zero, for nothing. You are not gaining nothing. How you are going to now not repeat what you have done if you are looking to see what you have done and you are really taking it for serious what you have done, and you are going to say, ‘I must catch myself. I cannot repeat this.’ Maybe if one time, two time, you say, ‘it just hit me suddenly, I am unaware.’ Third time, it’s going to hit you unaware?

So many things that we do as a habit, you see it one mile away. But the thing is man is not looking to himself. He is looking at the whole world, he is not looking to himself. He is not looking inside a mirror to understand himself: what I did, what I have done? What am I going to do? What am I going to do? What am I going to do with my life? What am I going to do tomorrow? They are busy with dunya stuff. Always. Dunya.  Or busy with your own little things that you are doing but you are not understanding. Allah swt has given us another day to become His servant. When the servant, the believer, his today has to be better than yesterday and tomorrow must be better than today. If you are not looking what you did yesterday, how are you going to become better today? How your tomorrow is going to become better? You are just repeating yourself. You are stuck. You become a joke. You become a joke because you cannot grow, you cannot change.

The man is saying, ‘I cannot change.’ Masha’Allah. Very good, you cannot change, we must send you to Paradise. What is the grave there but to make you to understand and to realize. What is the Judgment day? To make us to understand and to realize. What is the Hellfire? It is to make us to understand and to realize. If you don’t understand, if you don’t realize, you will never go back home. You will never go back to Paradise. You go to Paradise, you will make the Paradise to turn to become a Hell! Do you understand? But you are tricked. Everyone is tricked by the ego and say, ‘oh, I don’t know.’  Hmm, because you are not looking. You are not thinking. You are not taking it for serious.

Tarikat, religion, they say, ‘oh, what did they teach you there in the Dergah? How much did you memorise from the Quran and from the Sunnah? How many hadiths you memorise?’ That they are interested in. Even a kafir can come here and memorise the Quran. They even can write books about the hadiths, and they have done it. What makes a man to become a believer? If he takes the Quran, he takes the hadiths and he puts it into his life. That what makes a Sahabi to become a Sahabi, not a munafik! So if a man doesn’t want to think, you are going against the ayat of the Quran. Man doesn’t want to realize, to wake up, you don’t want to wake up? Sleep. When you die, you are going to wake up. But it is going to be too late.

We are saying, we are coming into Tarikat, coming into a Jamaat, we are supposed to be more awake. But that time you become more ghaflat. Why is that? Why are you becoming more ghaflat? That means you mind is busy with everything else except yourself. So you are not taking your days for serious. You are not saying, ‘today, I woke up, what was my intention?’ So many they don’t have intention, they are waking up. ‘I woke up today, what was my intention?’ ‘To go to work.’ You fail. ‘My intention, to earn more of this dunya.’ You’ve fail. What is your intention? As a believer, what is our intention? Our intention is to make our belief to increase, not to decrease. Because Prophet (asws) said, ‘our tomorrow has to be better than today.’ So our intention has to be, ‘ya Rabbi, make my faith to be better tomorrow, that I become a better servant to you. I wake up. I understand. I look at myself.’ You don’t look. You look at other people. You look at other people. That time, you can criticize very good. You can criticize, very nice. You can give opinions, very very nice. Person is so hard, struggling to do something, say, for the sake of Allah, for the sake of the Dergah, so easy for people to criticize, ‘oh, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. It’s a too big job.’ You know how to criticize. Go ahead, criticize. Start criticizing those ones that are under protection. See what kind of smack is going to happen to you!

But you don’t know how to criticize yourself huh? You don’t know how to say, ‘I’m a hypocrite. So let me watch myself.’ Not to give. just the lips moving, ‘I’m a hypocrite. I’m bad,’ but you continue doing that, that is even worse hypocrisy. So you know how to criticize everything but you are not looking at yourself. That’s why you are falling into ghaflat. Because you are not taking it for serious. That time you are going to repeat your past over and over  and over again. You cannot break out. You cannot break out from that suffering. Because you don’t know where you are going. You don’t know where you are going. If we understand, everyday we are heading, step by step, closer to that grave,  if you start thinking, we finish the Isha’ prayer, before that we pray the maghrib prayer, in our way maghrib prayer we have to pray the salatul janazah al ghaibin. What? You are praying salatul janazah al-ghaibin, the funeral prayer for those ones who have passed past twenty four hours, no one to pray for them, you are praying for them. But you are not understanding, who is going to say I will guarantee to take a breath, the next breath, that I’m going to live the next day. That that is not going to be me.

So you are  not taking that as a lesson, to say, ‘really, what a big trouble I’m going to be now. If I’m now praying, I’m worshipping now, I’m praying my own salatul janazah, if you are understanding, before you go to sleep, you are going to try to make up to balance your book. Let’s speak dunya language. But you don’t know. You don’t know how to. You don’t know how to balance your book, to set everything balance with your Lord. You don’t know how to do it with your Prophet. You don’t know how to do it with your Sheykh. You don’t know how to do it with each other. But you know how to criticize each other only. So a man gets into that position of being stuck, he puts himself in that position. You cannot blame sheytan.

Yes, we are screaming. Allah is screaming at you. His Prophet is screaming at you. EvliyaAllah screaming at you. Saliheen screaming at you. Other people screaming at you. You don’t listen. Sheytan gives one whisper to you and you follow. In the middle of a Shahadat, sheytan is just whispering and you just follow and you know. Oof!  You are in trouble. You don’t want to wake up? You think, ‘oh I cannot change, I’m too old. I cannot change.’ Don’t change. Remain the same. Let the grave, the grave is going to change you that time. It will change you very good. It will grind you, to change you. That’s not enough? Judgment day will change you. You will understand that time. That’s not enough? The Hellfire is going to make you to understand that time.

You think you are going to escape? Like some of our brothers, escaping, sleeping, escaping, saying, ‘oh how can I get out of this? How can I get out of this?’ American style! You do something  wrong, you say, ‘how can I get out of this?’ saying, ‘how can I escape?’ instead of how can I pay for this? Someone has to pay. You are saying, how can I escape? You can escape little bit in this world. Don’t worry. You cannot escape in the grave. No way. In the grave, doesn’t matter you are a believer, unbeliever, you believe there’s Allah, there’s no Allah, you will die. Everyone of us will die. We are going to end up in the grave. Whatever that you send to your grave, this is what you are going to find.

So think. Think. We are in Tarikat because we have to think. Everything that is happening to us in our lives is to make us think. Because everything is an ayat, a sign from Allah swt. Allah is sending us a sign and we don’t want to think? we don’t want to read? Everyone wants to swallow the Quran, want to memorize the Quran like Idiots! But they cannot read their heart. And to read, that is the first command, that is the first order: ‘Iqra.’ And Prophet (asws) did not read a book in front of him. He read what was sent to his heart. Because the Angel Jibril (as) brought it to his heart. He had to read what is sent to his heart. ‘Iqra.’ Everybody is saying, ‘ya, I read.’ Because you read with your ego! You read with sheytan! But the second command, what? ‘Read in the name of your Lord.’ So you are reading, but you are not reading in the name your Lord, you are reading in the name of your ego. You’ll still fail. Because everyone is making their own Lord. But Allah is very specific. Continuing in the name of your Lord who created you. So wake up. Wake up to the one who created you.

journey home

We have a long journey ahead. We have a very long and a very dangerous journey ahead. You have a guide, you don’t  want to take his hand, you are free to do it. But if you fall to the dangerous sides, that time scream as much as you want, ‘I’m the son of so and so. I have this much, I have that much.’ Nothing will save you except for that hand. Don’t bite the hand that is trying to feed you. Take it. Kiss it. May Allah forgive me and bless all you.

Wake up. We cannot fall into ghaflat these days. Because the days are coming very near to the big events that is happening. We are almost at the end of the race. But never forget, don’t ever think that you are guaranteed.  You are not guaranteed. Who’s saying you are guaranteed? If you are saying, ‘I’m guaranteed,’ you’ve already made a hidden shirk. You say, ‘I decide. Allah is not going to decide.’ Because you decide by yourself. But Allah is the turner of hearts. He turns our heart. He can turn the heart of that unbeliever to have belief. If you follow you ego, He can turn the heart of that one who thinks he has belief, back to unbelief. Never forget we are no better, we cannot be better than Yezid. Yezid was a companion of the Prophet. Yezid was friend with Hazreti Huseyn. They grew up together. They played together. Yezid prayed behind the Holy Prophet (asws),  prayed behind Hazreti Ali, prayed behind Hazreti Huseyn. But his ego tricked him. And now when you hear the name, not too much love comes to your heart for that Yezid.

None of us can say we are better than him. We have not met the Prophet. We have not prayed behind him. We don’t have everything that is opened to him. If it can happen to him, it can happen to us. If we are aware and if we are awake to this, that time you are not going to let your enemy to come close to you. If you are in ghaflat, the enemy is already inside the house, but you don’t know. You are pointing your gun out, but the enemy is already inside. May Allah forgive me. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
16 Muharram 1437
October 29, 2015

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