How do you clean your heart from the ego?


Question: How do you clean your heart from the ego?


If you have a physical condition, may Allah not test us, if you have a physical of the heart, what do you need to do? You need to go to a doctor. And if the doctor says we have to remove something that is lodge in your heart, something that is stuck there, whatever, what do you need to do? You have to follow the doctor. You have to submit. You have to obey. You have to obey.

The way that the Sahabi e-Kiram they obeyed and they submitted to the Holy Prophet (asws), this is what Tarikat is. That the murid they submit and they obey the Sheykh. That time, when the baiat is given, and it is repeating the baiatul Ridwan of the Holy Prophet (asws), because of course everything that we are doing there is a sunnat, that time when you have that submission, you can start the training. How you are going to do? Through your life. Then that time the Sheykh can work through with your life. What do you do? Say you are a doctor. You have a family, you have friends, you look and you understand the world and you are inside of the world. But the dunya is inside your heart. That time the Sheykh may remove certain things from your heart and you see the reality of this world. Some people, they come into Tarikat hoping to have peace and contentment. Some do. Some the whole life turns upside down. Then suddenly you realize, what is this world? This world is asfala safileen.

Now for us to understand it is the lowest of the low, which is not  a very pleasant thing for anyone to understand, to understand now that ayat of the Quran when Allah swt is saying: ‘to know that your wife, your son, your family and everything that you own is but a confusion to you. To know what is fitna outside and inside.’ That time you walk in the way of spirituality now. What is the Sheykh going to do to you? Our way is what? Is sohbet. Sohbah. Our way is founded on association. Why is it association? Because the Prophet (asws) gives association. That’s what made those ones who were burying their children in the hot sands, from jahil to become Sahaba. Sahaba when they are in sohbah (sohbet). Now, the Naksibendi Sheykh  they don’t say, ‘we give advice.’ Because only Prophet they give advice. Because Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘Deen i-nasihat. Religion it is advice.’ We say we are not Prophets. We don’t give advice. We give association. Now that is the time you give a baiat to a Sheykh and you learn submission.

What is submission? Islam. You learn consultation. And that depends on your spiritual ambition. To some, the Sheykh can say, ‘just continue your life. We cannot change you much. You are going to rebel. To some, the Sheykh says, ‘don’t even look. Now you are here, I’m going to form you. You are going to be like a clay that I’m going to make something from you. Then I may break you.’ The Sheykh may say, ‘now I’m going  to make you to become a seed that I’m going to put in the ground. I’m going to cover you.’ Meaning what? I’m going to bury you.’ But from that burial, say for example, things that you like, the Sheykh says, ‘no.’ things that you don’t like the Sheykh says, ‘yes.’ You’ll go through stage where they say this is the blameworthy stage. You’ll go through a stage where everything you say, everything you do, everything you think, it is  wrong.  Where understanding will be taken away from you. But once that seed is buried, after a while it grows. You have a new life. But first the Sheykh is going to make  you to understand what is your nafs. The Sheykh will make you understand: are you sitting with your nafs? Are you thinking with your naf? Are you eating with your nafs? The Sheykh is going to make you understand, are you talking with your nafs, are you communicating with the world, living with the world?

How are you going to know all of that? You are going to know through sohbet. One. This is  a sohbet. Then like I said, depending on your spiritual ambition, you may even live in the Dergah. You live in the Dergah, that is the time the Sheykh may work with you. But depending on how strong your connection is to the Sheykh now, he may work on you halfway across the world. Then you are going to realize who you are, what you are. You are going to realize what your anger. ‘I’m not an angry person.’ He’s going to make you to understand how the anger has hundreds and thousands of disguises. He’s going to make you to understand, you say, ‘I’m not a jealous person. I don’t mind.’ He’s going to make you to understand jealousy. He’s going to make you to understand arrogance. He’s going to make you to understand stubbornness. All these things that is buried down deep inside, if you don’t take out, if you don’t acknowledge it, He’s going to take it out for you. And this will test your submission. SelamAleykum wr wb

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
November 5, 2015

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