How do I know if a Sheykh is a sincere one or not?


Question from a murid: How do I know if a Sheykh is a sincere one or not?


Sheykh Effendi: You want to find out which Sheykh is sincere and which one is not? What is your business in that? It is not for you. If you are a Sheykh, you will know the fake ones. If you are a fake Sheykh, you will know the real Sheykh. So what is your problem to know which one is a fake and which one is real? The problem is to know if you are a real murid or are you are a fake murid. That’s what you have to look. The murid has to look to himself and ask, ‘am I a fake or am I a real murid?’

If you are a real murid and you got hooked up to a fake Sheykh, you are in safety. Because you are sincere. There is that One above watching correctly. Either He (swt) will take the fake one, make that one to become a real Sheykh or He will take you and send you to the real Sheykh. It is not for you to decide what the Sheykh is. That’s what democracy is teaching people, saying, ‘which one you like as a president? This one or this one? You vote which one is better.’ How do you know which one is going to rule correctly? How do you know? The one that is promising so many things that he’s not going to deliver? Or the other one who is trying to challenge that one to take that position? You don’t know. This is what democracy is teaching people. And when we go through that way, we will lose.

Murid : But Sheykh, I was thinking that I could help other people to the right path by bringing them to the real Sheykh.

Sheykh Effendi: You have to be helpful to yourself first. The man can only be helpful to himself first when he reaches to the station of sincerity. That time the help reaches from his hand to others. That time, even if he’s not doing nothing, he’s sitting somewhere in the corner, Allah swt is using that one, Prophet (asws) is using that one, Awliya Allah is using that one, moving that one to other countries to reach out to others, without him knowing. The higher authority, they know. They are using him because he has reached to sincerity. Complete sincerity.

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SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani
Khalifah of Sultanul Awliya Sheykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim (qs)
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