11-11-15: The Caravan of SahibulSaif Moves On



I listen, and I listen very carefully. Somebody is saying, I was invited to go and to have the jenaza, funeral for this person and I noticed this person, masha’Allah to cut the long story short, this person is a blessed one, he asked the relative of this person, ‘this one, did he do anything special? What is the thing  that he is doing anything special?’ and he says, ‘oh, this one, he’s reciting this much, he’s waking up for tahajjud this much,’ he says, ‘anything else? What are the kind of things that he does special?’ ‘He recites the salawat. He recited this…’ ‘Anything else?’ ‘he did this and he did this.’ He says, ‘oh masha’Allah, that is very good.’

So, to be blessed, for things to open up to you, all you got to do is to recite certain things? Isn’t it? Wake up at certain hours, go up and down, that’s it? Nothing to do with your spirit. Nothing to do with the ego. Nothing to do whether you are a good person and you are not a good person. Nothing to do about your anger and your jealousy and your stubbornness and your pride. Nothing to do with any of that. All you have to do is to do certain amal, just like a mantra. I’m not saying don’t do. Of course it is important. Of course we do, but the ones who is reading Quran twenty-four hours, and that is his amal, reading Quran or making zikr twenty-four hours, but he’s not watching his ego, and he still cannot get rid of arrogance from him, from his heart, Paradise it is forbidden to him. I’m not the one who is saying this, Prophet is the one who is saying this. You have a problem, go to him, don’t go to me. Isn’t this a hadiths?

So the whole point is not just to do things like a robot. It is like the man who is collecting gold and keeping it in his house and putting so much security in the front, but his back door is completely open and the thieves and the robbers they come in every time to take. He’s earning more and they keep stealing and stealing and stealing. This is what it is. So now, you ask a question: one Saint said, Hz Faruzudin Attar, saying, ‘when your Sheykh is alive, you should obey him strongly, but when your Sheykh is veiled, your obedience, is even more it should be. You should obey him even more when he’s passed.’ Because when your Sheykh is there physically, it is very easy to obey, and we see so many people when the Sheykh is there or the GrandSheykh is there, they obey. Very good. They are not showing any of their true colors. They are never doing things. But once they are gone, suddenly we see new things coming up.

It is very easy to obey a Sheykh when he is there with you physically. Of course it is. But when he’s not there, that is when it requires your spiritual power and that spiritual power you can only get when you are stepping on your ego. Meaning if you are not stepping on your ego, when you are in the presence of your Sheykh, then your connection to him is only through the physical. Not through the spiritual. Then that time even when he’s alive, you are there physically in front of him it is good, but not physically in front of him your connection is broken. You do so many things that are wrong, or you don’t know why you are living, you don’t know where your faith is. But those ones that you are training, in reality it’s the Sheykh that is training us, we don’t train ourselves, in front of him he’s not even speaking, in front of him he’s not even doing anything, showing anything physically, but his heart is always sending and if you are stepping, even that is stepping on the ego, because so many murids may say, ‘oh, why the Sheykh is giving attention so much to this murid and not to this one. Why the Sheykh is spending time with this and not even talking to me?’ You think the Sheykh is not knowing? You think the Sheykh is not knowing how to give,  when to give, for whom to give it to?

So those ones who are training, or being trained, their egos, in the presence of their Sheykh, when the Sheykh is veiled, not only is that one holding on tighter to the Sheykh, now he’s given work to do. He’s not just holding on for safety, now he has work to do. Now the Sheykh says, ‘you know how to drive? Then pick up this people. Don’t just be busy learning how to drive for your own selfishness from here to there. Now you are going to love whom I love, you are going to leave whom I leave.’ Exactly what Allah swt said to Musa (as). Musa (as) went to his Lord, and he spoke to his Lord, Kalimullah (as), and Allah is saying, ‘ ya Musa, what have you done for Me?’

And Musa (as) is saying, ‘ I pray, ya Rabbi.’

He says, ‘No. your salah, your worship it is for you, it is not for Me.’

‘I fast ya Rabbi.’

Just like so many Muslims, saying, being  so proud, ‘I pray for Allah.’  What is Allah gaining from your prayer? He’s without any needs, Subhana wa ta’ala, whether you pray or you don’t pray, Allah is high.’ Your fasting it is for you, it is for your own safety.

‘I give sadaqa ya Rabbi. Zakat.’

‘It is for you. It is not for Me.’

‘I go to the Hajj to visit you in your house.’ Because every Prophet went to the Ka’aba. Around the Ka’aba they are buried, seven hundred, seven thousand Prophets, that this wahabbi sheytan they are digging. AllahuAlam what they found. Big bala coming to them. Don’t worry. They are going to burn very badly.

And Allah swt says, ‘all that you are doing it is for you. It is not for Me.’

Then Musa (as) says, ‘Ya Rabbi, I don’t know what I can do for You.’

And Allah swt says, ‘love those ones that I love, and leave those that I leave.’ And with that comes everything. All the meaning. What it means to love and what it means to leave? Now our Sheykh, physically he has left us. We are asking, ‘what can we do for you?’ Huh! You think his answer, the one who is the friends of Allah , the answer is  going to be different from his Friend’s answer?

‘Love those whom I love and leave those whom I leave.’ Now, that obedience becomes even more important. Because we are still living in this world of the five senses, and it is testing that one if it’s just his connection is just the five senses. That’s why some people they go crazy, ‘Sheykh is not here, I miss him so much,’ and they leave the jama’at or they leave the Tarikat. Some, they leave. They say, ‘oh, I cannot help it.’ Then your connection to him was not strong to begin with. Because the work now is more important. It’s not how much you feel for him. Now the work now is more important.


I don’t want to speak too much today. Because today being the mawlid of SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani. That fifty eight years ago, in a small island of Cyprus, in a small village that he was born, one of the greatest friend of Allah of this time and of any time, that Allah swt has chosen him, coming from the Holy blood lineage of the Holy Prophet (asws). And from the Holy blood lineage of the highest Saints, and the Holy blood lineage of the Sultans and the Khalifas of the Ottoman Empire, he was born in a very humble surrounding. Humble to the eyes of the dunya, very great to the eyes of those who has faith. At that time even the Christians they had faith, the Greeks. They may not believe in the same things but they understand that if there’s a Holiness coming towards a person and they say, ‘this one is Holy, we have to give respect,’ and safety will come to those people, because they are showing respect to the ones whom Allah loves. They saw a great big light coming, to who? Alifotos. To who is that? the grandfather of Sheykh Effendi, correct? It’s a big story, it’s a long story. I’m going to tell you some other time.

The Greeks they witness the light, the holy light that is coming and they call his grandfather Alifotos. Nur AliAli Nur. And from that lineage, our Sheykh came, one of the secrets of Allah, one of the secrets of the last days, and one of the secrets of Hazreti Husayn that was being planted from a long time ago, just like a small speck of sand that enters into the shell of an oyster, and overtime, slowly  it becomes a pearl, just like that. And at a young age, when most people, they don’t even know, most men, boys, they don’t even know anything, he was already a mujahid, fighting for the sake of Islam, and Haqq. Fighting, protecting Islam. Protecting his people.  Protecting his way of life from the confusion that was happening at that time. And at a young age, seventeen, eighteen years old, he was already a Gazi. Today’s is what? Veteran’s day, yesterday veteran’s day, yesterday in reality was his birthday. He was a veteran. What we were doing when we were sixteen, seventeen, eighteen years old? He was already waking up his sleeping legend. He wasn’t waking up, he was already a legend. Then a couple of years later, his Lord send him across the ocean to come to a land that is going to play a very big part in Ahir Zaman, that has been predicted by the great Awliyas hundreds, thousands years ago. He was sent as a representative of the Sultanul Awliya. He was a teenager, say eighteen, nineteen years old. Where were we when we were nineteen years old? He did not come to America to seek a better life, to get better house, better car, better things. He was sent here just as his grandfather was Alifotos, Ali Nur, to spread the light of Hz Ali here, to spread the light of Hz Muhammad (asws), to this country, to prepare this country for the events that is going to come soon.

He came with nothing. He came with no relatives, no friends, no money, nothing. And he went through life. We are talking about America, not America now, not America in the 90s, we are talking about thirty, forty years ago. And Allah made him to experience so much in this country, to go through what so many people are going through, to taste what they are tasting. He is a man who went through the life, one man, maybe he has the life of fifty, a hundred, a thousand people in him. Why I’m saying this? Because only with the person who has that kind of experience of a thousand man can reach a thousand man. In the way of Haqq, in the way of batil, he can reach a billion man, but you don’t know anything about them and you don’t want to know anything about them. First he was a Shepherd. First he was a Shepherd in Cyprus, as all the Prophets before they became a Prophet, they were shepherd. He was a Saint of Allah. He was a friend of Allah. Coming from a family of Ahlul Bayt, and a family of the friends of Allah, being born into the hands of the Sultanul Awliya, being trained by him. And he came with that tradition and he became person from the highest level when he was working in the united Nation, he was an attaché for years and understanding how now the world is moving. From that level, after a few years he left everything and he came down to the lowest level. He drove a truck, he drove a taxi, to understand and observe again, mankind. Which alim is doing that? Which scholar is doing that? That’s why scholars are not awliyas. And awliyas are not scholars. Every alims that want to be a scholar, first test they have to do, throw away all your books. How can you be a scholars if you throw away your books, correct or not?

He became a businessman, he became so many things. He became everyone. That with that knowledge he can enter into every heart. With that knowledge he can enter into the heart of the person from the street and he can speak to them about Allah, and with that knowledge and with that experience, he can speak to people of the highest level. Ad he used to feed people a lot.  He used to make zikr, he used to give sohbet. He did not collect people. He was letting them come and go. Until the order came to him to establish a Dergah and we are in it. This Dergah. That is when he is saying, like Nuh (as), on top of the mountain, building the ship, and Allah is saying, ‘Now call. Call everyone to come. And that’s what he did.’ I mean he called everyone here, he called the animals. Strange animals that has never been around in this part, he is here suddenly they are all coming. Because they are sensing. They are understanding. If your eyes are open from the heart, you are going to understand what light are here, what energy is pulling here. Even those evellish ones, with all their technology, they understand what kind of energy is pulling from the Paradises here and it’s sending from here to the Paradises. Only people are sleeping. Murids are sleeping. And he did all this. He established all this, not only for us to come together and to live a clean Islamic lifestyle, it is to come together to prepare for the coming of Mahdi (as). This is a place where we prepare for him.

When you are going through difficulty, that is the time when you need to have more discipline, isn’t it? For example, when you have a lot of money, you say, ‘I’m going to spend here, I’m going to spend here, I’m going to spend here.’ When you don’t have a lot of money, you say, ‘Oop, now I have to be more discipline. I cannot spend here, I cannot spend here, I cannot spend here.’ So when it’s difficult, that’s when you have more discipline. It’s when things are easy that you become more easy. Isn’t that logic? Isn’t that easy to understand?

Now the things here in this world is becoming the most difficult ever that the world has seen before and it’s requiring the believer, those who are preparing, to be even more and more and more discipline, and to put it. Some may call us ‘extreme militaristic.’ Eh, of course they are used to saying things, I mean they used to say our Sheykh is Abu Jahil. They used to say our Sheykh is Abu Jahal. So, we are not surprised. Because they are used to it. And if they are starting to mean extreme militaristic, saying with all the connotations of say terrorism, then we say, mashaAllah to you. What vision you have.

Things are very difficult and we are putting all these discipline that we learn from our Sheykh, from Sultanul Awliya, from the Prophet (asws), so that we will not be trick and trap in the time of dajjal that we are living in right now. Didn’t he (asws) say, ‘if you love me, prepare yourself for hardship.’ We are happy with this. Dogs may bark. They have been barking. But the Caravan of SahibulSaif will continue. Eh, so easy then that time to hook on to the caravan of Hazreti Mahdi (as). He’s coming with more discipline. Don’t worry, he’s coming with more discipline. He’s coming to revive all the lost traditions of the Holy Prophet (asws). Who’s not going to have discipline? Dajjal. Dajjal says, ‘you are free. Love. Love,’ he’s going to say, coming with a rose. We are happy with the sword. Because the sword it is representing what? The Protection of Allah, the Shadow of Allah on earth. And with that shadow comes mercy. The Furqan. The Divider.

So, we are no one. We are nothing. We are just being busy with ourselves, holding on to our Sheykh, celebrating his Mawlid and asking Allah to keep us strong in his way. Doesn’t matter if there’s one person or one hundred thousand person with me. We’ve always been very busy just doing our things. If you want to come, come. You don’t want to come, go. You are free. But I’m seeing, more we are becoming strict, more people are coming. More we are getting more strict, more people are coming. What can I do? People do as they want. People do as they like. They don’t listen to me. So shukur Alhamdulillahir Rabbil Alamin.

May Allah raise his station. May Allah make him to be pleased with us. May we do our work properly so that he is pleased with us. May he forgive us for our shortcomings. May he give us more intelligence and more faith, and more energy and more wakefulness to do our work properly. May better ones come. May all the evil ones stay away. May more protection come. For the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws). For the sake of Sultanul Awliya and SahibulSaif. Al-Fatiha.


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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
1 Safar 1437
November 13, 2015

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