When we do something wrong, we should run to do something right. Is it more important to cut out from doing the wrong things first?


Question: When we do something wrong, we should run to do something right. Is it more important to cut out from doing the wrong things first?


You cannot. Isn’t it hard? So many things that we are doing it wrong, we are repeating isn’t it? I’m making it very easy for you. If I tell you stop it, you are not going to listen. No one can listen. No one can stop it. At least first, run to do something right. Then later you are going to say, ‘why I keep on doing this?’ Then by yourself you are going to learn how to stop it. You understand? Isn’t it?

Wahhabi and scholars they say that, ‘oh just stop it. Don’t do it.’ Then you are not understanding the nature of a man. You are not understanding the pull of the ego. It took years for the wrong things to come inside of you to become part of you. It’s going to disappear in one day with one word? Impossible. It will take some time for it to come out. So easy to say stop. Man is smoking, he says, ‘oh, I just stop.’ He’s smoking, he’s doing something wrong. Then we say, ‘do something right.’ What is doing something right, if he’s smoking a lot?  Every time you smoke one packet, we say, ‘you don’t like it?’


‘You know it’s wrong?’


‘But you cannot stop it?’


‘Okay, everytime you smoke, you are going to give sadaqa. At least twice, for the price that you pay.’ One of so many things that you can do. Huh! What if we tell you, ‘okay you want to get rid of that?’

‘Yes. I cannot help it I smoke.’

‘How many sticks of cigarette you smoke?’

‘I smoke twenty sticks.’

Then maybe, your Sheykh is going to say, ‘okay, from now on, you are going to smoke sixty sticks of cigarettes.’ It happens. Sheykh Effendi has said that to someone. He says, ‘really?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘Oh, thank you.’ Go ahead, you think a man can smoke that much? Maybe one day, two days, three days, it’s going to kick in. ‘I cannot do this. This is too much. I feel very bad.’ He says, ‘good. Now you come to your senses. Good. Now you are hitting your head against the wall. And you are feeling the pain. Good. Now we are going to tell you how to stop.’ Because before that there is no desire to stop. You understand? There’s no real desire to stop. It’s not really sincere. So many things that we are doing, and there’s some people, some believers, they say, ‘I have this problem, I know I’m not going to get rid of it so much, still going to happen over and over again. Instead of I’m being obsessive about this, trying to get rid of this, let me get new good things that I can do.’ You understand? You are so busy trying to pay your debt, that the money maybe you could have invested here and here and here and here to make money then to pay it back. You didn’t do. And we are saying: ok. That’s going to stay there. Now invest. Doing other things. Maybe from that you can come in, you can pay the debt. You understand?

Fatiha. This much is enough

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
1 Safar 1437
November 13, 2015

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